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									                                  BRENDAN WATSON
                                        11 Festive Pvt.
                                    Ottawa, ON K2C 4A1
                                       (613) 330 - 7805

     To develop interactive media that pushes the boundaries of design and technology and to constantly
     further my knowledge and abilities in interactive software development.

Summary of Skills

       Skilled programmer, specifically game play, graphics and tools programming.
       Strong Leadership and interpersonal skills.
       Work well as an individual and am self-motivated.
       Lots of experience working closely with art teams for the creation of various game development
        tools and graphics shaders.
       Skilled at working in large development teams using Agile development methods.
       Acquired experience working on small-scale games as an independent developer.
       Proficient in the 3D asset creation pipeline, including modeling, texturing, unwrapping, rigging,
        and animating.
       Experience with both level design as well as content creation for levels/scenes.


       Strong knowledge of a variety of programming languages such as C/C++, Objective-C, C#, Java,
        HLSL and GLSL.
       Experience with established game engine technologies such as the Unreal Editor and Unity3D.
       Well versed in a number of graphic’s APIs such as DirectX, OpenGL and GDI, both the fixed
        function and the programmable pipeline.
       Knowledge of web related languages and scripts such as PHP, XHTML, CSS,
        Flash/ActionScript, and LUA.
       Experience working with Xbox 360 using the XNA framework, as well as mobile platforms such
        as the iPhone and Blackberry SDK, Xcode/Cocoa/MVC.


     Advanced Diploma in Video Game Development (With Honours), September 2007 - April 2010
                 Algonquin College, Ottawa, ON

     Attended Computer Programming Course, September 2002 – April 2004
                 Algonquin College, Ottawa, ON
Employment Experience

       2010–Present – FooBit Games - Ottawa, ON
              Designing and developing independent games for various digital distribution platforms
         such as iPhone, Xbox Indie Arcade, and Blackberry.
              Designed, developed, and published the mobile game 'Frantic Picnic' for the Blackberry
         Playbook using Flash/AS3/Adobe AIR.
              Researched and worked extensively with the Unity3D development environment for a
         number of projects and prototypes. Created and modified a large number of custom scripts for
         various applications such as GUI and menuing systems, gameplay mechanics/features,
         input/animation controllers, AI systems, as well as custom shaders for graphic effects. (C#,
         Javascript, ShaderLab)
              Designed and created a 3D bone/skeletal animation system for use with iPhone and
         Andriod devices that implemented and supported both OpenGL ES 1.1 and 2.0. Written using
         C++ and GLSL it integrated the open source Cal3D animation library for use with a client's multi-
         platform porting API to allow the easy and optimized loading, management, animation, and
         rendering of multiple skeletal/bone animation models for use on a variety of mobile and desktop
              Prototyped 2D game concepts for the iPhone using the Corona SDK and LUA script, as
         well as through the use of Objective-C/Xcode.
              Created a complete 2D level editor tool for rapid development of levels and content for a
         variety of uses. Working closely with the art/content creators I designed and created the tool to
         meet their needs and specifications. Written using C++, HLSL, DirectX, and SDL, the editor
         allows the user to create large free form 2D parallax levels by placing and manipulating loaded
         graphic/texture sets. The editor features a plethora of graphic manipulation options, highly
         customizable particle systems, a key frame based linear interpolation movement system for basic
         environment animation/movements, a spline based pathing system, and Oriented Bounding Box
         based collision systems. Levels created by the editor are saved and loaded in XML format.
              Designed and developed an as yet unreleased arcade game for the Xbox 360 Indie Arcade,
         titled 'Colomotron'. I wrote this game using C#, HLSL, and XML using the XNA and XEN

       2005–2007 – Nesel Fast Freight - Summerstown, ON
       Warehouse Worker
            Compiled shipment orders and loaded/unloaded shipment trailers.
            Worked in a team setting to fulfill large shipment orders quickly and on time.

       2004–2005 – Tim Hortons – Maxville, ON
             Supervised up to five employees at a time.
             Designated tasks and ensured smooth operation of the facilities.

       2003 – Embrun Golf Club – Embrun, ON
        Grounds Keeper
             Solely responsible for the maintenance and care of an entire golf course.
             Worked independently and without supervision, managing my own schedule and duties.

In my free time I enjoy creating small games and prototypes of ideas I have. I play a number of instruments
such as guitar, banjo, harmonica and the drums. I am also an avid badminton player.

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