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                         BUSINESS MANAGER
                          JOB DESCRIPTION

Job Title              Business Manager         Post Holder
Reports To                                      Hours per Week         37 nominal
Headteacher, Senior Business Manager            Weeks per Year         52.14 nominal
Responsible For        To manage non-teaching activity across the Academy in order to
                       deliver both the infrastructure that teachers depend upon to deliver
                       their results and a working environment suitable for all staff.


1      General

1.1         To give advice to colleagues on all non-teaching activities in the Academy.
1.2         To undertake such duties and working hours as agreed with the Headteacher
            and carry out such other reasonable duties as may be required.
1.3         To be an effective member of the Senior Leadership Team.
1.4         To advice and support the Senior Leadership Team on Health and Safety issues.

2      Line Management

2.1         To manage the Academies Administration team, Finance team and Site
            Management team. To ensure that staff have current job descriptions and are
            subject to annual performance management reviews.
2.2         To motivate and facilitate teamwork and best practice to achieve excellent
            standards of service delivery.
2.3         To manage staff attendance and holidays to ensure continuity of service delivery
            throughout the year.
2.4         To support staff development through continuous professional development
            and regular reviews of training requirements.

3      Finance

3.1         To be responsible for the integrity of day to day financial management in the
            Academy and for operational responsibilities relating to finance.
3.2         To ensure that the Academy has appropriate financial policies and systems and
            to manage both public and non-public income in accordance with these policies.
3.3         To ensure that accurate financial records are maintained and report on a
            regular basis to the Headteacher.
3.4         To advice and support the Senior Leadership team with any decisions that may
            have a financial implication
3.5         To manage the Academies accounting software giving guidance to other users.
3.6         To ensure that financial transactions in the Academy is carried out in
            accordance with the Academies Handbook and the TKAT and Academies
            Financial Regulations.

                                 Business Manager Job Description
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3.7        To support staff responsible for delegated budgets with procedures that
           enables them to monitor and control these budgets.
3.8        To develop and manage audit procedures as necessary and cooperate with
           internal and external audits of the Academies financial systems and accounts.

3.9        To research and generate additional sources of income for the Academies
           sporting facilities including the marketing of these facilities to maximise income
           from lettings.
3.10       To maintain proper Payroll records including records of salaries paid and
           deductions in respect of Income Tax, National Insurance and Pension payments.
3.11       To ensure the physical security of all funds and monies deposited with the

4      Administration

4.1        To develop and manage the administrative systems and procedures required for
           the day to day operation of the Academy.
4.2        To ensure that sufficient and effective administrative resources including
           reprographic resources are available to support academy staff.
4.3        To operate the Academies Management Information System and ePortal Web
           Access and ensure that staff are appropriately trained in their use.
4.4        To maintain a general office as the first point of contact with the public and to
           develop material for the positive promotion of the Academy.

5      Health & Safety

5.1        To liaise with the Senior Business Manager in formulating, monitor, implement
           and reviewing the Academy Health & Safety policy including the production of
           appropriate Risk Assessments.
5.2        To communicate the Health & Safety policy to staff and students as appropriate.
5.3        To work alongside the Senior Business Manager in reporting to the
           Headteacher on Health & Safety.
5.4        To work alongside the Senior Business Manager in producing a Fire Safety Risk
           Assessment in accordance with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order
           2004. To liaise with the Senor Business Manager and Site Manger to maintain
           equipment for the protection against and escape from fire.
5.5        To advise the Health & Safety Executive of incidents reportable under the
           Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and dangerous Occurrences Regulations 1994
5.6        To ensure that a sufficient number of staff are appropriately trained to
           administer first aid to staff, students and members of the public.

6      Premises

6.1        To manage and maintain the Academy premises including buildings, facilities,
           grounds, fabric and furnishings.
6.2        To maintain a safe, clean and comfortable environment for staff and students
           having due regard to the Academies Health & Safety policy.
6.3        To place service contracts for the maintenance of the Academies premises as
           appropriate and to monitor performance standards and value for money.
6.4        To ensure that adequate arrangements are made for the security of the
           Academy premises.
                                Business Manager Job Description
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6.5         To ensure that staff in the Site Management Team have the resources,
            qualifications and experience to carry out their duties and that their hours of
            working are appropriately defined.

7      Catering

7.1         To operate a catering service for staff and students providing breakfast, mid-
            morning snacks and lunch.
7.2         To serve a choice of food and drink items providing a balanced diet in
            accordance with the EFA requirements for Food in Schools.


To take and be accountable for all decisions made within the parameters of the Job


The performance standards of the post holder will be measured through the Academies
Performance Management system by setting targets linked to this Job Description. The Job
Description will be reviewed annually at the Performance Management meeting.

Signed                                            Post Holder           Date

Signed                                            Senior Business       Review date

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