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					                                       McDonald’s Instructions to Bidders
Store : 43-0129; Lehi, UT
Project Address: 48 South 850 East, Lehi, UT

Date: 04 April 2012

McDonald’s Corporation intends to award this project to the qualified lowest bid overall for the subject location, however,
the Owner reserves the right to reject, with or without cause, any or all bids submitted, to waive any informalities therein, or
to accept any bid where it may be in the Owner’s best interest to do so. Additional changes will be made with the bid winner
per final comments received by governing authorities in the building permit process. These changes will be priced prior to
project commencement and authorization given for the revised total if appropriate.

McDonald’s to provide the following per site:

         1.   PDF of building and site plans
         2.   Bid Form
         3.   Project contacts
         4.   Third party vendors
         5.   Preliminary Décor Plan
         6.   Proposed Sign Package
         7.   KES drawings [if applicable]

It is the General Contractor’s responsibility to obtain all permits needed to complete this project. Permit costs to be billed at
cost and reimbursed. The Contractor shall coordinate all portions of the work as described in the contract documents and bid

Direct all correspondence or inquires to the McDonalds Construction Manager:

Mark House/Troy Stephenson
McDonald’s Corporation
5251 DTC Parkway, Suite 300
Greenwood Village, Co. 80111
E-mail: Cell: (678) 575-0343

When doubt exists in the mind of bidder as to the true meaning of any part of the contract documents, bidder shall request
owner’s interpretation. This request must be in writing and will be accepted no later than three working days prior to the time
scheduled for receipt of bids. Interpretations in response to inquiries from bidders or other clarifications or corrections issued
will be e-mailed to each bidder. Owner assumes no other responsibility for explanations or interpretations of the contract

Bid clarifications (RFI’s) are to be communicated by e-mail.


Bids to be submitted via e-mail to the construction manager using the template as supplied by McDonald’s Corporation. Bid
must include a list of any items not included in the spreadsheets. All bids must include the Bid Qualifications and any
revisions of this document made by the construction manager, which must be signed and dated and sent via e-mail to
construction manager.

The bid format attached must be completed in its entirety. Lump sum pricing in lieu of a breakout will result in the bid being
disqualified. The bid form is not to be altered in any way. If a line item is not used, it should contain a zero.
All bids MUST include a list of any items not included in bid (with associated costs) and items specifically requested in Bid
Qualifications and any Bid Qualification revisions as well as any addendums by the Architect.

All bidders are required to submit a listing of their proposed subcontractors with contact information. Further, any item
requiring warranty by the general contractor for which the general contractor will utilize a sub-contractor must include the
license or authorization for the specified work. An example would be the certification for a roofer to be used in conjunction
with the major remodel.

All bidders must submit a schedule for the project. Please note that schedule duration is a determining factor in bid award.
Failure to include a project schedule could result in disqualification.

BID DUE DATE, TIME: 4/20/12; 12:00 noon MTN


Approximate Start date: April 30, 2012 – June 15, 2012.


It is the responsibility of General Contractor to review the drawings and Bid Notes provided. Please include a list of all
exclusions or clarifications with cost or other issues associated with each item.

As a matter of procedure to consider during your bidding, all changes to the contract made after the construction contract
documents have been signed must be submitted with estimated costs to construction manager for approval within 48 hours of
discovery. Items provided without Construction Manager’s prior written approval will not be reimbursed. All change orders
are to be submitted on the attached FWA form [Appendix A]. Overhead and profit for all change orders will be per bid, but
not to exceed 10 percent.

Signed and dated copies of all invoices or receipts, including those from subcontractors, are required for all change orders in
order to be approved and processed for payment. If a change order occurs due to General Contractor’s oversight, OH&P is
not guaranteed.


McDonald’s Corporation will only supply for General Contractor installation (if applicable) the items listed as such on the
drawings, corporate guidelines, and as noted:

1.   All permit fees.
2.   Signage drawings and anchor bolt templates.
3.   Utility Company fees (not construction work to be performed by General Contractor).
4.   GC to provide and install buy-out items shown on drawings, as well as those listed below.

If in doubt about a McDonald’s provided item, price as an alternate in your bid.


1.   Building and health department permit fees and utility company or connection fees (not construction work to be
     performed by General Contractor) will be reimbursed via PO and not incorporated into bid.
2.   Coordination of all third party vendors requiring shop drawings including trellis supplier as well as signage provider.
     Contacts for each of these companies:
          Trellis/Louver: PCI Industries, Zac Parker, Project Manager, 817-509-1085;
          Trellis/Louver: Greenheck, 888-325-6529;
          LED Signage and Yellow Canopy: Personna, Reid Pirlet, Project Manager, 800-843-9888 x 253;
     [NOTE: Sign contractor will provide 2 separate install events if required]
          Lighting and lot poles: Security Lighting; Steve Freidman, 800-544-4848. Please note that all LED lighting
              including trellis lighting is to be supplied by the General Contractor.
3.   Décor plans may be preliminary but costs need to be included in bid. After pricing of each item, please provide a cost for
     square foot installation of tile and wall covering.
4.   Bid sign bases from the sign package if not shown on the civil drawings. Bid should include all elements of the Site
     Program Book provided by Reid Pirlet of Persona Signs. Contact phone is (800) 843-9888 x 253. Bid is to include the
     removal of all existing signage as dictated by the program book.


     1.   General Contractor will incorporate building and health department plan review comments, if available, as part of the
          bid package.
     2.   General Contractor will notify utility locator a minimum of seven (7) days prior to construction. Any conflict with
          proposed work to be communicated to construction project manager.
     3.   General Contractor is responsible for all temporary electric and heating, fencing, security, dust control, temporary
          lighting, and local jurisdictional requirements, if any, for the duration of the construction project. Also included in
          this item is furnishing all required utilities to temporary facilities.
     4.   General Contractor to provide temporary “Just like Home” restrooms during construction if at any time during
          construction the permanent restrooms are not available.



     1.  General Contractor responsible for any damages done to existing improvements and offsite improvements including
         but not limited to curb & gutter, sidewalks, landscaping, irrigation, site lighting and paving.
     2. Before submitting bid, bidder shall personally inspect the site of the proposed work to arrive at a clear understanding
         of the conditions under which the work is to be done. Bidder will be held to have compared the premises and the site
         with the contract documents and bid drawings and to have been satisfied as to the actual conditions of the premises,
         existing construction, actual elevations, and other conditions affecting the performance of the bidder’s work. No
         consideration will be allowed subsequently by reason of error or oversight on the part of the bidder or on account of
         interference by either owner’s or other bidder’s activities.
     3. General Contractor to contact sign vendor for pre-delivery of anchor bolts and templates for bolt placement in
         footings for drive-thru menu board, pre-sell menu board, and customer order display. Contact information is
         provided above.
     4. All the concrete paving will be fiber reinforced and natural color unless noted on plans. Expansion joints to be
         caulked. All concrete is to be sealed according to new store standards. Any deviation must be approved by the
     5. Landscaping and Irrigation to be broken out separately and to be provided as per plan (PCA category 32.80.00). In
         some instances, sleeves will be provided by O/O for use by others.
     6. General Contractor to discuss striping colors and plan with McDonald’s Construction Manager prior to any striping
         to verify locations, distances, colors and specific needs. Striping to be installed after agreement with Construction
         Manager. For MRP projects, striping to match existing.
     7. General Contractor to keep site clean and orderly AT ALL TIMES and provide weekly project updates as well as
         safety briefings for McDonald’s Construction Manager every Friday by noon. Format of these weekly reports to be
         provided at project commencement.
     8. Trash enclosure per drawings (or to match materials of the restaurant building). Enclosure gates to be faced with
         Trex. Colors to be verified by Construction Manager.
     9. All asphalt to be sealcoated and restriped.
     10. The “HIRAF Linear LED Façade Fixtures” is now implemented on the Arcade elements. (Well lights are no longer

Please note that ADA elements are discussed separately.


     1.   General Contractor to coordinate storage and installation of all equipment, phone, and POS as well as any other
          special equipment or security. This will be part of the Project Schedule and any changes will be provided to the
          McDonald’s Construction Manager. Please note that the contractor will be responsible for all equipment that he/she
          agrees to save on behalf of O/O. Loss or damage of this equipment by the GC will be reimbursed or deducted from
          contract amount. Typical amount will be 50% of new value for salvaged items.
     2.   Provide electric for all building signage. Verify by contacting sign supplier after confirming with ACM. A copy of
          the signage site survey will be provided.
     3.  General Contractor to supply all fire extinguishers. Please note that an emergency fire extinguisher must be kept
         separate from building extinguishers and kept by site superintendent.
     4. General Contractor is to install all décor per décor drawings which may or may not be available during the open bid.
     5. All restroom fixtures will have Autoflush devices installed; this includes all faucets and urinals, see specifications on
     6. The GC is to include 2 4X8 sign placards that can include the General Contractors name and McDonalds preferred
         branding for two sides of the site fencing—(You can get this from the McDonalds Construction Manager). These
         signs can be reused from site to site. NO ADDITIONAL SUBCONTRACTOR SIGNAGE WILL BE ALLOWED
     7. GC is to price any concrete, bicycle racks, walkway, fencing etc. with any outside seating area. If suppliers are listed
         on the drawings, GC is to price seating, sun protection, and trash containers.
     8. GC to include install of trellis. (Trellis purchased by McDonald’s.)
     9. Tile corners in lobby décor to include “Schluter” corner guards.
     10. GC to include a $2500 allowance for wallpaper in standard bid. DÉCOR COSTS ARE ALL ARE ENTERED AS
         PART OF THE INTERIOR LOBBY REMODEL. Regarding Preliminary Décor Drawings: GC to supply and
         install all Corian counter tops and sills. General contractor is to supply graphics as depicted in the décor drawings.
         If none exist, a $2500 allowance is to be included.


     1.   All required upgrades are as depicted on the site specific construction documents.
     2.   Please note that verification of all ADA upgrades will be done by the site architect. Deficiencies from plan are
          required to be corrected within 3 days of contractor notification.
     3.   Any dispute arising from final architect survey must be presented to the construction manager for resolution.
     4.   All handicap parking stalls are to be concrete regardless of the material on the site plan.
     5.   Please note the approved ADA signage supplier from the drawings: Forrest Perma-Sign, 800-214-8765;


     1.   All drive-thru curbing and signage locations are to be confirmed with locations approved and signed-off by
          Construction Project Manager and Franchisee. Failure to confirm locations will result in General Contractor liability
          for location.
     2.   Detector loops for drive thru lane manufactured by 3M (800)328-0033 or HME (800)848-4468. General contractor
          is responsible to contact vendor and have detector loops shipped and installed per plan. Contractor to provide a
          sawcut joint depicting location of detector loops if replaced.
     3.   General Contractor to contact sign vendor for pre-delivery of anchor bolts and templates for bolt placement in
          footings for drive-thru menu board, pre-sell menu board, and customer order display. Contact information is
          provided above [Personna].
     4.   All drive-thru wiring to comply with the attached wiring requirements.

                        OPF Wiring


1.   Application for payment will be on a bi-monthly basis with 10% retainage held until the final pay application. Change
     Orders will be submitted with the appropriate supporting documentation following all previous requirements
     and will be approved on a weekly basis. Once the change order is approved, it can be added to the next pay application.
2.   All change orders and final pay application to be submitted within 30 days of completion.

1.   The GC will warrant completion of the project for a period of one year after completion and sign off of the punch list.
     The GC and subcontractors agree to expeditious and complete resolution of any warranty issue. Any issue affecting
     Customer experience requires a response within 24 hours of notification.

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