Synod Nominitation Appointments March 2009 definitive list in black by TlCG8IO4


									                                     Appointments March 2009

The following hold office or are nominated for office in the Synod, the date when the appointment is due to
end being recorded in brackets.


Synod Clerk                                                       Mr Peter Pay                            (2012)*
Assistant Synod Clerk                                             Mrs Christine Hardwick                   (2011)
Synod Treasurer                                                   Mr Nick Lowe                             (2012)
Development & Support Officer   North (Mission)                   Revd Peter Hurter
Development & Support Officer   South (Training)                  Revd Martin Manley
Executive Officer                                                 Mr Stuart MacLean
Finance Officer                                                   Mr Paul Archer
Property Officer                                                  Mr Terry Pearce
Property Officer                                                  Mr Peter Richardson
Children and Youth Development Officer (CYDO) South               Mrs Ruth White
Children and Youth Development Officer (CYDO) North               Vacant

Candidating Secretary                                             Revd Brenda Russell                    (2012) *
Commitment for Life Advocate                                      Mrs Julie McLaren                        (2010)
Communications Facilitator (incl. Newsletter Service)             Mrs Carol Rogers                         (2010)
Ecumenical Officers                 Oxfordshire:                  Revd Pauline Main                        (2012)
                                    Berkshire:                    Mr Richard Norris                       ( 2011)
                                    Surrey:                       Revd Phillip Jones                      (2012)*
                                    Hampshire:                    Revd Steve Wilkins                       (2010)
                                    Dorset:                       Vacant
European Partner Link Coordinator                                 Mrs Helen Everard                           (2010)
Finance Secretary                                                 Dr David Page                               (2010)
Health & Healing Link                                             Revd David Langford                         (2011)
Human Resources (Personnel) Consultant                            Vacant
Inter-Faith Advocate                                              Ms Chris Ramsden                         (2010)
Lay Preaching Commissioner                                        Mr Sydney Shore                          (2010)
Area Lay Preaching Representatives             NE:                Mrs Thelma Roberts                      (2011)*
                                               NW:                Mr Colin Ferguson                       (2012)*
                                               SE:                Mrs Sue Brown                           (2010)*
                                               SW:                Mrs Mary Chipping                       (2011)*
Local Training Coordinators                    NE:                Revd Alison Toplas                       (2010)
                                               NW:                Vacant
                                               SE:                Revd Mary Thomas                            (2010)
                                               SW:                Vacant
Medical Advisor                                                   Dr E Gorrod                                 (2010)
Ministerial Review - Implementation planning                      Vacant
Ministry and Mission Fund Secretary                               Mr Graham Gage                              (2010)
Racial Justice Advocate                                           Vacant
Rural Link                                                        Vacant
Safe Church Co-ordinator                                          Revd Tom Grant                              (2010)
                                                                  Revd Mary Thomas                            (2011)
Student Care Officers                 Northern College:           Mr Chris Gayford                            (2010)
                                      Westminster College:        Revd David Hamblin                          (2010)
Synod Ecumenical Group                                            Synod Moderator
                                                                  Synod Clerk
                                                                  Executive Officer
                                                                  Revd Nigel Appleton
Synod Financial Advocate                                          Vacant
TLS Coordinator                                                   Mrs Christine Hardwick                      (2010)
Zambia Link Coordinator                                           Revd Rob Weston                             (2010)

COMMITTEES AND GROUPS (members listed exclude all ex officio members)

Synod Executive                                Convener:          Revd Terry Hinks                            (2010)
                                               Secretary:         Synod Clerk
                                               Members:           NE    Vacant
                                                                  NW Revd Richard Bittleston              (2012)*
                                                               SE    Mrs Sue Brown           (2012)*
                                                               SW    Vacant

        Nominations Group                       Convener:      Synod Clerk
                                                Secretary:     Assistant Synod Clerk
                                                Members:       NE     Revd Steven Thornton    (2010)
                                                               NW Revd Dick Wolff            (2012)*
                                                               SE     Mrs Glynnis Massey     (2011)*
                                                               SW Revd Clive Sutcliffe        (2010)

Mission & Outreach Committee                    Convener:      Revd Eddie Boon               (2012)*
(formerly Life & Witness)                       Secretary:     Mr Graham Thatcher            (2012)*

        Church & Society Group                  Convener:      Dr David Hoadley              (2011)
                                                Secretary:     Mr David Wrighton             (2011)

        World Church Group                      Convener:      Mr Martin Waldron              (2011)
                                                Secretary:     Revd Derek Lindfield          (2012)*

        Silence & Retreats Group                Convener:      Revd Terry Hinks              (2011)

Development & Support Committee                 Convener:      Mrs Margaret Telfer            (2011)
       (formerly Ministries & Training)         Secretary:     Mrs Julie MacLaren            (2012)*

        Area Synod Pastoral Committees:

        North Eastern                           Convener:      Revd Michael Hopkins           (2010)
                                                Members (4):   Mrs Wendy Dunnett              (2010)
                                                               Mrs Vivien Gerhold            (2012)*

        North Western                           Convener:      Mr Tony Brett                  (2010)
                                                Members (4):   Mrs Faye Mitchell             (2011)*
                                                               Revd Keri Eynon               (2012)*
                                                               Mrs Phyllis Williams           (2010)
                                                               Ms Virginia Lawson             (2011)

        South Eastern                           Convener:      Revd Cliff Bembridge          (2012)*
                                                Members (6):   Mrs Christine Hardwick        (2012)*
                                                               Revd Peter Norris             (2012)*
                                                               Revd Nigel Rogers             (2012)*
                                                               Mr Keith Burroughs             (2010)

        South Western                           Convener:      Revd Martin Ambler            (2012)*
                                                Members (6):   Revd Clive Sutcliffe          (2012)*
                                                               Dr Richard Hall               (2012)*
                                                               Mrs Mary Chipping              (2010)
                                                               Mrs Edna Dickinson             (2010)
                                                               Revd Ray Stanyon               (2010)
                                                               Revd Julian Thomas             (2010)

Finance & Property Committee                    Convener:      Mrs Margaret Carrick Smith     (2011)
                                                Secretary:     Financial Secretary            (2010)
                                                Members:       Mr Ray Dunnett                (2012)*
                                                               Mr Mark Meatcher               (2010)
                                                               Mrs Sue C Brown                (2010)
                                      Area representatives:    NE     Mr Mike Liddle          (2010)
                                                               NW Mr Robert Webster           (2011)
                                                               SE     Mr Keith Burroughs      (2010)
                                                               SW Revd Julian Macro           (2011)

        Listed Buildings Advisory Group         Convener:      Revd Andrew Lonsdale          (2011)
                                                           Secretary:             Mr Gerry Prosser                                    (2012)*
                                                           Members:               Michael Hopkins                                      (2010)
                                                                                  Mr D Illingworth                                    (2012)*
                                                                                  Mr Kevin Morris                                      (2010)
                                                                                  Mr Keith Loveless                                    (2010)
                                                                                  Mr Peter Webley                                      (2010)

          M&M Fund Group                                   Convener:              Mr Graham Gage
                                                           Members:               Revd Margaret Evans                                (Project)
                                                                                  Mr Nigel Langdon                                   (Project)
                                                                                  Mr Ray Dunnett                                     (Project)
                                                                                  Mr Peter Stevenson                                 (Project)

URC (Wessex) Trust Limited                                 Trustees:              Mrs Margaret Carrick Smith (convener)
                                                                                  Mrs Sue C Brown
                                                                                  Revd Adrian Bulley
                                                                                  Revd David Cuckson*
                                                                                  Mr Graham Gage*
                                                                                  Mr Nick Lowe
                                                                                  Revd Julian Macro*
                                                                                  Mrs Gail Nuttall
                                                                                  Dr David Page
                                                                                  Mr Peter Pay*
                                                                                  Mr David Smith
                                                                                  Revd George Thomas
                                                                                  Mr Robert Webster

Note: In accordance with article 9 of the Articles of Association of the Trust, one third of the trustees retires by rotation each
year and, being eligible, may offer themselves for re-election. Those retiring and standing for re-election in 2009 are marked
with an asterisk.

Youth & Children’s Work Committee                          Convener:              Revd Tim Meachin                                     (2010)
                                                           Secretary:             Ms Alison Marshall                                   (2010)
                                                           Advocates:             NE     Vacant
                                                                                  NW Vacant
                                                                                  SE     Revd Tom Grant                                (2010)
                                                                                  SW (Revd Tim Meachin)


Mission Council                                                                   Mr Peter Pay                                        (2012)*
                                                                                  Revd Cliff Bembridge                                 (2010)
                                                                                  Mrs Margaret Telfer                                  (2011)

Mission Council Grants and Loans Group                                            Mr Nick Lowe                                         (2009)

Assembly Nominations Committee                                                    Synod Clerk                                    (Ex officio)

Resource Sharing Task Group                                                       Revd Martin Ambler
                                                                                  Mr Stuart MacLean
                                                                                  Mrs Sue C Brown
                                                                                  Mr Nick Lowe
                                                                                  Revd Adrian Bulley
                                                                                  Revd Julian Macro

Youth Representatives to Synod                                                    Vacant

Ministers’ Spring School                                   Secretary:             Development & Support Officer (Training)
                                                           Treasurer:             Vacant

Synod Panel for Ministerial Discipline                                            NE       Mrs Margaret Telfer
                                                                                           Revd Derek Lindfield*
3 NE, 3 NW                                                                                 Vacant
4 SE, 4 SW                                                                        NW       Mr Robert Harding*
                                         Mr Richard Norris*
                                   SE    Mrs Christine McMillan
                                         Revd David Williams
                                         Mr Owen Collins
                                         Mr C Halliwell
                                   SW    Mr Nick Lowe
                                         Revd Margaret Evans
                                         Mrs Louise Dougall
                                         Revd Colin Marsh*

Co-opted Members of Synod (2009)   Mr David Page
                                   Mrs Christine Hardwick
                                   Mr Peter Pay
                                   Mr Tony Brett
                                   Mr Graham Gage
                                   Mrs Ruth White
                                   Mrs Margaret Telfer
                                   Mr Terry Pearce
                                   Mr Peter Richardson
                                   Mrs Margaret Carrick Smith

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