NJHS Basics by GY53Q45


									                                    NJHS Basics

      We will meet the second Tuesday of each month at 8:15 in the library.
       Additional meetings may be required/scheduled to support service projects
       or other events.
      All members are expected to attend all meetings. If you cannot attend, you
       will need to make up the time you missed by performing an equivalent amount
       of service. For instance, if you miss one regular meeting (usually 30 minutes),
       you will need to perform 30 minutes of a service project to make up for that
       missed time.
      All members are required to perform 3 hours of service per semester (a
       total of 6 per year). Incoming members need only complete 3 hours for the
      Most community-based or church-related service counts. Mission trips,
       volunteer hours for youth/scouting organizations, and school-based projects
       (helping a teacher/coach, working in the library) are all acceptable. Work
       done for payment or as part of a class (library or office aide) does not

You can use the form below to record your service hours. Please ask the sponsoring
adult to sign to verify completion of the hours.

Service Project with         Date/Time Worked             Sponsor Signature
Description of Work

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