5 3 comparison multiplication word problems

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                                    5-3 Using Multiplication to Compare

  1. Jordan and Miss Kiley were comparing how many books they each have read. Jordan has read 5
     books. Miss Kiley has read three times as many books as Jordan. How many books has Miss Kiley

  2. Anastasia and Katie were comparing how many apples and oranges there were in the fruit bowl.
     There were 2 apples and five times as many oranges. How many oranges are there in the bowl?

  3. Brynn and Lexi were collecting leaves from the sidewalk. Brynn collected 4 leaves. Lexi collected
     7 times as many leaves as Brynn. How many leaves did Lexi collect?

  4. Athena and Evelyn were working on a project counting the number of birds they saw on their way
     to school. Athena saw twice as many birds as Evelyn. Evelyn saw 3 birds. How many birds did
     Athena see?

  5. Amaya and Clay were packing snacks for a hiking trip. Amaya packed four times as many snacks
     as Clay. Clay packed 5 snacks. How many snacks did Amaya pack?

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