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									                                                             Homecoming Student Steering Committee
                                                                  401 Bowen-Thompson Student Union
                                                                           Bowling Green, OH 43403
                                                                                  Phone 419.372.2343
                                                                                    Fax 419.372.0455
                                                                          Shane Lewis, Royalty Chair

                  Homecoming 2006 Royalty Selection Process

1. Students of senior status (those graduating in the Spring, Summer, or Fall of 2007) with a
    GPA of 2.5 or greater may be nominated by BGSU faculty and staff members through an
    online nomination form as of May 2006.
2. All nominations are to be submitted by August 25, 2006. No nominations will be
    accepted after 5 p.m. on this day.
3. All qualified nominees (those that meet the above criteria regarding graduation date and
    GPA) will be notified, and applications will be made available online on Wednesday,
    August 30, 2006.
4. Nominees must submit completed applications by September 8 at 3 p.m. to the Office of
    Campus Involvement (401 Bowen-Thompson Student Union) in order to be considered
    for the 2006 Homecoming Court.
5. A group of five graduate students in the College Student Personnel program will serve as
    the judging committee. Each will be given copies of the applications and screening
    rubrics. Applicants will be judged based on the quality of their answers to questions in
    the following categories: (1) campus and/or community involvement, (2) BGSU spirit,
    (3) reasoning as to why they should be considered for Homecoming Royalty, and (4)
    creativity and quality of their proposed service project required of the Homecoming King
    and Queen. The judging committee will total the scores for each applicant and return
    them to the Royalty Chair by September 15 at 3 p.m.
6. On September 18, the Royalty Chair will contact the 10 men and 10 women with the
    highest scores, as rated by the application judging committee, to schedule final
7. Each finalist will interview with three BGSU administrators of the opposite sex. The
    interview judges will each fill out an interview rubric rating the personality and creativity
    of the finalist’s responses. Upon completion of the interviews the judges will total each
    applicant’s scores and return them to the Royalty Chair.
8. The Royalty Chair will contact the top 10 finalists (5 men and 5 women), as rated by the
    judges, on September 29. These individuals will serve as the 2006 Homecoming Court.
9. The students of BGSU will vote online for the 2006 Homecoming King and Queen. Each
    student may vote for one male and one female from the Homecoming Court finalists. The
    Royalty Chair and the Royalty committee will not be permitted to vote.
10. Votes will be tallied and the 2006 Homecoming King and Queen will be announced at
    the Pep Rally on Friday, October 13.The total number of votes received by each
    candidate will be revealed only to the Advisor and Graduate Advisor of the Homecoming
    Student Steering Committee.
                                                          Homecoming Student Steering Committee
                                                               401 Bowen-Thompson Student Union
                                                                        Bowling Green, OH 43403
                                                                               Phone 419.372.2343
                                                                                 Fax 419.372.0455
                                                                       Shane Lewis, Royalty Chair

                               Homecoming 2006
                      Royalty Court Rules and Regulations

1. All Homecoming Court Candidates will be required to attend at least one Homecoming
   event each day of the Homecoming Week. These events will be determined upon the
   completion of the week’s itinerary, and are a chance for each candidate to receive equal
   amounts of exposure at Homecoming events. The court will be notified of mandatory
   events well in advance so as to alleviate potential scheduling conflicts.

2. All members of the Court will be required to wear sashes that read “BGSU Royalty
   2006” throughout Homecoming week. Sashes must not be worn:

       a. In the event that a candidate is speaking or presenting in any public setting other
          than those immediately associated with Homecoming. It is our intent that all
          candidates receive approximately the same amount of public exposure during
          Homecoming week therefore sashes shall not be worn in public forums outside of
          those afforded to all candidates.

       b. In any setting that may compromise the standards and values of Bowling Green
          State University and those of the university community. (Please use good
          judgment in the advertising of your candidacy.)

3. The winners of the Homecoming King and Queen election are required to complete and
   participate in a service project of their creation. Agreement to the completion of this
   service project is a stipulation to candidacy in the 2006 Homecoming Court race.

4. Remember, the Homecoming Court represents the student body here at BGSU.
   Candidates must carry themselves professionally and act in a manner that upholds the
   core values of the university.

                      Bowling Green State University Core Values:

                                 Respect for one another
                             Intellectual and spiritual growth
                                    Creative imaginings
                                  Pride in a job well done

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