No Objection Certificate - DOC by GY53Q45


									No Objection Certificate (NOC) format
(To be signed by principal of the college for each team working out of the college – team leader must be
student of the college and the robot will be the property of the college at the end of the competition)

This is to state and place on record that Mr / Ms ___________________________________ is a bonafide student of
__________________________________ studying in ____________________year of engineering in the
____________________________ branch.

This college has no objection in the participation of Ms/ Mr. ________________________________________ in the e-
Yantra Robotics competition.

The college shall provide the required support for the participating student team having team leader
<name> and team members <names and college names> to participate in the e-Yantra Robotics
competition 2012, conducted by e-Yantra project of IIT Bombay.

_______________________________(college name) agrees to provide support which includes the following:

       1. Allocate working space to the student team along with appropriate equipment such as
          computer(s) and appropriate modes of communication, as may be requested by the team
          leader ______________________________________, who is student of college __________________________.
       2. Provide the student team with a safe place such as a locker or a cupboard with a lock and key
          where they can store the material(s) that are to be utilized.
       3. Provide necessary authorization and permission to participate, partake in or perform or
          undertake the activities as envisaged under the e-Yantra project for students (as listed above)
          who may be from other colleges, who are part of the team.
       4. After the completion of the competition, the college shall ensure that the student designated as
          team leader surrenders the robot to the college for safe custody and an acknowledgement to
          this effect shall be provided to the team leader _____________________________________________ by the
          Principal/a competent authority/designated official of the college.
       5. If the team is disbanded for any unforeseen reason before the competition ends, the Principal/
          a competent authority/designated official of the college assumes responsibility of returning
          the robot and accessories given to the team for participating in the competition, back to e-
          Yantra project team at IIT Bombay. All costs for shipping will be borne by e-Yantra project.


                                                                 Principal : ________________________________________

                                                                College: ___________________________________________

                                                                Date: ______________________________________________


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