The Story of Jamestown by IT4921X


									                                  The Story of Jamestown

The Beginning of a New Colony:

žAfter the Roanoke colonies failed, Sir Walter Raleigh lost a lot of money. So,

___________________________________________ were created so that people could share the cost
and profit of creating a new colony. The _______________________________ invested in building
a new colony in Virginia that would later be called _________________________.

Settling Down:

žIn _____________ Jamestown is finally settled. Located on the “James River” it was

protected by land on three sides and the river would provide easy transport.

žLife in Jamestown was harsh, and by ____________ many of the colonists had died of

__________________ while others now faced what was known as the ________________________
brought on by tension between the settlers and the Native Americans and lack of skilled
farmers and hunters.

New Leadership = New Hope

ž________________________ forced the colonists to farm and build. He also helped re-

establish _________________ with the Native Americans. When Smith had to return to England
the colony started to fail again and the colonists actually _________________ the colony. As
they sailed away, the met a ship loaded with supplies and new colonists, and
__________________________ made them turn around and replaced John Smith as the leader of

the colony. žPeace with the Native Americans continued as farmer ____________________

married _____________________. It became clear that Jamestown needed a source of profit
and it became ________________. The tobacco trade grew so large that the skilled farmers of
Jamestown took on new colonists as ______________________ to learn the trade. They also
took on ___________________ who worked for the colonists in return for paid passage to the
colony. The growing tobacco plantations caused more tension with the Native

Africans Arrive
žIn ___________ the first _______________ were brought to Jamestown from the West Indies.

Although they were initially treated as indentured servants, they later became
_______________. In the same year, _____________ were sent from London as well…why?

Colonists Find a Voice

žAs Jamestown grew, they demanded more freedom from their founders at the Virginia

Company. In ___________ they were allowed to elect their own leaders known as
_______________________. The group, known as the ___________________________________ met
for the first time and became a _______________ of government for future English colonies.

Extension Questions:

   1. How did the establishment of Joint-Stock companies contribute to the colonization of
      North America?

   2. What effect do you think that the success of Jamestown had on the people back in

Classwork/Homework Directions:

   1) Complete the “History Frame” in class using your Story of Jamestown note guide.

   2) Cut the pieces out and create an actual frame around a plain white piece of paper.
3) In the blank space on the inside of the frame create an advertisement to convince new
   colonists to come to Jamestown.

         Be colorful, creative and convincing!

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