Pre-Assessment Review by TlCG8IO4


									  Pre-Assessment Review
 For each question, read your initial answer and
  reflect on whether that answer is correct or
incorrect. Check your answers to make sure you
       now have the correct information.
            Questions 1-3
1.   Draw and label a diagram that shows the Sun, Earth, an
     object on the Earth (like a tree or pole) and the shadow
     that object would cast. Shadow should be pointing the
     opposite direction of the sun

2.   What causes shadows to change length and position
     during the day? As the sun appears to move higher and
     across the sky, the shadow changes. The shadow will
     always point the opposite direction of the sun; the higher
     the sun is, the shorter the shadow will be.

3.   At what time of day should a shadow be the shortest?
     The longest? Shortest at local noon; longest near sunrise
     and sunset.
           Questions 4-6
4.   What direction do shadows point in the
     morning? In the evening? Morning shadows
     point west, evening shadows point east

5.   What causes day and night to occur on Earth?
     Day and night are caused by the Earth’s

6.   What do you think is the reason for the Earth
     being divided into Time Zones? Times zones
     create common times in geographic areas to
     make things like travel and TV programming
     easier; they were originally created by the
     railroad companies.
           Questions 7-9
7.   Why do you think we have longer daylight hours in
     the summer than we do in the winter? Summer
     hours are longer because we are tilted towards the
     Sun and stay out of the “shadow” for a longer period
     of time

8.   Why are our temperatures warmer in the summer
     than in the winter? It is warmer in the summer
     because the sun is higher in the sky, therefore
     giving us more heat energy from the more direct-

9.   At what point during the year do you think the
     Earth is closest to the Sun? Furthest from the Sun?
     Closest in December, farthest in June
         Questions 10-11

10. What causes the seasons to occur on Earth?
    The tilt of the Earth causes the Sun to hit
    Earth at different angles. The higher the angle
    of the Sun, the warmer the surface
    temperatures will be. The revolution of Earth
    makes the seasons change.

11. What is the difference between rotation and
    revolution? Rotation is spinning on the axis and
    results in one day; revolution is going around the
    sun on our orbit and makes one year

• Write a paragraph on the back of
  your paper that describes how your
  thinking has changed over the past
  three weeks. What do you know and
  understand now that you didn’t

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