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					                                GOVERNMENT OF JHARKHAND

    1. SCOPE OF WORK: - Scope of work under this tender comprises of Replacement of
          old 33"/750mm dia C.I. (Town and Hatia Pipe Line) by M. S. pipe at Shivajee Chowk
          Booty under D.W. & S. Sw. Dist. Division, Ranchi.

          Clauses contained in this special Notes to Tenders will form a part of the contract
          besides the usual clauses contained in the printed contract from and the tender

    2. SITE OF WORK: - The site of work is Shivajee Chowk Booty

          The tenderers are requested to inspect the site of work before submitting their rates
          to ascertain the availability of materials and construction water. No claim will be
          entertained for slight shifting of the site even wages of the labours are enhanced by
          the Govt. during the period of construction.

    3. QUANTITIES: Quantities given in schedule- “A” are approximate and for the
          guidance of the contractor for quoting their rates. Payment for the work done will be
          made on the he basis of actual measurement of work done. No claim will be
          entertained for any variation of quantities given in the scheduled. But the contractor
          will in no case do work more than 15% above the quantity given in the Schedule “A”
          without prior written permission of the Engineer-in-charge.

    4. CONTRACT VALUE:- The successful tenderers would be required to executed the
          work as per quantities will be given by the deptt. as required and he will have to
          ensure that in no case the total value of work done under this contract exceed the
          value of the contract. The contractor will have to take written order form the

    5. TIME:- The Contractor will have to ensure to complete the work within 6 (Six) Months
          from the date of issue of work order.

    6. POWER TO REJECT OR ACCEPT TENDER:- The lowest tender will not
          necessarily be accepted. The undersigned reserves the right to reject or accept any
          or all the tenders received and no explanation can be demanded of the cause or
          rejection of his tender by the person making the tender.

    7. EARNEST MONEY AND SECURITY DEPOSIT:- Earnest Money deposited by the
          successful tenderer may be forfeited in case the Contractor fails to deposit the
          Earnest Money on the accepted contract value as initial security only for the
          performance of the contract within 15 (Fifteen) day of being called upon to do so. A
          further deduction of 5% (Five per cent) as security Money will be made from al bills
          which may become payable during the execution of the Work.

          On receipt of written application the Earnest Money of the unsuccessful tenderers will
          be refunded by the Executive Engineer in due course.

    8. RATES:- Tenderers are required to quote their rates in terms of percentage
          “ABOVE” or ”BELOW” what Departmental rates mentioned in the bill of quantities.
          The percentage would be clearly mentioned “ABOVE” or “BELOW” in figures and
          words both.

    9. CARRIAGE: - It should be noted by the tenderers that rates for different items of
          work mentioned in schedule- “A” are exclusive of carriage charges but inclusive for
          all taxes and royalty. Therefore, no separate payment will be made to the contractor
          in respect of taxes and royalty in any shape. The item of carriage of materials has
          been provided separately in the Schedule- A”.

    10. SETTING OUT OF WORK:- The Engineer-in-charge of the work will give the
          alignment of work and datum at site. The contractor will have to take full
          responsibility of complete laying and setting out the work in true lines and levels as
          per drawing wherever required and written direction of the E/I. The contractor should
          carefully study the plan before starting the layout and bring to the notice of the
          Engineer-in-charge in writing if any discrepancies come to his notice and get it
          rectified by the Engineer-I/C before starting of layout. The contractor should note that
          he will be entirely responsible for the correctness of the layout and execution of work
          as per drawing and direction of the Engineer-in-charge not with standing the fact that
          he might have been helped or assisted by the Departmental staffs in such layout. If
          any errors in lines or levels are detected at any time, it will be rectified by the
          contractor at his own cost.

    11. MATERIALS: - No materials will be supplied by the Department to the contractor.
          Hence neither recovery from the contractor’s Bill nor will extra payment be made to
          the contractor in this regard. Cement will used ISI standard such as Lafarz/ACC or
          equivalent Tor Steel SAIL/TATA/TISCON Fe-500 M.S. plate as per BIS specification.

    12. ACCOMMODATION: - The contractor will provide at their own cost proper hut and
          drinking water and other admissible facilities for the labours employed by him on the

    13. ELECTRIC POWER:- The Contractor shall make his own arrangement for electrical
          and other type of power required for welding lighting or other purposes for execution
          of the work. Department, however, may help them by moving to Electrical
          Department for getting electric connection etc., Jointing of pipe or fabrication work
          will be followed as per B.I.S. specification.

    14. CONSTRUCTION WATER: - The contractor will arrange the construction water at
          his own cost.

    15. INSURANCE:- The Contractor will have to insure their labours to be employed on
          the work at his own cost. If any accident occurs at the site of work during the
          execution of work, the contractor will have to pay compensation for the damages at
          his own cost. Contractor shall provide full proof security to the work, workers,
          materials equipment etc. at his own cost and for any damaged, loss, theft etc. for
          which he will be fully responsible, any compensatory claim of such nature shall no be
          entertained by the deptt. Contractor shall provide all type of safety to
          workers/Supervisors/Operators or any category of personnel engaged in construction
          and allied works for any loss of life or injury, he will be responsible for payment of
          compensation etc. and the deptt. shall not entertained any claim of such nature.

    16. EXTRA WORK: - The Contractor shall not carry out any extra work without prior
          written order of the Engineer-in-charge. The contractor will have to maintain a site
          order book on which necessary instructions regarding execution of work will be given
          to the contractor by the Engineer-in-charge or any inspecting officer of the
          Department. The site order Book will be the Property of the Department and will
          remain with the Junior Engineer- I/C of the work. The Contractor will have to make
          the facilities available for inspection of the work to the inspection officer of the

    17. WAGES: - The Contractor will have to ensure payment to the labours engaged in the
          execution of the work strictly in confirmation to the Minimum wages approved by the

    18. ADDRESS: - The contractor will have to furnish their full permanent and local
          address in the tender paper. The tenderer is requested to sign each and every page
          of the tender documents before submitting their tender.

    19. SITE CLEARANCE:- The Contractor will keep the site neat and clean even during
          the execution of the work. After completion of the work, the contractor will remove all
          derbies etc. and hand over a neat and clean site to the Department.

    20. CLARIFICATION OF ANY POINT: - The tender shall get his doubt or any ambiguity
          about the tender, clarified by the Executive Engineer before submitting their tender.

    21. MIXER AND VIBRATOR:                The contractor will have to use Power Mixer and
          vibrator for doing P.C.C. & R.C.C. work, Hand mixing of cement concrete will not be

    22. SPECIFICATION: - All relevant standard Specification of P.H.E.D., P.W.D. and State
          Electricity Board will be followed during the execution of the work.

    23. PAYMENT: - It should be noted by the Tenderers that payment will be made only
          after availability of sufficient fund for this work.

    24. INCOME TAX:- It should be noted by the tenderers that, income taxes & Surcharge
          as applicable will be deducted from each Running Account Bill including Final Bill.

    25. SALES TAX:- It should be noted by the tenderers that Sales Tax and Surcharge as
          applicable will be deducted form each Running Account Bill including Final Bill .

    26. PLEDGING OF EARNEST MONEY DOCUMENTS:- It should be noted by the
          tenderers that the prescribed document relating to the Earnest money to be
          submitted with the tender should be pledged in favour of the EXECUTIVE
          ENGINEER, D. W. & S. Sw. Dist. Division, Ranchi. Blank pledging form attached
          with the tender will not be accepted. Pledged Earnest Money document deposited as
          Earnest Money or Security Money deposited in other work in this office or in other
          office of the Department will not be treated as Earnest Money accompanying the
          tender unless they are released from the work and attached with the tender.

                                                                      EXECUTIVE ENGINEER,


Name of Work:- Replacement of old 33"/750mm dia C.I. (Town and Hatia Pipe Line) by M. S.
pipe at Shivajee Chowk Booty under D.W. & S. Sw. Dist. Division, Ranchi.

                                                   TO BE FILLED BY TENDERERS

1.      Tenderer’s Name & Address with
        Telephone No.                  :-

2.      Time of Completion                                          :-
3.      Registration No. & Date & Class
        of Registration of the Deptt. with
        Validity Date                      :-
4.      Details of                Earnest           Money :-

5.      PAN CARD of Income Tax Deptt.
        & Last Receipt of Return      :-
6.      Up to date Sales Tax Clearance
        Certificate                    :-
7.      Signature of Tenderer with Date                             :-

Issued to...................................................................................................................................................
Vide Money Receipt No........................................................... Dated.................................................

                                                                                                                            Signature of Tender
                                                                                                                             Issuing Authority
                                                TO BE FILLED BY TENDER OPENING OFFICER

  1.           Cutting                                              :-

  2.           Over writing                                         :-

  3.           Earnest Money                                        :-

  4.           Registration No.                                     :-

  5.           Time of Completion                                   :-

  6.           Income Tax Documents :-

  7.           Up to Date Sales Tax
               Clearance Certificate                                :-

  8.           Others                                               :-

                                                                                                        SIGNATURE OF TENDER OPENING OFFICER
                                        TO BE FILLED IN BY THE TENDERS

1. I/We         am/are           ready          to       execute           the        work        on......................................%
   (.............................................................................................) percent “BELOW” the
     Departmental Rates for each item of work as furnished by the department in this tender

2. I/We am/are ready to execute the work on the Departmental Rates for each item of
   work as furnished by the Department in this tender document.

3. I/W        am/are           ready         to       excuse           the    work....................................................%
   (.......................................................................) percent “ABOVE” the Departmental
     Rates for each item of work as furnished by the Department in this tender documents.

                                                                         SIGNATURE OF TENDERER WITH DATE

NOTE: (1)             Strike out which are not applicable.

           (2)        Rates quoted on percentage Basis ABOVE or BELOW must be written in
                      figures and words both where the space is provided above, failing which the
                      tender will be outright rejected.

1.         Name of Tenderer                                                  :
           (IN BLOCK LETTERS)
2.         Full Local Address with Phone No.                                 :

3.         Full Permanent Address with Phone No.                             :

4.         Details of Earnest Money deposited                                :
           with this tender documents.

                            The following documents must be furnished by the
                               tenderer along with this tender documents.

1. Certified Copy of Up to date Income Tax and Sales Tax Clearance Certificate.
2. Copy of Letter of Enlistment in the Department.
3. Deed of Power of Attorney, in case of Partnership Firm.

SIGNATURE OF TENDERER.                                            SIGNATURE OF TENDERE OPENING OFFICER

                                               GOVT. OF JHARKHAND
                                     D. W. & S. Department, Jharkhand, Ranchi.

 B.O.Q. for the Work:- Replacement of old 33"/750mm dia C.I. (Town and Hatia Pipe Line)
 by M.S. pipe at Shivajee Chowk Booty under D.W. & S. Sw. Dist. Division, Ranchi.

          Estimated Cost         : Rs. 48,38,359/-
                                                     Cost of B.O.Q. : Rs. 5000/- Only
          E. M. amount       : Rs. 96,800/-          Date of Tender :
          Issued to      :

 S.No                 Particulars                            Qty.              Rate        Unit     Amount
   1                         2                                 3                 4              5     6
   1      Providing Sal ballah baricatng                           M
          with av. 150mm dia and 2m
          long post at 2.5m center fix
          0.50m belwo ground packted
          with earth and bricks bats well
          watered and rammed with 3
          rose av. 100mm dia Sal Ballah
          horizontal runners fixed with
          iron spikes and wired, white
          washing one coat to exposed
          surface,       ismantling     the
          barricade after function, filling
          holes, carriage of sal ballah
          from and to godown upto 5 km.
          lead,     stacking     them     in
          countable stacks including cost
          of all labour and materials and
          taxes all complete as per
          specification and direction of
          E/I. (Girth to be measured at 1
          M from bottom)                              298.00                    114.43   P.M.        34100.14

          Supplying tools and cutting
          Pucca road as well as restoring
          the same as per specification
                                                                    3                       3
   2      and direction of E/I.                       756.00       M            275.95   P.M        208618.20

   3      Earth work in excavation (as
          per I.S. 3114/1965) & cutting
          trenches for laying of pipe and
          disposal of excavated earth so
          obtained to within initial lead
          and lift as per specification and
          direction     of      E/I.    (For
                                                                    3                       3
          classification of soil item no.-B)          378.00       M             59.47   P.M         22479.66
                                                                    3                       3
          (b) Extra for E/W in all kinds              252.00       M             64.67   P.M         16296.84

   4      Supplying all labour, tools
          equipments & cutting pipe in
          trenches or on ground with the
          help of gas cutter, chisel and
          hammer or by any other means

          as per direction of E/I.

          33" dia town pipe line                     4    Nos.    2888.00   Each      11552.00
          750mm dia HECHatia pipe line               4    Nos.    2708.00   Each      10832.00

   5      Supplying all materials, labour,
          tools & equipments for laying &
          setting C.I. pipe and specials in
          the trenchs with the help of
          crance or chain pully block and
          making carrect alignment of
          complete as per spec. and
          direction of E/I.                    28861.34   Kgs        2.00   P.Kg.     57722.68

   6      Supplying all materials labours
          for     fabricating    30"/750mm
          x900x1.80M long M.S. D/F
          bend made from 12mm thick
          M.S. plate, cutting the plate
          including cutting the plate to
          exact size and shape by
          oxygen accitiling gas cutting
          machining and making pipe of
          750mm internal dia by fiedl
          accitiling welding longitudinal
          and using standard electrodes
          both side including supplying
          and fabricating 28mm thick
          M.s. flange one no. of 750mm
          dia drilling hole in flange as per
          relevant 1.5 or B.S. table &
          fixing the saem with one end of
          pipe by cutting, V-grooving and
          welding including painting two
          coats over a coat of red oxide
          primer & cariage to work site all
          complete as per specification
          and direction of E/I.
          33" dia M.S. pipe-                        40    M.     27952.00   P.M.    1118080.00
          750mm M.S. pipe-                          60    M.     26527.00   P.M.    1591620.00
          33"x45 bend-                               4    Nos.   58166.00   Each     232664.00
          750mm dia x 45 bend-                       4    Nos.   56843.00   Each     227372.00
          33" dia M.S. flange-                       8    Nos.   22232.00   Each     177856.00
          750mm dia M.S. flange-                    10    Nos.   21892.00   Each     218920.00
          33" dia M.S. socket-                       2    Nos.   14294.00   Each      28588.00
          750mm dia M.S. socket-                     2    Nos.   13568.00   Each      27136.00

   7      Supplying all materials, tools,
          equipments and lead caulked
          joints/ flange joint including
          supplying all jointing materials
          such as pig lead spun yarn all
          complete as per specification
          and direction of E/I.
          33" dia lead joint                         2    Nos.    5559.00   Each      11118.00
          750mm dia lead joint                       2    Nos.    5171.00   Each      10342.00

          33" dia flange joint                    4    Nos.        2450.00   Each          9800.00
          750mm dia flange joint                  5    Nos.        2400.00   Each         12000.00
   8      Providing coarse clean sand
          filling the pipe trenches after
          laying of 30"/750mm dia M.S.
          pipe      including    ramming
          watering in layers including
          cost of labour materials and
          carriage of sand upto 3 km
          lead all complete as per spc.
          And direction of E/I.              262.17    M3           273.08   P.M3         71593.38

          Providing R.C.C. M-200 with
          nominal mix of (1:1.5:3) in
          foundation        with approved
          quality of stone chips and clean
          coarse sand of F.M.-2.5 to 3
          including curing, shuttering,
          carrying the slab manual to site
          and laying in position all
          complete (But excluding the
          cost of reinforcement) taxes
          and royalty all complete as per
          building     specification   and
   9      direction of E/I.                   27.00    M3          4346.51   P.M3        117355.77

          Providing        tor       steel
          reinforcement of 8mm to 16mm
          dia bars as per approved
          design and drawing excluding
          carriage of M.S. bars to work
          site cutting bending and
          binding with anneled wire with
          cost of wire removal of rust
          placing the rods in position all
          complete as per building
          specification and direction of
  10      E/I.                               1.8900    MT.        59281.90    P/MT.      112042.79

  11      Providing re-construction of
          cement concrete pavement
          road work in Booty-Bariatu
          Road      as    per    P.W.D.
          specification and direction of
          E/I.                               252.00    M2          1401.00   P.M2        353052.00

  12      E/W in filling after laying
          different size & length in
          trenches in layers not excuding
          150mm thick fully compatec &
          fine dressed as per direction of
          E/I.                               367.83    M3            37.17   P/M3         13672.24

  13      Providing diesel pumps sets for
          dewatering     the    trenches
          including fuel suction of
          delivery pipe operator etc. all
          complete.                          1800.00   Bhp/Hrs.      25.55   P.PHP/hr.    45990.00

  14      Supplying all labours, tools for
          disposal of excavated earth
          during excavation lead upto 2
          Km from work site.                 262.17   M3          118.52   P/M3            31072.39

  15      Carriage of materials:-
          (a) Cement + Rod (av. Lead 02               Mt.
          Km)                                 23.55                71.11   P.M.             1674.64
          (b) Coarse Sand (av. Lead 08
          Km)                                 20.45   M3          186.96   P/M3             3823.33
          (c) Stone Chips (av. Lead 22 Km)    40.90   M3
                                                                  319.82   P/M   3
                                                                              TOTAL-      4790454.70
                                                  Add @ 1% Sub-tax for labour deptt.-      47904.55
                                                                      Say Rs.-          48,38,359.00

                                             Schedule "B" & "C"
                                                                            Executive Engineer


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