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                                                                                    Revised 05/14/2004

First - Find the programming plug under the seat - The cable is a brown/white cable with a
reddish plug on it. Raise the rider’s seat and look under the passenger seat – It should be
visible. If not, it may be taped or tie-wrapped to some wires under the right frame rail. You will
need to connect this plug to the negative pole of the battery…so find or build a cable. I use one
from my Battery Tender. A wire with an alligator clip at each end would work too.

On the remote - The ridged (left) button is the "A" button. The smooth (right) button is the "B"

With the ignition turned off and the alarm armed (LED flashing)…

1 - Press the "A" button to deactivate the alarm.
2 - Within 12 seconds, ground the programming plug with your adaptor.
3 - Press the "A" button – One beep is heard
4 - Turn the ignition on within 12 seconds – DO NOT START THE BIKE!
    You will hear two sets of two beeps…welcome to programming mode!

5 - Remove the grounding cable…proceed to programming

There are 12 parameters to program using the "A" or "B" buttons. Only 5 are used by the
K1200LT – Parameters 6, 8, 9, 11 and 12. You program the parameters by pressing either the
"A" or "B" button until you have pressed 12 buttons. You will hear a tone after each selection.
When you get done setting the final parameter, you will hear those two sets of two beeps
again…turn off the ignition, programming is complete! The alarm will be armed automatically.
Press the “A” button to disarm the alarm before turning on the ignition.

Parameter       Function                         "A"             "B"

 1              Unused
 2              Unused
 3              Unused
 4              Unused
 5              Unused
 6              Panic Alarm                      ON              off
 7              Unused
 8              Tone Type                        Beep            steady
 9              Beeper Tone                      ON              off
10              Unused
11              Automatic Alarm Activation       on              OFF
12              Automatic Immobilizer            on              OFF

The parameters in BOLD type are how I have mine set. In other words, once in programming
mode I just press “A” 10 times, and “B” two times…and I’m done.

NOTE - If Automatic Alarm Activation is set to “ON”, then Automatic Immobilizer MUST also be set to “ON”.

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