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									Jennifer Robinson

Lead Nurse Older Adults
  Safeguarding Adults

‘The Acute Trust Perspective’
        Managing Safeguarding
 Current processes to manage safeguarding
Clinical incident reporting
Review of complaints and concerns
Adult protection policy linked into multi-
 agency policy
• Empowering front line staff to understand
  professional and employment obligations and the
  level of conduct required to safeguard patients
  within their care.
• Increasing staff knowledge and awareness
  regarding the recognition of adult safeguarding
• Integration of safe guarding into current reporting
  systems to fully implement clinical governance
              The way forward
• Benchmark review of recommendations of the ‘No
  Secrets’ review
• Continue with Adult safeguarding sessions that are
  incorporated within Trust Induction and annual clinical
  update for staff
• Promote availability to access to multi-agency Training
• Safeguarding committee established
• Formal reporting mechanisms to Trust board
• Promoting ethos that Safeguarding is every ones
  responsibility within the organisation

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