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									                                   Early Childhood
                          Staff Development Plan 2012-2013
                          Collaborative Planner: Karen Wolner

Goal 1. To increase program development around the Age 3 to Grade 3 concept by
establishing consistent measurement, instruction and philosophy across the whole age

       Each district will continue to implement their action plan program developments:
              1. Move towards a non-categorical co-teaching model using Community
                  Education Preschool, ECSE, ECFE, School Readiness, MN Reading
                  Corps (MRC) and Head Start.
                   Continue utilizing the SEEDS of Early Literacy as the basis for
                   Continue Implementing a data collection system for educational
                      decision-making and monitoring student progress utilizing the
                      IGDIs/DIBELS and PNIs.
                           1. Data review meetings will be facilitated in each District by
                               Karen Wolner following each data collection.
                   Continue small group interventions and targeted interventions for
                      small group instruction based on IGDI and PNI data.
                           1. Training will be provided for special education
                               paraprofessional staff on interventions used by MRC
                               August 2012.
                   Continue implementing a coaching component utilizing the MRC

              2. To continue to build internal capacity at each district to maintain
                 current programming (SEEDS, ELLCO, IGDI and PNI data collection,
                 MRC), EC Coordinators will continue training as the Internal Coach at
                 their site.

               District          Master Coach              Internal Coach
           Chisago Lakes       Karen Wolner           Karen Manske
           Rush City           Karen Wolner           Julie Thom
           Pine City           Karen Wolner           Becky Maki
           Hinckley/           Karen Wolner           Shana Steil
           East Central        Karen Wolner           TBD
           North Branch        Karen Wolner           Kerry Moberg

                  o Budget Implications: Collaborative Planning Preschool budget,
             3. All EC Coordinators will continue to meet for networking and
                information sharing 3 times during the school year.
                     Data collection logistics

             4. To strengthen program development and meet the needs of all
                students, SCRED will continue to assist with on site Problem Solving
                Team (PST) development in all SCRED Districts. Process:
                     The purpose of the PST will be to implement an RtI framework
                       across multiple tiers for academics and behavior interventions.
                               Early Childhood Problem Solving Teams will meet
                                  at least once per month at the individual district
                               Karen Wolner will attend meetings to help solidify
                                  the process and assist teams as needed.

             5. To strengthen mathematic instruction in the classroom and meet the
                needs of all learners, SCRED will:
                   1. Continue work with Robin Hojnoski, PhD to:
                            a. Help analyze each District’s PNI data.
                            b. Correlate the PNIs with the TENS measures.
                    2. Offer a one day training with Amanda Vanderheyden on math
                    3. A classroom coaching model for mathematics will be

Training needs:
    SEEDS of Early Literacy: Those needing refresher/new teacher/MRC members,
      training will be offered for both regular and special education staff
    Training on administration of IGDIs for new staff
    PNI training/refresher as needed by Districts
    Paraprofessional training on MRC interventions

          o Budget Implications: Collaborative Planning Preschool budget; SEEDS
            Handouts, Graph paper, ELLCO Booklets, Sub pay if needed, teacher

Goal 2. To maintain communication with updates from MDE and provide support for
early childhood special education, two meetings will be held at SCRED.

      o Budget Implications: Collaborative Planning Preschool Budget; Sub pay if
Goal 3. To provide support for Child Find Activities: Reach out to licensed day care
providers and parents with training offerings that may include:

          Children’s Development: What To Expect and When To Be Concerned
          Training on IGDIs and use in a Home Day Care Setting.
          Five Day Read Alouds
          Strategies for Promoting Children’s Mental Health

       o Budget Implications: Collaborative Planning Preschool budget; IEIC Funds –

Goal 4. To build relationships with our “feeder systems” and continue to increase
Percent of Infants and Toddlers in Early Identification to a level identified by the
Federal Benchmarks, Karen Wolner will invite Nurse Managers from clinics and
hospitals within the SCRED districts to a yearly luncheon meeting at SCRED to
discuss Child Find and the referral process.

       o Budget Implications: IEIC Budget

Ongoing September – June
Review any IEP’s as requested by special education staff in the Education District
Provide administrative designee support when requested by ECSE staff
Facilitate and attend all ECSE SST meetings in the Education District
Provide SEEDS Master Coach support for all districts
Provide new special education teacher support
Provide Central Intake for Early Childhood referrals for districts (year round) except
North Branch
Provide technical assistance for early childhood screening as needed

Staff Development Activities Schedule

21st ULC Conference (all special education teachers)
23rd 8:30-3:30 SEEDS Training Sessions 1 & 2 (new teachers, MRC Members,
teacher’s wanting a refresher)
30th 8:30-3:30 SEEDS Training Sessions 3 & 4

6th 8:30-11:30 SEEDS Training Session 7
(TBD) EC Network Group (EC Coordinators)

(TBD) SEEDS Training Session 5
(TBD) ECSE Department Meeting (ECSE Teachers, Speech Pathologists)

(TBD) Seeds Training Session 6


(TBD) EC Network Group (EC Coordinators)


(TBD) ECSE Department Meeting (ECSE Teachers, Speech Pathologists)

(TBD) EC Network Group (EC Coordinators)

(TBD) Math training with Robin at SCRED
(TBD) Nurse Managers Luncheon

Training/Meeting dates yet to be determined:
Child Care Providers:
New Pine/Chisago County Early Childhood Committee

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