District 200 Superintendent Profile by HC12110719512


									                                   District 200 Superintendent Profile

The Wheaton Warrenville Board of Education seeks a student-centered educational leader who has
demonstrated visionary leadership exemplified by the ability to:

       Develop a shared vision for the Board of Education, school district, and community that holds
        as fundamental the academic achievement, social development, and emotional and physical
        health for all students in District 200
       Provide demonstrable leadership skills that embrace compassion, dignity, and optimism as the
        hallmark characteristics of District 200 staff, faculty, administration, and Board of Education.
       Create, articulate, and implement strategies to address fiscal challenges, technological
        innovation, educational initiatives, and legislative directives that impact the delivery of school
        services, now and in the future.
       Build and maintain positive, professional, and trusting relationships among the staff,
        community, administration, and Board of Education of District 200.
       Demonstrate personal and professional integrity in all matters related to the welfare of the
        students, staff, and citizens of the District 200 community.
       Understand, respect, and work in synergy with the socio-economic, cultural, and historical
        dynamics of the communities served by District 200, particularly as those dynamics relate to
        the full development of all children within the school district.
Specifically, the District 200 Superintendent will:
   Lead and manage a complex organization in a collaborative manner based on the best interests of
    the educational mission of district 200 while respecting the legal governance role and obligations
    of the District 200 Board of Education. This includes:
           o engaging views and opinions from all constituent groups within the District;
           o developing and maintaining strategies for building consensus; and
           o delivering clear decisions.
   Design and implement an administrative structure which functions on the principles of shared
    leadership, shared responsibility, and shared accountability. The goals of the structure should be
    clear performance expectations, clear standards of performance, and comprehensive evaluation of
    the systems, structures, and individuals.
   Possess a professional knowledge base that is reflective of best practice, current research, historical
    foundations, managerial theory, and curriculum as each relates to educational leadership.
   Maintain a high level of personal visibility throughout the schools and communities of District 200
    and use that visibility to develop meaningful relationships with constituent groups.
   Understand and value individual student and parent needs while maintaining equity, fairness, and
    opportunity for all.
   Exhibit outstanding communications skills, including the ability to deliver oral presentations and
    written documents that project a sense of care and commitment to the District 200 mission and
    reflect careful planning and accurate information.

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