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									Air Force Center for Engineering
and the Environment
 Integrity - Service - Excellence

                         5th Annual
                   San Antonio Post
                    Small Business
                                Col Scott Hartford, P.E.
               Chief, Capital Investment Management
                                              26 Jul 11
   Air Force MILCON Focus Areas
   FY12 MILCON Requirements
   FY12 MILCON Project List
   Agent Execution Statistics
   Small Business Opportunity
   Summary

                Integrity - Service - Excellence
                          AF MILCON Focus Areas
Military Construction
                                              Continue to Strengthen
(MILCON)                                      the Nuclear Enterprise

   Enables AF Missions
      Beddown of New Mission
                                         Partner w/ the Joint and Coalition
       facilities & infrastructure          Team to Win Today’s Fight
   Provides Joint, Coalition &
    COCOM support
                                               Develop and Care for
   Recapitalizes aging                      Airmen and their Families
    infrastructure focusing on
      Operational, mission support,
        and Quality of Life priorities    Modernize our Air, Space, and
                                            Cyberspace Inventories,
   Incorporates & enables                  Organizations & Training
    modernization, sustainability

                 Integrity - Service - Excellence                             3
                           FY12 MILCON Requirements
       $M    Must Pay                                                                              $131.0M

1400    9%
              Planning & Design (P&D)                  $96.3M    P-341                               $34.7M

             Continue to Strengthen the Nuclear Enterprise                                          $75.6M
              B-52 3-Bay Conventional Muns MX Fac      $11.8M    B-52 2-Bay Phase MX Dock            $34.0M
1200          WSA Security Control Facility             $4.8M    AFNWC Sustainment Center            $25.0M
             Partner with the Joint and Coalition Team to Win Today’s Fight                        $373.1M
1000          Unmanned Aerial Surveillance (UAS)       $21.7M    Air Freight Terminal Complex        $35.0M
              TACP Facilities                           $7.6M    USSTRATCOM Replacement Fac         $150.0M
 800          Guam Strike/Resiliency                   $147.2M   Communications Center               $11.6M

             Develop and Care for Airmen and Their Families                                        $509.4M
 600          Blatchford-Preston Complex Ph IV          $37.0M   Air Force Permanent Party Dorms     $190.0M

              Basic Military Training (BMT) Dorm        $64.0M   Child Development Center            $11.2M

 400          Army Barracks at Joint Bases             $193.0M   Education Center
             Modernize our Air, Space, & Cyberspace Inventories, Orgs &Trng
              Guam Pacific Readiness Trng Ctr (PRTC)    $29.4M   C-5M Formal Training Unit            $2.8M
 200          F-22 Mission Facilities                   $56.0M   HC/EC C-130 Facilities              $39.0M
              F-35 Mission/Training Facilities          $55.1M   Operations/Training Support         $164.6M

   0                  Integrity - Service - Excellence                                                         4
                                             FY12 AFCEE MILCON
                                                                                           PROGRAM COST
      State          Base                                      Title                           ($000)
ALASKA        EIELSON         Dormitory (168 RM)                                                45000
ALASKA        ELMENDORF       Brigade Combat Team (Light) Complex, (480 RM)                     97000
ARIZONA       DAVIS-MONTHAN   EC-130H Simulator/Training Operations                             20500
ARIZONA       DAVIS-MONTHAN   HC-130J Joint Use Fuel Cell                                       12500
ARIZONA       LUKE            F-35 ADAL Aircraft Maintenance Unit                                6000
ARIZONA       LUKE            F-35 Squad Ops/AMU 2                                              18000
CALIFORNIA    TRAVIS          Dormitory (144 RM)                                                22000
CALIFORNIA    VANDENBERG      Education Center                                                  14200
COLORADO      USAF ACADEMY    Const Vehicle Search Facility                                     13400
DELAWARE      DOVER           C-5M Formal Training Unit Facility                                 2800
FLORIDA       PATRICK         AIR FORCE TECHNICAL APPLICATIONS CENTER                           79000
GERMANY       RAMSTEIN        Dormitory (192 RM)                                                34697
GREENLAND     THULE           Dormitory (72 PN)                                                 28000
GUAM          ANDERSEN        PRTC - Red Horse Cantonment Operations Facility                   14000
GUAM          ANDERSEN        PRTC - Combat Communications Combat Support Facility               9800
GUAM          ANDERSEN        PRTC - Combat Communications Transmission Systems Facility         5600
GUAM          ANDERSEN        Guam Strike - Clear Water Rinse Facility                           7500
GUAM          ANDERSEN        Guam Strike Fuel Systems Maintenance Hangar                      128000
GUAM          ANDERSEN        Air Freight Terminal Complex                                      35000
GUAM          ANDERSEN        Guam Strike Coventional Munition Maintenance Facility             11700
ITALY         NAS SIGONELLA   UAS SATCOM Relay Pads and Facility                                15000
JAPAN         KADENA          IMPROVE FAMILY HOUSING INFRASTRUCTURE, PH 1                       25830
JAPAN         MISAWA          Improve MFH Infrastructure, Phase 1                               29954
JAPAN         MISAWA          Improve Family Housing, Ph 1                                      24762
KANSAS        FORT RILEY      Air Support Operations Center                                      7600

                   Integrity - Service - Excellence                                                       5
                                                   FY12 AFCEE MILCON
                                                                                         PROGRAM COST
     State             Base                                        Title                     ($000)
KOREA            OSAN               Dormitory (156 RM)                                        23000
LOUISIANA        BARKSDALE          Mission Support Group Complex                             23500
MISSOURI         WHITEMAN           WSA Security Control Facility                              4800
NEBRASKA         OFFUTT             USSTRATCOM Replacement Facility - Incr 1                 150000
NEVADA           NELLIS             COMMUNICATIONS NETWORK CONTROL CENTER                     11600
NEVADA           NELLIS             F-35A AGE Facility                                        21500
NEVADA           NELLIS             F-35 Add/Alter Engine Shop                                 2750
NEW MEXICO       CANNON             Dormitory (96 RM)                                         15000
NEW MEXICO       CANNON             ADAL Wastewater Treatment Plant                            7598
NEW MEXICO       HOLLOMAN           PARALLEL TAXIWAY, RWY 07/25                                8000
NEW MEXICO       HOLLOMAN           F-16 ACADEMIC TRAINING FACILITY                            5800
NEW MEXICO       HOLLOMAN           F-16 SEAD TRAINING FACILITY                                4200
NEW MEXICO       HOLLOMAN           Child Development Center                                  11200
NEW MEXICO       KIRTLAND           AFNWC Sustainment Center                                  25000
NORTH CAROLINA   POPE               C-130 Flight Simulator                                     6000
NORTH DAKOTA     MINOT              Dormitory (168 RM)                                        22000
NORTH DAKOTA     MINOT              B-52 Two-Bay Phase Maintenance Dock                       34000
NORTH DAKOTA     MINOT              B-52 3-Bay Conventional Munitions Mtc Facility            11800
QATAR            AL UDEID           Blatchford Preston Complex Phase IV                       37000
TEXAS            FORT SAM HOUSTON   Advance Individual Trainee (AIT) Barracks (300 RM)        46000
TEXAS            LACKLAND           BMT Recruit Dormitory, Phase IV                           64000
UTAH             HILL               F-35 ADAL Hangar 45E/AMU                                   6800
UTAH             HILL               F-22 System Support Facility                              16500
VIRGINIA         LANGLEY            AIT Barracks Complex, Ph 2                                50000
WASHINGTON       FAIRCHILD          SERE FORCE SUPPORT COMPLEX, PHASE 2                       14000
WASHINGTON       FAIRCHILD          WING HEADQUARTERS                                         13600

                       Integrity - Service - Excellence                                                 6
                            Execution Agent Statistics
    FY11 MILCON
         86% USACE and NAVFAC
         14% AFCEE*
         61% Design/Build vs. 39% Traditional

    *Based on dollar value including BRAC, MFH, UK and CENTCOM Contingency Construction

                     Integrity - Service - Excellence
                   Small Business Opportunity

   Agents look at each acquisition and perform market research:
      Dollar value
      Complexity
      Security requirements
      Acquisition lead time

   Basic construction small business size standard -- $33.5M/yr
      Average revenue over 3-year period
      NAICS Code 236220
      Successful range has been $150K - $15M

                Integrity - Service - Excellence                   8

   Air Force MILCON Focus Areas
   FY12 MILCON Requirements
   FY12 MILCON Project List
   Agent Execution Statistics
   Small Business Opportunity
   Visit the AFCEE website at for more information
    on our programs and contracting opportunities

                Integrity - Service - Excellence                       9

Integrity - Service - Excellence

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