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					 ABC’s of Rome Project

• Project assignment
• Election discussion (time
              The Basics
• Create a book, Power Point, or some other
  creative representation of the alphabet
  with a Roman theme.
• Use all 26 letters of the alphabet.
• Include an illustration.
• Give an original explanation of why the
  choice is important.
          Additional Rules
• No more than 5 choices from a particular
  “category” of items.
• No more than 4 “non-starting” letters.
                 Grading Criteria
•   60 points +
•   All 26 letters = 3 points
•   Correct/true info = 10 points
•   Sufficient Detail = 7 points
•   Importance = 10 points
•   Modern world connections = 5 points
•   Follow the rules = 5 points
•   Cover/Title = 5 points
•   Creativity (neatness, color, etc.) = 5 points
•   Use of Class time = 10 points
•   Extras????
        Due Date/ On-time
• Due – Monday, November 5.
• Lateness – 10% per day penalty.
         A is for Augustus
• Augustus was the first
  emperor` of Rome. Born
  “Octavian” he was Julius
  Caesar’s nephew and heir,
  punished the
  conspirators, and
  defeated Mark Anthony to
  take over Rome .
  Augustus ruled Rome
  from 31 bc. to 14 ad. A
  major accomplishment of
  his rule was the Pax
  Romana, the Roman
  peace which would last
  for 200 years.
           A is for Augustus
• Augustus was first the
  emperor of Rome.
• He ruled from 31 bc.
  To 14 ad.
• He made the Pax
        Advice and Homework
•   Work early and often.
•   Be prepared to share.
•   Work together but independently.
•   Have fun!!
Plagiarism is ILLEGAL!
  If you quote directly from any website or other
     source or you copy and paste an illustration
     from a website, you must include the
     documentation to give the original
     author/illustrator credit.

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