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									                           Fairs & Exhibitions

        Official U.S. Exhibitor Shipping

                            Amsterdam, The Netherlands
                              January 26 – 28, 2005

          Cutoff Dates at our Consolidation Warehouses
    Los Angeles, CA                    Chicago, IL                    New York, NY
Ocean: Mon, Dec 13 ‘04           Ocean: Wed, Dec 22 ‘04           Ocean: Mon, Dec 27 ‘04
  Air: Wed, Jan 12 ‘05             Air: Wed, Jan 12 ‘05             Air: Wed, Jan 12 ‘05

SPECIAL NOTE:                 Any coniferous wood must be treated for shipments to Europe.
Effective October 01, 2001, European countries require that all Non-Manufactured Wood Packing
Material NMWP be treated for the “pinewood nematode”.
Particular attention is made to coniferous packing materials.
Details can be found on the following U.S.D.A. Web site:


                                       October 13, 2004
                                   TABLE OF CONTENTS

    UniGroup Worldwide UTS Fairs & Exhibitions........................................ Page 2

    U.S. Consolidation Centers & Cutoff Dates.................….....................…   Page 2

    Rate Request Fax…………..…………………………….………………. Page 3

    Exhibit Shipping Check-off Sheet...............……………..…………...….. Page 4

    Required Documentation for Shipping…………………………………..                                  Page 5

    Example of Commercial Invoice / Packing List Forms .…….………....                      Page 6

    Shipper's Letter of Instruction Form, SLI ………………………………                              Page 7

    Shipping Label……………………….……………………………..……                                             Page 8

    Recommended Packing Instructions…....…..……………………………                                 Page 9

    Payment Terms, Insurance, Licenses, Shipping Foreign Goods.........…..              Page 10

    Commercial Invoice / Packing List Forms……….........……                   (see EXCEL Spreadsheets)


The USA organizer for Integrated Systems Europe 2005, ICIA, has appointed UniGroup Worldwide UTS
Fairs & Exhibitions as their Official U.S. Freight Forwarder and handling agent for U.S. exhibitors. They
have asked us to contact each exhibitor to offer our complete exhibit forwarding services. We will be
working with our on site partner in Amsterdam who is authorized to provide on site freight and customs
services. Together, we provide US shipment consolidations to Amsterdam, clearance and necessary on
site exhibition logistic services. Our collaboration provides you, we believe, the best possible exhibition
logistics services.

The instructions in this kit have been prepared for you to outline our services and general documentation
and procedural requirements. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us immediately.

     New Jersey Office:
      UniGroup Worldwide UTS           Fairs & Exhibitions              Tel: 732-308-0029
      3587 Highway 9, #323                                              Fax: 732-308-0094
      Freehold, NJ 07728                                          Toll Free: 866-329-9556

         John Harrison:           Manager Int’l Exhibitions:      email:
        Leann Harrison:        Int’l & U.S. Client Relations:     email:

If you are sending your shipment to our Consolidation Center it must arrive not later than the dates below.
All freight shipped to the consolidation centers must be prepaid. Fax the UniGroup UTS Pre-Alert Form
as soon as you have shipping details, prior to arrival at the consolidation center.

NOTE: If you are having UniGroup UTS pickup your shipment, we may need to pickup one or
more days prior to the below dates to cover transit time from your facility to ours. Please contact
us for your specific pickup date.

         Los Angeles, CA                         Chicago, IL                           New York, NY
UniGroup UTS c/o Speedway Freight     UniGroup UTS c/o J.D. Logistics       UniGroup UTS c/o D & I Cargo
For: Integrated Systems Europe 2005   For: Integrated Systems Europe 2005   For: Integrated Systems Europe 2005
500-A North Nash St.                  2100 Estes Avenue                     335 High Street
El Segundo, CA 90245                  Elk Grove Village, IL 60007           Metuchen, NJ 08840
 Tel: 310-414-9689 Attn: Mike         Tel: 847-640-0500 Attn: Chuck         Tel: 732-494-9177 Attn: Pedro or Joann

    OCEAN:     Mon, Dec 13, ‘04           OCEAN:     Wed, Dec 22, ‘04          OCEAN:     Mon, Dec 27, ‘04
       AIR:    Wed, Jan 12, ‘05              AIR:    Wed, Jan 12, ‘05             AIR:    Wed, Jan 12, ‘05

“R A T E             R E Q U E S T”               Fax To:       UniGroup UTS 732-308-0094
UniGroup Worldwide UTS Trade Fair service department can arrange complete exhibit transportation
services to the Integrated Systems Europe 2005 show, including:
          pickup from your facility
          transportation to the U.S. consolidation center
          ocean and air transportation to Amsterdam
          temporary customs clearance in The Netherlands
          UniGroup UTS representatives will be on site to supervise the move-in, assist you during the
           show, and supervise the move-out of your exhibit.
          delivery to your booth
          storage of empty crates
          and return back to your facility in the U.S.A.
We would like to provide you with a customized quote to fit your needs and shipment size. Please
complete the following and fax it to our sales office. Or call us at: 732-308-0029 or 866-329-9556
    Note: An Excel spreadsheet can be provided if you prefer via email.
Company:                                      Your Name:                        Tel:
Pickup City:                             State:               ZIP:              Fax
                                                    Any special pickup
Do you have a Loading Dock? (Yes)(No)
Rate for:      Ocean ( )          Air ( )
     Will shipment return: (Yes) (No)       via: Ocean   ()       Air ( )
Ship to another show ? Show Name                                City:               Dates:
Total Value USD$                                Any Hazardous Items: (Yes)   (No)

 Nbr          L        W        H       Gross     Returning
of Pcs      Inches   Inches   Inches     Lbs      Yes / No


Please use this as a guide for shipping your exhibit materials.

    1. ( ) Read this Exhibitor Shipping Kit

    2. ( ) Acquired information for rate request. (see page 3) via fax or email spreadsheet

    3. ( ) Prepared / Packaged exhibit for shipping. Make sure packing meets all requirements.

    4. ( ) Checked to make sure not over dimensional (see page 9, special notes)

    5. ( ) Checked for hazardous items. (see page 9)

    6. ( ) Proper markings on each box. (see label on page 8)

    7. ( ) Checked dates and arranged for transport to U.S. Consolidation Center. (see page 2)

    8. ( ) Prepared Commercial Invoice / Packing List for: (see EXCEL spreadsheet)
           ( ) Temporary Import - Exhibit Goods
           ( ) Permanent Import Goods

    9. ( ) Completed UniGroup UTS Shipper's Letter of Instruction, SLI. (see page 7)

    10. ( ) FAX the Invoices & SLI to UniGroup UTS in Fort Wayne. FAX: 260-492-6007

    11. ( ) E-Mail the Commercial Invoice / Packing List to:

Thank you for choosing UniGroup UTS as your freight forwarder. We appreciate your business and
commit ourselves to providing you with the high quality transportation service your exhibit requires. We
hope your exhibiting experience is a pleasant and profitable one. We are looking forward to meeting you
at the show.


NOTE: There are separate invoices for “Temporary” .vs. “Permanent”
Exhibitor must FAX an email a copy to UniGroup UTS.

        Email: 1)
                 Fax: 260-492-6007

Please complete, sign and return the SLI to us via fax prior to pickup.
UniGroup UTS will not be able to pickup or forward your shipment without the completed SLI form.

        Fax: 260-492-6007


Helpful Information concerning the Commercial Invoice / Packing List
Both a Temporary and Permanent form are provided, along with a generic example.
        See EXCEL Spreadsheet

Special Note: You "MUST" make a separate Commercial Invoice for Temporary .vs. Permanent items.

        Temporary: Product, graphics, stand materials, etc, and samples you plan to return to USA.

        Permanent: Literature, product samples, promotional give-a-way items, etc, that you will be
                       giving away. Even if you do not think “all” will be given away
                       Duties and taxes may be applicable for these items.

Consumable items must not be packed in the same crates with exhibit goods.

Please use the combination "Commercial Invoice / Packing List" provided by UniGroup UTS.
It contains the required information in the format that works best for Customs clearance.

The Commercial Invoice / Packing Lists are required for customs clearance purposes. They must be type written in English.
Each item on the commercial invoice "MUST" have a value for customs purposes.
The description on the invoice should include model numbers and serial numbers, and country of origin if not made in the
USA. Please use non-technical language when describing your goods so Customs will have a better understanding of the

Please include the Harmonization number along with the description.
…………You can “Search” for Schedule B Numbers at the U.S. Census Bureau WEB site at:

Please type all invoices.
We can E-Mail both Invoice forms to you in a Microsoft “Excel” format that has several
calculation features.

              Commercial Invoice / Packing List
    Examples:   using provided Microsoft Excel Spread Sheet

      Temporary Import Invoice “Microsoft Excel” Spread Sheet

      Permanent Import Invoice “Microsoft Excel” Spread Sheet

                                                                Fairs & Exhibitions
       One Worldwide Drive       Tel: 866-329-9600
       St. Louis, MO 63026       Fax: 260-492-6007

Shipper’s Letter of Instructions                                            (SLI)         International Trade Fairs
These instructions are supplied by the Shipper, or their designated representative for movement of exhibition freight, to/from
trade shows. Shipper has all rights of title to the goods being shipped. Representative has full written authority to act in behalf
of the shipper. We hereby authorize UniGroup Worldwide UTS and their authorized representatives to perform freight
forwarding services and guarantees payment for all services rendered. Subject to standard forwarding terms and conditions,
copy available upon request.

          Shipper Name / Address:                          Pickup Address / Contact / Tel#:                  Do you have a
                                                                                                             Loading Dock ?

                     Bill To:
                                                            Request Delivery Date/Time:

                                                               Your On-Site Rep Name(s):
                                                              Contact Tel Nbrs for them:
                                        Integrated Systems
                                                                                                      January 26-28, 2005
               Show Name:               Europe 2005                              Show Dates:
          City / Country:
                Hall Nbr:                                                      Total Pieces:
               Stand Nbr:                                                   Total Gross Lbs:
                   Value:                                                  Total Cubic Feet:
    Federal Tax I.D. Nbr:

    Please arrange for/perform the following services: Mark with an “X”
                    EXPORT                           RETURN
           Pickup from our location above:                                                    Not Returning:
                Require truck with liftgate:
                                 Send via:            Ocean                Pickup from Stand and return via:        Ocean
                                                      Air                                                           Air
     Customs clearance & deliver to Stand:
             Empty Storage during show:                                       Clear US Customs and deliver:
                                                                                               See address below
      Provide transport insurance coverage:
           UniGroup UTS will only provide insurance if Requested here.       Deliver no later than:
           *** You must notify UniGroup UTS immediately of any damage.

    Any Special Handling Requirements?

    Return to address:

    Signature authorizes UniGroup Worldwide to complete the Shipper’s Export Declaration for the shipper.

     Signature:                                                          Date:

                                                                  Shipping Label “to” the show

EXHIBIT                                    MATERIAL
                                                              SHIP TO UniGroup
                U.S. SHIPPER:                                Consol Center ( If Applicable)

DELIVER TO: Integrated Systems Europe 2005
                                  For Exhibitor:
                           Amsterdam RAI
                           Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Hall Nbr:         Stand Nbr:                                      Booth Nbr:
                                                                  Please check one:
                                                         Temporary Goods: ( )
     Piece:        of                         Permanent (give-a-way) Goods: ( )

  Dims: L-                  x W-                            x H-                         Inches
                   Weight of
Cubic Feet:        This Piece                                                        Lbs
THIS SIDE UP HANDLE WITH CARE                                                   KEEP DRY
                        UniGroup Worldwide UTS,
                        Fairs & Exhibitions                                       INTERNATIONAL
                        6633 East State Blvd, Ste: 100A                           LOGISTICS
                        Fort Wayne, IN 46815                                      ASSOCIATES
                        Tel: 260-492-6000     Fax: 260-492-6007

SPECIAL NOTE:            Any coniferous wood must be treated for shipments to Europe.
Effective October 01, 2001, European countries require that all Non-Manufactured Wood Packing Material NMWP be treated
for the “pinewood nematode”. Particular attention is made to coniferous packing materials.
Details can be found on the following U.S.D.A. Web site:

Packing must be sufficient for multiple handling, opening and closing. It must be reusable for the round trip to avoid
additional costs if new packaging is require before the return.

DO NOT pack consumable / give away items in the same crate with your exhibit goods. They will be handled differently with
customs: For permanent import, duty and tax may be applicable. Packing these items together with the exhibit items may
cause delays in customs clearance and additional costs to you.

OCEAN:       All freight will be consolidated into steamship containers for the ocean voyage.

    SPECIAL NOTE: Call for special instructions if your freight is greater than LxWxH 100"x 88"x87"

AIR:     All freight will be consolidated.

    SPECIAL NOTE: Call for special instructions if your freight is greater than LxWxH 100"x70"x60"

Transportation of Hazardous goods via truck, ocean, air and at the exhibit hall are strictly regulated. Special packaging,
documentation and transportation arrangements must be made for hazardous goods. Hazardous shipments will not be
consolidated with other freight. We suggest these items be removed, packed separately and shipped separately. It is the
exhibitor's responsibility to provide UniGroup UTS with the proper documentation and packaging. If you require assistance,
please ask.
Common items that are considered hazardous include but are not limited to: Aerosols, paints, cleaning solvents, oil and gas,
gasses / air and liquids under pressure, compressed gasses, a refrigerator (compressed gas in the compressor) matches/lighters,
magnetized and radioactive items.

LABELING INSTRUCTIONS                                     “See Attached Label”
Please use the attached Label on each package. Especially if you palletize the freight so individual pieces can be identified in
the warehouse, with Customs and on site.

Upon obtaining proper credit approval, UniGroup UTS will advance all transportation charges that are incurred throughout the
movement of each exhibitor's shipment. UniGroup UTS will invoice the party responsible for payment indicated on the SLI.

Payment terms are net thirty (30) days.

The limit of liability for loss or damage shipped under UniGroup UTS' supervision is limited to the minimum carrier liability of
trucking, ocean and air carriers or service contractors. No insurance is included or automatically provided without prior written
instructions from the exhibitor. UniGroup UTS will provide transport insurance coverage only when requested on the
UniGroup UTS Shipper's Letter of Instruction (SLI). Insurance coverage is provided for C.I.F. value plus 10 percent, based on
the value declared on the commercial invoice. It does not cover business interruption or loss of business coverage should the
exhibit not arrive at the show or in an un-presentable condition. A copy of this insurance certificate and their restrictions is
available upon request for your review. Upon discovering damage, the exhibitor must make a written exception on the
delivery receipt and retain a copy. Notification of all claims to UniGroup UTS must be made within five days. All
transportation and handling charges must be paid in full prior to UniGroup UTS acceptance of a formal claim. We strongly
suggest that an insurance provided by an insurance company. Pursuit of claims against individual carriers is difficult and/or
impossible if concealed damage occurs.

U.S. EXPORT LICENSES Department of Commerce and/or Department of State
It is the exhibitor's responsibility to determine if a validated Department of Commerce or Department of State Department
export license is required for their goods or a non-validated NLR license applies. It may take 60 - 90 days to apply and receive
a Validated D.O.C. or State license. Your goods may only require a NLR non-validated license, or a validated export license.
It is a federal offense to export licensable materials without a validated export license. For more information concerning
export licenses, please call your local U.S. Department of Commerce District Office, or the Bureau of Export Administration in
Washington, DC, at 202-482-4811. To see if you require a Department of State license call 703-875-6644. Please list
UniGroup Worldwide UTS as the consignee in item 29 of the application.

If you are shipping "any" goods made in a foreign country, UniGroup UTS will register them with U.S. Customs prior to
export, in order to avoid paying U.S. Customs duties when your exhibit returns after the show. If you have foreign made
goods in your shipment, please alert UniGroup UTS at (260-492-6000) prior to arrival at the consolidation center. You must
prepare a separate commercial invoice for these items, indicating the country of manufacture.


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