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					                  The International Sea Turtle Society Awards 2013

The ISTS Champions Awards are presented to individuals or communities, governmental or
non-governmental organizations that have, in the recent past, carried out outstanding work
towards the effective conservation of sea turtles.
Thank you for your nomination for the ISTS Champions Award. To help us evaluate the
nominations we are asking for some additional information about your nomination.
Please send us the following information by December 1st 2012.
Awards will be announced at the Sea Turtle Symposium in Baltimore, Maryland in February

Nomination information should be emailed or posted to:
Sally R. Murphy
PO Box 136
Sheldon, South Carolina 29941

Nominee information:
Name:              ___________________________________________________
Affiliation:       ___________________________________________________
Contact details
Address:           ___________________________________________________
Email:             ___________________________________________________
Phone:             ___________________________________________________

Please describe the geographical scale of the achievement of the Nominee
You may check more than one category
___ Local (restricted area, district, or zone within a country)
___ National (across more areas / fields within a country)
___ Regional (e.g. North America)
___ International (more than one country within a region)
___ Global (more than one country within 2 or more regions)
Please describe the “discipline” of the Nominee
You may check all that apply
___ Management
___ Research
___ Conservation
___ Education
___ Other Please specify: ____________________________________

Nominee’s Achievements
This description will provide the primary source of information on which award selection will be
based. Please provide specific details regarding an individual’s or organization’s achievements.
For the nomination of an individual this should include a brief resumé of the nominee. This
description should include their outstanding work towards the effective conservation of sea
turtles. Achievements may include (but are not limited to) contributions to on-the-ground
conservation, public awareness, research and publications, teaching and mentoring, public
outreach, education, policy impacts, and community involvement in conservation.
(Please note there is no word limit for this section. To help us understand the reasons for the
nomination, we recommend you write at least 500 words)

Letters of support: Please provide a minimum of two letters of support. These can be
embedded within this document, mailed or emailed to Sally Murphy (contact details listed
above). For an example of a supporting letter please see below.

Please indicate how the supporting letters are being delivered to the ISTS Awards
Supporting letters for this nomination have been (tick one, and supply date where indicated):
      __ Pasted onto the end of this form
      __ Emailed to the ISTS Awards Committee separately on ________ (date)
      __ Posted to the ISTS Awards Committee on ________ (date)

Supporting letter 1 provided by:
Name:        ________________________________________
Affiliation: ________________________________________
Address:     ________________________________________
Phone:       ________________________________________
Email:       ________________________________________

Supporting letter 2 provided by:
Name:        ________________________________________
Affiliation: ________________________________________
Address:     ________________________________________
Phone:       ________________________________________
Email:       ________________________________________

For assistance with the nominations process please feel free to contact the ISTS Awards
Committee: ( )

Sally R. Murphy – Chairman
Sea Turtle Coordinator                            Ex-officio members:
SC Dept. of Nat. Res. – retired                   Ana Barragan - Board member
PO Box 136                                        Programa Nacional de Tortugas Marinas
Sheldon, South Carolina 29941 USA
                                                  Rincon de los Angeles #35
Dean Bagley                                       Col. Bosque Residencial del Sur
Research Associate, Dept. of Biology              Mexico D.F., D.F. 16010 MX
University of Central Florida                     E-mail:
430 Lakeview Drive                                Or:
Melbourne Beach, FL 32951 USA
                                                  Ray Carthy – President
Stephen G. Dunbar                                 Assistant Unit Leader - Wildlife
Department of Earth & Biological Sciences         University of Florida
Loma Linda University                             P.O. Box 110485
Loma Linda, CA 92350 USA                          Gainesville, FL 32611-0485 USA
E-mail:                           E-mail:
Kimberly Maison
Sea Turtle Management Specialist
RCUH/JIMAR                                        Roldán Valverde – President-elect
1601 Kapiolani Blvd, Suite 1110                   Assistant Professor
Honolulu, HI 96814. USA                           Southeastern Louisiana University
Email:                   SLU 10736
Or:                          Department of Biological Sciences
                                                  Hammond, LA 70442 USA
Jim Spotila
Betz Chair Professor of Environmental             E-mail:
Science                                           Or:
Drexel University                                 URL:
3141 Chestnut Street                    
Philadelphia, PA 19104 USA                        verde/

(Letter of support – example)

                          -SUPPORTER LETTERHEAD/LOGO HERE-

International Sea Turtle Society Award Committee
c/o Sally R. Murphy
PO Box 136
Sheldon, South Carolina
29941 USA
Phone: +1 843-846-6929

Date [insert date]

Dear ISTS Awards Committee,

I am very pleased to support the nomination of [insert name of person or organization
nominated] for an ISTS Champions Award.

I believe that [insert nominee name] deserves this accolade because they have worked hard to
achieve valuable outcomes for sea turtles. For example, because of their contributions … [now
give a couple of example of things the person/organization has done, and what you believe has
been the direct or flow on result of those actions. You can use bullet points if you wish].

If the Committee has any questions or would like to verify my support, I am more than happy for
you to contact me.
Kind regards,

[Signature – where possible]
[Supporter name]
[Email address]
[Phone number(s)]


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