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									                              IPAC BOARD BRIEFING NOTE
                            IPAC INTERNATIONAL PROGRAM

                                            WHAT WE DO
      Business Development – marketing and bidding
      Program Management – 3 large multi-year programs – Deployment for Democratic
       Development (DDD), $18.3M; Democratic Governance Program (DGP), $7.6M; Education Sector
       Analytical and Capacity Development Partnership (ACDP), up to $14,575 million; and other
       smaller projects
      Research, Events and Publications – Public Service Without Borders, books, Canadian Public
       Administration journal and Public Sector Management magazine and articles, case studies,
       leadership briefs, events

                                  SNAPSHOT: March 16, 2012


                  Business Development – International
                   Singapore – study tour focused on citizen engagement/public consultation for
                     the Singapore Minister of Health/REACH Chairperson and colleagues to Ottawa
                     – April 10/11, 2012
                   Malaysia – 2 week study tour for Finance Director – June 2012
                   China – Guangdong Institute of Public Administration study mission to Toronto,
                     Ottawa and Vancouver late April 2012.
                   Tanzania – Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) – Support to the
                     Ethics Secretariat (SES) Project in Tanzania - $1.9 million over 3 years;
                     partnership with Cowater International.
                   Nigeria—2 proposals to conduct workshops on Canada’s experience in Public
                     Service and the Access to Information Act and effective housing delivery-May-
Relevant and
                     July 2012
organization       Centre for Policy and Integrated Human Development (CPIHD) – Nigeria –
                     proposal to manage 8 study missions to Canada in 2012 for Nigerian civil
                     servants through CPIHD’s Public Sector Support Programme in Nigeria.
                   Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration – India – Initial
                     planning underway for a second 2 week study mission commencing May 20,
                     2012 for 100+ officials.
                   Asian Development Bank – Indonesia – Education Sector Analytical Capacity
                     Development Partnership (ACDP) –Indefinite Delivery Contract in partnership
                     with Trans Intra Asia; approved June 14, 2011; IPAC responding to individual
                     requests for proposals (13 to date, including 3 in January 2012).
                   UK Department for International Development (DFID) – Various countries -
                     Framework Agreement on Governance and Security (Public Sector Governance,
                     Public Financial Management, Empowerment and Accountability); partnership

                     with Cowater International and others; successful short listing; RFPs pending.
                    Public Service Transformation (Office of the Prime Minister) – Kenya –
                     Integrated Service Delivery – proposal pending confirmation of funding
                     expected January 2012.
                  World Bank – Uganda - Provision of Consultancy Services for Cascading Results
                     Oriented Management/Output Oriented Budgeting Across
                     Ministries/Departments/Agencies – result of successful Expression of Interest;
                     submitted proposal June 10 in partnership with KPMG East Africa; results
                     pending; World Bank recently requested an extension on the validity date; IPAC
                     came first on the technical portion of the bid – final decision pending.
                  United Nations Development Program (UNDP) - Government of Benin – Benin –
                     Public Administration Reform Call Down Agreement with IPAC – two pronged
                     program – leadership retreat for President and new ministers following election
                     in Benin, and mission to Canada likely at time of annual conference; results
                 Business Development – In Canada
                  British Columbia – Proposal for two First Nations policy “boot camps” - first
                     scheduled for April 2012; both in partnership with the BC First Nations Public
                     Services Secretariat
                  British Columbia – First Nations Governance Symposium for week of September
                     23rd, 2012 – planning underway
                  Toronto – Shifting Gears: Innovation and Transformation in International
                     Development, symposium in partnership with Humber College in Toronto, June
                     14, 15, 2012
                  Toronto – Reflections on Transitions in Government – summer/fall 2012
                  Toronto – Citizen Centered Service Delivery Symposium in partnership with
                     Deloitte, fall 2012.
                 Program Management
                  Deployment for Democratic Development – DDD – 21 operational initiatives
                     (including 1 new initiative in Mongolia); 7 activities/missions (Bénin, Burkina
                     Faso, Ethiopia, Ghana, Mali; 2011-2012 annual report underway.
                  Democratic Governance Program – DGP – 12 partnerships; 2012 work-planning
                     and planning for an RBM workshop with program participants underway; 6
                     missions scheduled for March-April
                  Curacao – Planned signing of an MOU with the Curacao Ministers of Public
Education,          Service and Economic Development and socio-economic fact finding mission to
training and
professional        Curacao in March 5 to 9, 2012; this proposal also includes discussions with IPAC
development         to explore the development of a knowledge sharing institution in Curacao, and
                    possibly Aruba, Bonaire and St Marten as well.
                  Commonwealth Secretariat – Commonwealth wide – Multi-facetted proposal
                     for two mentoring study missions to and from Canada (first April 16 to 20,
                     2012) to enhance the capacity of internal audit leaders through partnership
                     with Canadian federal, provincial and municipal counterparts; this proposal also
                     includes corresponding case study training and development for publication in a
                     book and delivery at a 2013 Commonwealth conference
                  Canada – First Nations – Memorandum of Understanding with the Assembly of


                     First Nations signed December 5, 2011 – joint work planning scheduled for early
                   BC First Nations Policy Bootcamp April 2,3, 2012.
                   India – Customised Programme on Human Resources Management and
                     Competency Framework Study Mission to British Columbia for 15 public service
                     executives from a range of Indian ministries and commissions March 12 to 23,
                   Indonesia – Asian Development Bank Education Sector Analytical Capacity
                     Development Partnership (ACDP) –Indefinite Delivery Contract in partnership
                     with Trans Intra Asia; one successful project in implementation; first
                     Partnership Steering Committee meeting completed in Jakarta in February
                   Jamaica Ministry of Education – Jamaica – Corporate Outreach for National
                     Youth Service – (TBC) study mission planning for 20 delegates underway
                  Case Studies: Ongoing development of new Deployment for Democratic
                  Development and Democratic Governance case studies: New case studies in
                  development Ghana-Alberta Partnership Project (DGP); Mongolia and Guyana
                  Public Service Without Borders: Deployment for Democratic Development funding
Leading edge      approved
research and
                  RBM Workshop for Democratic Governance Program Team Leads: Planning
sharing           underway; Mar 29,30,2012 TBC.
                  Annual Pre-conference Workshops and International Issue of IPAC’s Public Sector
                  Management magazine: Planning underway
                  Websites: IPAC; Deployment for Democratic Development
                  Events: February conference and meetings with EROPA to discuss future sharing of
                  DM/CAO survey with EROPA members in SE Asia

   Development of management tools ongoing
      o Planning for development of a searchable program database
      o International Program Business Development Policies and Procedures Guide
      o International Program Monitoring and Evaluation Toolkit Phase 1 implemented and being
         refined (Subsequent two phases will focus on business development and knowledge
      o Support to PSWB framework


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