October 21, 2002
                    At 415 Yonge Street, Suite 1604 “Nurse Practioners Programme”
                       Office of Ryerson University courtesy of George Hammond.

In attendance:
 Jim Finch                                              Sophie Skaith (Teleconference)
 Dave Waterfield                                        George Hammond (PEO Liaison and Host)
 Dave Collard (Teleconference)                          Rick Penton (Societal Transition Chair)
 Brent Rogers                                                            (Teleconference)
 Hans Schoebach                                         Linda Johnstone (Volunteer- Recording
 Eric Brown (PEO Liaison)                                    Secretary)
                                                         Tatiana Andronache (Guest)
 Eric Moss                                              Bob Fabian (Toronto Section Liaison)
 Brian Helstrom                                         Alice Cheung
 Mike Keller

Call to Order – Jim Finch called the meeting to order at 5:35 p.m. Jim welcomed guests Rick Penton
(teleconference), George Hammond, Eric Brown and Tatiana Andronache to the meeting with special
thanks to George for providing the meeting room.

Opening Remarks – Jim Finch
Jim asked all directors to include their objectives for the year in their reports. Once the objectives are
known, we can continue with the planning initiative begun in August.
Jim deferred his other opening remarks until after the reports concerning “CIPS National Issues” had been

Agenda Approval - The agenda was approved as distributed with a minor change to the item order to
accommodate visitors’ schedules.

Secretary’s Report - The minutes of the previous meeting on September 19, 2002 were unanimously
approved as distributed. Moved by Dave Waterfield and seconded by Brent Rogers.

2002-03 Board Organization – Jim Finch
   Openings – There are three openings on the Board and no-one identified as candidates for the
   important offices of Vice President and of Secretary. Jim received no response again to his request
   for Board Members interested in these offices.
   In the meantime, and as reported at the last meeting, Jim has requested Dave Waterfield to act as
   Secretary in the interim and Dave Collard to act as a member of the Executive Committee in the
   absence of a Vice President.
   Tatiana Andronache is attending this meeting as a guest. Jim has asked her to consider joining the
   Jonathon Ward I.S.P. has expressed an interest in joining the Board. He is a member of the British
   Computer Society and is active with BCS work in Canada. Unfortunately Jonathan did not have
   enough notice to attend today, but he probably will attend the November meeting.

CIPS National Issues:
   Societal Transition Committee - Rick Penton

CIPS Ontario Minutes 2002-10-21.doc                                                   Page 1 of 6
    Rick issued a communiqué after the CIPS National Board and Committee meetings held during the
    weekend of October 19/20. He has circulated it to the Board and will distribute it to all CIPS sections
    tomorrow. CIPS Ontario is well represented on the committee, and 40 to 50 attendees attended the
    meetings. There is a need for greater liaison with all Provincial Boards for both input and approval.
    This is a challenge as the leaders tend to change every year. Goal is to get the target and the
    change process approved in May 2003

    Highlights of the communiqué:
     CIPS reaffirms its commitment to ALL members. The next phase of the strategic planning
        process will look at new ways to deliver value to certified and non-certified members.
     CIPS will remain open to anyone willing to commit to ethical practice as defined by the CIPS
        Code of Ethics.
     The committee is likely to recommend to the provincial bodies that they strengthen and increase
        the visibility of the current value elements of the I.S.P., such as conformance to the code of ethics
        and commitment to ongoing education.
     The committee also is likely to recommend that CIPS develop a common body of knowledge,
        broaden the criteria to be more reflective of current industry professional practices and provide for
        alternate paths to certification. A more formalized Common Body of Knowledge (CBOK) is
        needed – material is available from a number of sources.

    The following issues emerged during a question and answer period:
     Recommendations might require change to provincial legislation (e.g. Senior ISP and Associate
       designations). This could be a very lengthy process. Rick confirmed the need to continue with
       the process, make strategic decisions for a vision implementable within seven years, detail
       constraints, determine tactical steps, and formulate a master plan.
     The value proposition is not yet defined though elements have been discussed. More visibility
       with better implementation/packaging, strengthened recertification and Code of Ethics.
     Recommendations are planned to be presented at the next CIPS National Board meeting in
       Charlottetown in the summer of 2003. There may be an interim meeting in Edmonton in
       February. The committee will make broad recommendations and other existing committees will
       recommend implementation details. e.g. the ISP Criteria Review Committee might be involved in
       recommending CBOK contents, specialist streams and prior learning assessment.
     Increased promotion will be considered after addressing the fundamental values. Participation
       from the industry is needed, maybe an advisory board similar to Eric Moss’s committee which has
       met with the Societal Transition Committee.
     Sponsorship money (CIPS and industry) will be needed to subsidize meetings whether adjuncts
       to Board meetings or Constitutional meetings. CIPS Toronto have contributed $22,000 towards
       the market survey and Charlottetown is considering matching that on a per capita basis.

    Certification Council – Dave Waterfield
    Brian Helstrum circulated two papers before they were presented to, and approved by, the
    Certification Council. A number of ideas were generated for compiling a CBOK including adopting
    existing CBOK contents from other jurisdictions. The Prior Learning Assessment review may entail
    considerable funds to both formulate and implement.

    CIO Liaison - Eric Moss could not attend the meeting.

    ISP Criteria Review Committee – Brian Helstrom is on vacation.

Directors’ Reports
    Deferred Opening Remarks – Jim Finch
    Jim proposed four initiatives for this year:
    1. Communication to the Ontario ISPs – hopefully two - one before Christmas and one after. Brent
        Rogers, Membership, should lead this initiative. Brent to consider what and how to distribute to all
        Ontario ISPs and report asap especially re. the first communication.

    2. Communication to the IT community – employers of the Ontario ISPs and other senior
       executives. A distribution list will have to be built of IT and HR executives in Ontario, starting
       possibly by asking the ISPs for the names and address of the appropriate executives at their
       place of employment. Sections can be asked for names of other senior executives in their
       respective cities and surrounding areas.
CIPS Ontario Minutes 2002-10-21.doc                                                       Page 2 of 6
       Last year National composed a letter for ISPs to deliver to their employers.
       ACTION: Dave Collard will investigate the results and head the community initiative with Jim’s
   3. Publish a CIPS Ontario annual (or 5 anniversary) report for marketing and promotional purposes
      and which might be sent to the Provincial Government for their information. CIPS Alberta has
      such a report on their web site. It includes a description of activities (disciplinary actions, if any),
      statistics and financial status.

       This project will require input from all Board Members. It will be lead by Dave Collard and driven
       by the Executive Committee.

   4. Set a date for the AGM (likely in January 2003) and include a feature to draw members such as a
      panel on Societal Transition. Note that the original concept of combining the AGM with a National
      or Toronto meeting did not materialize.

   When reporting individual objectives for this year, Jim asked that these four initiatives be taken in to

   Treasurer – Dave Waterfield
   Dave reported that two of his objectives are to provide:
   1. A budget for the year in place by the end of the year
   2. Quarterly financial statements
   Dave reported a balance of approximately $25,000 with some outstanding CIPS National invoices to
   be paid.
   Dave noted that despite requests to the contrary, CIPS National has added $10 to the CIPS Ontario
   fee. Other provincial societies had also objected to the fee being collected at this time. The fee is to
   build a reserve for potential discipline cases and we had indicated that CIPS Ontario would provide
   this amount for new and renewing members rather than charge members more at this time.
   ACTION: Dave to find out this week when and how National began collecting the extra fee.

   Marketing – ISP Trend Numbers – Dave Collard
   Dave’s objectives are:
    1. To support the efforts to raise the profile of the ISP,
    2. Hold an ISP round table discussion in conjunction with an advisory board to be set up.
    3. Create an Annual Report and distribute it.
   Ontario ISP numbers are relatively static though we are losing members at the same time as gaining
   them. Brent Rogers will obtain the numbers from CIPS National and distribute them. Sponsorship of
   the annual report could possibly come from Eric Moss’s advisory committee. Dave will contact
   Ottawa member Tom Hope who is raising the profile of CIPS with the Federal Government with
   regard to joining the CIPS Ontario Board as Vice President.
   He could also ‘shadow’ Greg Lane.

   Jim is confident that we can continue to publish articles in IT Ontario. His next article, due soon, will
   cover the new board and their objectives, plus highlights of the CIPS National meetings. He will
   distribute the draft article to the board this week before submitting it. Submissions by other Board
   Members are equally welcome.

   Membership – Brent Rogers
   Brent’s objectives are:
   1. Set up a distribution list for Ontario ISPs
   2. Identify ‘touch points’ for sending out e-cards
   3. Identify messages to send out to ISPs and individuals of substance.
   Brent has requested Alex Fayle to provide the Ontario membership data to him in an Access
   database. He needs to get some control on e-mail address updates. We need to ensure that we
   focus on communicating and do not duplicate National or Section initiatives. Brent will form a
   membership committee – Hans Shoebach has volunteered to assist, and Sophie Skaith too as her
   limited time permits.

   Ethics, Conduct      - Brian Helstrom could not attend the meeting.
CIPS Ontario Minutes 2002-10-21.doc                                                      Page 3 of 6
    Webmaster – Mike Keller could not attend the meeting.
    Jim Finch expressed concern that our web site is seriously out of date. He suggested looking at
    BC’s and Alberta’s web sites for inspiration. He will be meeting with Mike Keller and Sophie Skaith
    on Thursday October 24 when he will be at the University of Western Ontario. (Irene Sobolewski,
    RBC VP, is making the ISP presentation to students in Computer Science and two accreditation
    plaques will be presented – one by Jim Gerhart, VP London Section and one by Jim - to the
    Computer Science Department.)

    By-Laws (AGM) – Alice Cheung did not attend the meeting.
    (Objective: focus on correcting outstanding omissions / errors in Statutes & Bylaws)

    At-Large – Hans Schoebach
    Too soon for objectives. Hans will assist with the membership committee, however his availability to
    the end of the year is very limited.

    At-Large – Sophie Skaith left the meeting at 7:20 p.m.
    (Objectives not required)

Other Business/Special Projects

    PEO Update – Eric Brown
    Eric Brown gave an update on discussions with PEO regarding possible licensing of some areas of
    software practice. There were three major points:
    1 - We did not deal with the use of the term "engineer" or "engineering" as applied in the IT sector for
    job titles, certifications, courses or education programs. CCPE and the provincial engineering
    organizations are actively working to protect use of these terms in Canada. Our expectation is that
    this issue will be settled in the courts.

     2 - The representatives from the PEO have stated that PEO is not seeking to restrict the right to
    software practice to those only with a P. Eng. designation. Similarly PEO is not insisting that anyone
    who engages in software practice must have a formal engineering education (such
    as thermodynamics)

    3 - The representatives from the PEO along with the participating CIPS members believe that some
    areas of software practice should be licensed. As a group (CIPS & PEO), we are in the process of
    developing this concept:
       define the areas which need be licensed
       define the competency in these practice areas
       investigate alternative regulatory mechanisms for these practice areas

    AGM Planning -
      ACTION: Jim Finch, Dave Waterfield and Linda Johnstone to determine a feasible date for the

Outstanding Actions – attached for reference only
New Business - None

Future Meeting Date(s)
Wednesday November 20 - Location: 415 Yonge Street, Suite 1604 at 5:30 p.m.
Wednesday December 11 – Tentative date for teleconference re. key outstanding action items only.

Closing Remarks
Jim thanked Tatiana for her attendance and expressed the hope that she will join the Board. Tatiana
replied with thanks, but expressed reservations in light of personal priorities. She will consider further and
let us know.

Adjournment 8:20 p.m.

CIPS Ontario Minutes 2002-10-21.doc                                                       Page 4 of 6

Date        Description                                Owner            Date due      Status
19 Jan 02   Provide treasurer with budget needs        ALL              Sep 02 mtg    OPEN
19 Jan 02   Legal – (AGM Quorum, proxy votes,          A. Cheung        ASAP          OPEN
            electronic voting etc. ) Bylaws            Bylaws Cttee
16 Feb 02   Determine storage procedure for all        J Finch,         ASAP          Files received
            CIPSON minutes                             P Northrop,                    from PN
                                                       (L Johnstone)
16 Feb 02   Determine method of communicating          J Finch,         ASAP          CLOSED
            with ISPs and soliciting responses         D Collard                      See Initiative #1
16 Feb 02   Draw up a preliminary budget for           D Waterfield,    31 Dec 02     OPEN
            2002/03                                    J Finch
23 Mar 02   Check descriptions of board positions      ALL              ???           OPEN
            posted on the Alberta web site re
            having position descriptions for Ontario
            board members.
23 Mar 02   Meet with S Skaith re website              M Keller         18 Apr 02     CLOSED
23 Mar 02   Meet with J Thomas re by-laws              B Helstrom       18 Apr 02     OPEN
23 Mar 02   Check with National re committee and       A Cheung         18 Apr 02     OPEN
            sub-committee composition                                                 LET’S JUST
                                                                                      CLOSE THIS
28 May 02   Monthly send out an updated ISP            B Rogers         On-going      On-going
            numbers trend chart.
28 May 02   Send an ISP exit interview script to       D Collard        25 Jun 02     OPEN
28 May 02   fax a copy of the ISP Professionalism      D Collard        29 May 02     OPEN
            brochure to Brian Helstrom
13 Aug 02   Identify and contact potential board       E. Moss          ASAP          On-going
            members                                    ALL
10 Sep 02   Prepare minutes for last AGM               J Finch - PN                   OPEN
19 Sep 02   Purchase website dev. Program              M. Keller        ASAP          Discuss with Brent
19 Sep 02   Distribute (again) and respond to          B. Helmstrom     Sep 30        OPEN
            discussion papers on CBOK
19 Sep 02   Prepare Minutes and distribute “draft”     J. Finch         ASAP          CLOSED
            copies to BD Members and attendees         (L. Johnstone)
            only and “final” copies to full List
19 Sep 02   Recommendation re. promotion of            D. Waterfield    DW to co-     ??
            Non-Vendor certifications to CIPS          H. Schoebach     ordinate
            Members                                    E. Brown
19 Sep 02   Feedback to Rick Penton immediately        ALL              30 Sep 02     CLOSED
            – not at the Board Meeting.
19 Sep 02   Plan to attend Soc. Trans. presentation    As many as       19 and 20     CLOSED
            at National Board Mtg                      possible         Oct 2002
19 Sep 02   Rick and Hans to have off-line             H. Schoebach     19 Oct 02     CLOSED
            discussion re. Soc Trans issues            R. Penton
19 Sep 02   Contact Tatiana Andronache                 E. Moss          ASAP          CLOSED
            [tatiana@ca.ibm.com] (416) 391-1541        J. Finch
19 Sep 02   Look into low interest being earned        D. Waterfield    21 Oct 02
19 Sep 02   Scan and send Financials                   J. Finch         21 Oct 02
19 Sep 02   How does National Membership               D. Collard       21 Oct 02     CLOSED
            System work and how do Sections            B. Rogers
            handle it?
19 Sep 02   Use of e-Cards for member contact.         B. Rogers        TBD           In-progress
CIPS Ontario Minutes 2002-10-21.doc                                                  Page 5 of 6
19 Sep 02   Update the website (purchase tool?)             M. Keller
            with current information, e.g. board
19 Sep 02   Suggest website requirements                    ALL             ASAP         In Progress
19 Sep 02   Recommend changes to website                    M. Keller                    OPEN
19 Sep 02   Recommend AGM date                              D. Waterfield   14 Oct 02    CLOSED
21 Oct 02   INITIATIVE #1                                                                NEW
            Communication to Ontario ISPs                   B. Rogers
            1) confirm email/fax or mail address for each                   1 Dec 02
            2) draft communication                                          1 Dec 02
            3) distribute communication                                     10 Dec 02
21 Oct 02   INITIATIVE #2                                                                NEW
            Investigate the results and head the            D. Collard
            community initiative with Jim’s
21 Oct 02   INITIATIVE #3                                   D. Collard,                  NEW
            Annual/Anniversary Report                       Executive
21 Oct 02   Determine a feasible date for the AGM.          J Finch,        20 Nov 02    NEW
                                                            D Waterfield
                                                            L Johnstone
21 Oct 02   Find when and how National began                D Waterfield    26 Oct 02    NEW
            collecting the extra fee

CIPS Ontario Minutes 2002-10-21.doc                                                     Page 6 of 6

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