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Honors Freshman English - Mythology Unit Assignments

We will be using several resources within this unit of study. In class, I will provide you
with various texts or selected chapters. In addition to the sources I provide, you should
feel free to use the following internet sources:
Ancient Greeks (http://www.hol.gr/greece/ancgods.htm)
Bulfinch’s Mythology (www.sacredtexts.com)
Greek Mythology.com

Many other quality sources are also available on-line. Do a word search for Greek
Mythology to review other reputable sites.

However, we will begin with a condensed set of key notes for your notebook. You will
need to copy these notes, using the “Cornell Notes” format if you like. In other words,
you do not need to copy every word as you see it.


1.     Character identification exercise. On the separate handout, I have listed 40
       different mythological characters for you to identify. The handout speaks to the
       specific format for this exercise.

2.     After reviewing in-class notes, you will create a chart for several gods and
       goddesses. I will provide you with the handout for completing this exercise. You
       will be using the following elements to complete this chart. The chart will have
       you identify the official Greek and Roman names of the characters, their sphere(s)
       of influence, and the symbol(s) often attached to the respective god or goddess.
       Below is the listing of the ones you will need to use for completing this chart.

       Aeolus          Athena         Hades          Hestia
       Aphrodite       Demeter        Hecate         Janus
       Apollo          Dionysus       Hephaestus     Pan
       Ares            Eos            Hera           Poseidon
       Artemis         Eros           Hermes         Zeus

3.     Map of The Underworld of Greek Mythology-
       I will provide you with a handout that requires specific items to be included on a
       visual you create of the underworld. On the handout, you will also have a brief
       description of the underworld to use as a resource for your map.
4.     The Legacy of Greek Mythology in Our Vocabulary – Separate handout.

5.     Stories and Study Questions: You will study one Greek myth from each of the
       major categories and answer the related questions (a separate handout). You will
       earn full points by restating the question in your answer and providing complete,
       accurate information that answers the question. Turn in each of the sections
       separately. Head each assignment with the name of the story. The mythological
       stories you will read include Demeter and Persephone, Theseus and the Minotaur,
       The Labors of Hercules, and Jason and The Golden Fleece.

6.     Exercise on the Muses and the Fates. You will identify each of the nine muses
       specifying their distinct realms over which they presided. They were often
       referred to as “the black-haired Nine.” In addition, you will need to explain who
       the three Fates were and why even the gods were obedient to them.

7.     Mythology Mini-Project: Separate Handout.
       Briefly, this will be small group project where you will need to choose one type of
       myth to re-tell and illustrate. This myth does not have to be Greek or Roman in
       origin. It can come from other cultures around the world. You will be presenting
       this before the class. A specific set of requirements and rubric will be
       provided to you.

8.     Using a specific set of guidelines and a rubric, you will have the opportunity to
       create a modern myth. This is a very creative exercise.

Unit Exam: At the end of our unit of study, there will be a comprehensive exam over the
material covered in class, located in specific sections on this assignment sheet.

Specific dates for completing the various sections will be identified along the way.

Have fun learning about this rich body of literature!

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