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					                                                                                           Dress Code Policy


This is an example of a Dress Code Policy for a small nonprofit organization operating in Canada.
While certain assumptions have been made in the creation of this policy, it is up to you to adapt,
modify and customize the policy to suit the particular needs of your organization.

The content of this sample policy is provided for information purposes only. No legal liability or
other responsibility is accepted by or on behalf of the HR Council for any errors, omissions, or
statements made within this document. The HR Council accepts no responsibility for any loss,
damage or inconvenience caused as a result of reliance on such information.

Dress Code Policy

Maintaining a professional, business like appearance is very important to the success of
[Organization Name].

Regardless of the employee’s interaction with clients, customers, suppliers, contractors, or
volunteers, each employee projects the reputation of the organization. Part of this impression
depends on each employee’s choice of dress.

[Organization Name] has chosen to offer a casual dress environment for employees. Employees
are expected to use good judgment and to show courtesy to their co-workers by dressing in a
manner that is presentable and appropriate. At all times employees are asked to be cognizant
that regardless of their interaction with clients, customers, suppliers, contractors, or volunteers
[Organization Name] is still a place of business.

Should employees be asked to attend business meetings with clients, either in [Organization
Name] offices or otherwise, they should dress in appropriate business attire.

Any questions related to the content of this policy or its interpretation should be directed to [insert
contact job title].

                                             Sample provided for reference only.
       Always consult current legislation in your jurisdiction to create policies and procedures for your organization.

                                            HR Council for the Nonprofit Sector

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