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Projectable Books

 By Lora Dice
Wilkes University
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   An assistive technology that is an asset to the classroom is the Projectable Book. This

assistive technology can help not only the special education students but also all the

students in the classroom. They are bested used with an interactive board like a Smart

board. The projectable books have many features that engage all students.

   The books are easier to read and see. The teacher uses a projector to display the book

on the interactive board. The teacher may flip through the pages for students to get a

glimpse of what is happening in the story to make a prediction.

  As the story is being read a pointer may be used to keep track of where the reader is at.

Then students may take their finger and highlight main ideas with one color and highlight

details that support the main idea with another color. Also, students may underline verbs,

pick out subjects, highlight nouns, and decode words. There are an infinite numbers of

ideas the projectable books may be used for to enhance reading.

   Teachers may go to website

to find projectable books to use in the classroom. However, the teacher must become a

member. A teacher may acquire a license to use for up to 36 students in a classroom.

   Assistive technology helps students in the classroom to have an inclusive meaningful

learning experience. They aid all students in the learning process. Plus, these assistive

technologies engage students to make learning fun. Assistive technology is an asset to

any classroom. We, as educators, are fortunate to have the assistive technologies at our

fingertips to help students become life long learners.
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