; I Set Out To Fix My Credit With Credit Restore USA
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I Set Out To Fix My Credit With Credit Restore USA


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									I Set Out To Fix My Credit With Credit Restore USA

The following excerpt is from a previous client from Charlotte, NC. He used our
credit repair service to get back to a 720+ score and qualify for a FHA mortgage after
six months in our program. He started with scores in the low 500’s and after 180
days he was able to purchase his dream home. This is just an example of how credit
repair can work, although results may vary.

My Credit Repair Success Story

Hi, my name is Charles and I reside in Charlotte, North Carolina. I came across Credit
Restore USA’s website at the beginning of the year when I set out to fix my credit and
put myself in a position to be able to purchase a new home. I am self employed and
own several businesses, one of which went under a few years ago. I did all I could to
keep the business afloat, but the time came when I had to let it go. The business had
a lot of debt and I worked very hard to get it taken care of, but with the majority of it
being personally guaranteed by myself it impacted my personal credit hard.

It took me a good two years to get everything squared away, and at that time I just
focused on building and expanding my other businesses, which right now are doing
exceptionally well. Being self employed is a complete nightmare when it comes time
to buy a new house since the mortgage guidelines are very tight now for self
employed borrowers. I figured that because my income was very high now that I
would not have any problems since my credit issues were a couple of years old. I met
with a local mortgage broker and he pulled my credit and my scores were in the low
500’s. I was in shock and it felt like someone just hit me across the head with a
baseball bat. I left their office is utter disbelief.

As soon as I got home I jumped on the computer and began looking at options. I
needed to repair my credit, and I wanted to do it quickly. I spent days looking at
options and felt that Credit Restore USA had the best plan for my needs and I was
very confident in their ability. I am a very successful businessman and I am a little
more business savvy then most, so when I heard companies telling me that they
could fix my credit in a couple weeks I quietly hung up the phone and scratched
them off the list. I was eager to get started, but I am not stupid.

What I liked most about Credit Restore USA’s program was that there were no long
term contracts, and that showed me that they were very confident in their abilities.
Also, it gave me the freedom to stop the program at any time. Well we started in
February of 2012 and I stopped the service in July, spending a total of six months in
the credit repair service. Throughout the months my credit improved and when I
stopped the service my mid score was over 720, and I was able to purchase a new
Everything about the credit repair was simple; it took me just a few minutes to sign
up and every month I received updated credit reports that I sent in each month.
There were no hoops to jump through and I didn’t have to worry about anything. I
am beyond pleased with my credit repair results and would highly recommend
Credit Restore USA to anyone who wants to improve their credit scores. I can’t say
thank you enough.

If you are ready to experience the results of our credit repair programs you can sign
up today by visiting www.creditrestoreusa.com and following the enrollment
instructions. If at any time you can contact our office with questions. We look
forward to helping you.

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