Yes, I am extremely proud of our Chapter Choice Program which seeks to turn our
weekly chapter meetings into a profitable and informative hour of our members. Topics
covered in our weekly meetings range from how to ace the interview to how to take
care of a friend suffering from body image issues. They are varied, and are often
influenced by the sort of information that our members request… for example, an
upcoming chapter choice will be on how to balance check books, get a loan, and pay
taxes… seemingly simple things that many college students have no idea how to handle.

Another idea of which we are very proud is our Majors and Minors Database. We
consolidated information on the majors, minors, and career interests of our girls in
order to provide our younger girls with a resource on who to contact with their
academic or professional questions. In addition, we asked our women to list classes,
professors, and internships they did (or in some cases, didn’t!) enjoy in order to help our
members make the most of their college experience.

We are also very proud of the fact that we invite member from campus organizations to
our chapters in order to teach our ladies more about their organization. For example,
around election time we had representatives from Young Democrats and College
Republicans come to chapter in order to explain the political stance of their respective
parties. In addition, we had members from Students for Student International gives us a
description of the child that we sponsor in Zanzibar. It was very interesting to learn
about the education system in Zanzibar, and it made us very proud that we are helping
to give a young girl a leg up in the education system.

Finally, through our involvement with Girl Scouts and the Dove Campaign, we support
the promotion of healthy body image and self esteem in young girls. We support the
Kappa Delta Stop Bullying Campaign (which will have its first annual “event day” this
May 1) and the Uniquely Me programs, both of which involve teaching the Girls Scouts
about what it means to be true to who you are. We feel that by teaching young girls
these values, it helps to better instill these values in ourselves.

We have a brick-selling campaign to raise money for our House Corporation. You can
purchase a brick engraved with your name, your pledge class year, etc. and the money
goes towards the maintenance and improvement of our house, It’s always been
successful for us, and a great way for our sisters to leave a part of themselves on the KD
sidewalk! We have also recently created a KD cookbook made up of recipes treasured by
our sisters, our house mother, and our chef Kristin. We hope to sell this to parents and
alumnae in particular.

We do not have a points program or other such means of formal incentive tracking. We
have implemented a new program called “Bonnie Bucks” though in order to ensure that
we maintain participation in campus and internal events. When members complete

designated tasks, they receive five “hypothetical” dollars which they can put towards
paying off chapter fines (non bill related issues.) Rewards such as small gifts for women
who receive 4.0’s and ten highest GPA’s (Smarty Pants) or candy for women who attend
all their classes (“Skippy basket”) are also given at chapter. In addition, we recognize the
women who are high achievers on campus with the “Sister of the Week” award at
chapter. In addition, chapter officers that have been working especially hard in one area
or another are often presented with a gift in chapter in recognition of their hard work.

We do not have a points program or other such means of formal incentive tracking. We
have implemented a new program called “Bonnie Bucks” though in order to ensure that
we maintain participation in campus and internal events. When members complete
designated tasks, they receive five “hypothetical” dollars which they can put towards
paying off chapter fines (non bill related issues.) Rewards such as small gifts for women
who receive 4.0’s and ten highest GPA’s (Smarty Pants) or candy for women who attend
all their classes (“Skippy basket”) are also given at chapter. In addition, we recognize the
women who are high achievers on campus with the “Sister of the Week” award at
chapter. In addition, chapter officers that have been working especially hard in one area
or another are often presented with a gift in chapter in recognition of their hard work.

Etiquette Workshop – The chapter met with a Senior Brother who is well versed in the
etiquette requirements of many situations. This workshop was specifically geared to
our younger members who we wish to prepare for the variety of situation they will
encounter in their 4 years at Carolina and in the world thereafter.

Internal Communications Workshop –Last fall, Brother William Slebos, a chapter
alumnus and councilor, again shared with us a communications workshop to help
brothers work on clear, concise idea sharing skills. He emphasized how to courteously
share information and ideas with Brothers, but his tips could be easily applied to
everyday communication.

Also, our prominent alumni, most of who are on the Alumni Board, attend chapter and
executive council meetings at least once a month to help with the handling of issues
within the chapter. There is not set agenda for these men, but their input is always
welcome and aids the smooth running of our chapter.

Our fraternity doles out many incentives and rewards. Both pledges and brothers can
receive monetary incentives and merit based recognition. Pledges who earn a 3.0 GPA
during their pledge semester receive a $250 scholarship. Our House Corporation
matches this $250 scholarship with a twin gift of $250. The pledge, who exhibited the

most leadership amongst his peers and gained the most knowledge of our chapter and
national fraternity, as voted by the brothers, also receives an award at our annual
alumni dinner.

We have numerous incentives and rewards for brothers, too. We award the brother
with the highest GPA, the most improved GPA, the senior brother who contributes the
most to the house, and the brother who contributes the most to the house with plaques
at our alumni dinner. All brothers who earn over a 3.2 will receive a 50 dollar incentive
while brothers who receive over a 3.5 will earn a 100 dollar incentive. Two brothers
earned the inaugural Strickland, Weaver, and Woodruff Scholarship in 2008: two
$10,000 scholarships in the memory of the three brothers who died in the tragic 1996
fire. Our chapter, with the help of our House Corporation, will continue award this
scholarship this year and in the future.

The pillars we hold dear to us are Service, Education, and Unity. By the end of the
period designated as Rush (recruitment), we usually have hosted events that display our
commitment to each of these three pillars. For example, we host social events such as
poker tournaments, pick-up basketball at Woollen, dodgeball, and cookouts to display
unity amongst us brothers as well as interact socially with potentially interested
individuals. We then host service events such as playing with after-school program kids
at Seawell Elementary and making brunch at the Ronald McDonald House. We promote
academics by having older brothers give advice about majors, study habits, and post-
undergrad education; we sometimes even host a mentorship dinner to serve as a source
of advice in a more formal setting.

Yes, The Vice President of Communications as well as our Historian maintain and
update the web page. The web page includes information of the history of our chapter,
our philanthropies, upcoming events, contact information for members of the
Executive Board, and a letter from the President. The website also displays pictures of
our house and members at both social and philanthropic events. The Vice President of
Communications also maintains a Blackboard website where members are able to sign-
up for T-shirts, functions, and meals through a linked Google Doc site

The Epsilon Chi chapter continually encourages members to strive for academic
excellence. This commitment to academic success is seen in our chapter having the
highest Panhellenic sorority GPA in the Fall 2008 semester. At formal Chapter meetings,
members are recognized for their academic excellence through rewarding “Smarty
Pants” gifts and recognition. Academic Banquets are also held once a semester and girls
are recognized for their outstanding semester GPA. This past banquet, girls with a GPA
of 3.0 or higher received a goody-bag full of candy, girls with a GPA of 3.5- 3.9 were
rewarded Target gift cards, and girls with 4.0 received $40 checks. For girls who are not

meeting our Chapter minimum GPA requirements, our VP Intellectual Development
utilizes an academic probation program which is a points program that encourages girls
to fully commit themselves to improving their academics. For example, points are
earned for such things as going to a teacher’s office hours, seeing a tutor, studying in
the library, and remaining in contact with the VP Intellectual Development on her
academic standings. We have a newly renovated study room in the basement of our
house where girls can comfortably and quietly study. Our resources chair also maintains
a book of class evaluation forms for members to refer to before registration. A “Majors
Dinner” is also held each semester in which girls with the same majors sit together at
dinner to discuss classes, professors, and give advice to younger girls in their majors.

Our chapter has maintained a listserv of all alumnae email addresses. Through this
listserv, our chapter contacts and informs alumnae regarding information such as our
philanthropic involvement, upcoming events, and also inviting them to our annual
alumnae brunch held during Homecoming weekend. The alumnae also receive a
monthly newsletter about the Chapter’s events through this listserv. Our Vice President
of Fraternity Relations acts as a liaison between our chapter and alumnae members and
chapters. She also acts as liaison between the chapter and parent’s of the chapter. She
continuously sends updates through the parent listserv and works with our Publications
Chair to publish a parent’s newsletter. This newsletter is a double-sided, colored
publication that includes pictures of chapter members, updates about our philanthropic
activities, our recent sisterhood activities, a letter from the President, and also the
contact information for all Executive Board Members. The chapter also hosts two
Parents’ Weekends a year. Parent’s Weekend includes brunch at our house, a football
or baseball game, and a cocktail in the evening.

We have several sisterhood events, which are non-alcoholic events that serve as strictly
bonding time between sisters. This year we have gone to movies, decorated cookies
together, and attended make-up events and fashion promotion events together. We
have also organized trips to the circus, in-house movie nights, and sushi outings. This
past winter our Chapter took a whole-house retreat to the Biltmore House in Asheville,
NC. Girls were able to take a tour of the house, attend a lunch date, and do some local
shopping. Last fall we also had a sisterhood event kayaking at Falls Lake in Raleigh. The
event was a great bonding experience and quite humorous. These programs are
extremely vital because they reinforce the bonds share without the influence of boys or
alcohol. It is also a way for sisters to be involved who are not able to attend mixers or
other social outings. These trips I believe are important to building new relationships
within the sorority and creating lasting memories together. Even a simple night
watching a movie with your sister can be turned into one of the most memorable nights
of your college experience.

Our chapter holds biannual Philanthropic and Academic Banquets at the beginning of
the Spring and Fall semesters. Rewards are distributed based on academic achievement
and hours committed to community service involvement. Weekly academic recognition

and incentive awards include our “Smarty Pants” program. An award is also distributed
to one member called the Academic and Altruistic Leader, or the girl who has it “AAL.”
This award is based on the member with a high GPA as well as the highest logged
community service hours. These awards are financed through the annual budget which
is given to the VP Intellectual Development and VP Philanthropy.

The “Living the Lyre” award is also an award used to recognize a member who has made
outstanding contributions within the community and within the organization itself.
Nominations for this award are collected from the all Chapter members as well as the
Executive Board. The award includes a certificate and usually a gift certificate to a local
restaurant or store.

We also have programs that award and recognize members for little acts of kindness
that often go unrecognized. For example, at all formal Chapter meetings, members
have the opportunity to submit a name of another member who deserves a carnation
for a random act of kindness. The acts of kindness are read out loud at chapter and the
recipient of the recognition receives a carnation. These random acts of kindness range
from giving a sister a ride to class when it was raining to finding a sister an date to our
last social function. This year we have also started writing thank-you cards while
listening to announcements during informal chapter meetings. These thank-you cards
are then put into girls’ mailboxes and serves as another simple way to take the time to
recognize and thank a deserving sister.

This year we have also implemented a “Family Feud” competition. This competition
unites families within the sorority. Families compete to earn points by attending other
house’s philanthropic Panhellenic “Points Events.” The family with the most points is
treated to a dinner out to a local restaurant by the sorority. This reward program
encourages involvement within the entire Greek System and also unifies the family
structures within the sorority.

Our new member educational programs were held every Tuesday night for first
semester and occasionally during our Chapter meetings on Wednesday evenings. Our
educational programs were driven to not only educate the sisters on ritual education
and heritage, but also were chances for the sisters to bond. Our educational program
has grown so much in the past three years by using unique and creative ways to teach
our sorority’s ritual. These meetings also serve as a bonding time for new members to
get to know each other better as well as the older sisters. Ritual is also reemphasized
and reviewed during chapter meetings throughout the year. Having this informational
reminder sessions help re-emphasize the importance of our ritual.

Our VP Fraternity Relations also places random Alpha Chi Omega related facts on the
tables at chapter meetings. This includes our colors, our founding date, names of our
founders, among many others. These fun, helpful handouts serve to remind members
of the history behind our sorority.

VP Risk Management also often places helpful handouts on Chapter tables. These
handouts include helpful tips on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle or informative facts
on health material. Subjects of these handouts have included “How to Manage Stress”
which was distributed out on table during exam time, “Healthy Late Night Snacking
Food,” and “Number of Calories Burned doing Everyday Things.” These handouts are
fun to read, but also often deliver useful information about how to maintain a healthy

The Vice President of Scholarship’s first priority is to encourage academic success and
provide adequate means to members to achieve success. Other duties include:

      Establishing and updating the Chapter’s Scholarship Program accordingly to the
       needs of the Chapter.
      Setting up and chairing the Scholarship Committee the Scholarship Review Board
       and the Judicial Review Board
      Enforcing the scholarship policies of the chapter.
      Aiding members who need help meeting chapter scholarship requirements by
       directing them to appropriate university services.
      To organize at least one study hall session a week at an appropriate location.
      To provide a weekly report at chapter meetings which includes academic
       deadlines, study tips, and recognition of members who have achieved academic
      Managing an effective Scholarship Incentive Program.
      Making sure the course evaluation and test banks are up to date.
      Constant communication with the Chapter Faculty Advisor.
      Compiling and organizing our note bank


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