Mirad, a boy from Bosnia - DOC by 9DvZVQ


									Mirad, a boy from Bosnia. Part two.


  1. How did stories about Yugoslavia begin before the war?

  2. What is different about saying ‘It happened in April 1992
     on the market in Foca’?

  3. What are the ‘secrets’ Mirad is referring to?

Scene One

  1. Who is Mirad representing in this scene?

  2. ‘It fell from my shoulders like a leaden coat’.
  a) What is Verica referring to?
  b) Why is this an effective simile?

  Scene Two

  1. Why did Mirad find it so difficult to leave his foster

  2. What made him finally make his decision to go home?

  3. What does this tell us about Mirad’s character?

Scene Three

  1. Why did Mirad want to go home?

  2. How does he hope to escape from Holland?
  Scene Four

  1. Describe what happened to Mirad’s Grandfather in your
     own words.

  Scene Five

  1. Explain why you think Mirad’s Grandfather couldn’t dream
     of being a footballer after the incident in the house?

  2. Who or what is the ‘monster’?

  Scene Six

  1. How does Mirad feel just before he leaves?

  2. Find a quote in this scene to support your answer.

Scene Seven

  1. Who does Mirad represent in this scene?

  2. Do you think it is strange Milos says ‘ If he’s so much as
     put a finger on you I’ll kill him’? Explain your answer.

  3. What reason does Milos give for not releasing Verica?
Scene Eight

  1. Who is Arkan?

  2. How does the driver know him?

  3. How does Mirad feel about the driver? Quote to support
     your answer.

  4. ‘Could be fun’
     What does this tell us about the driver’s personality?

     Scene Nine

     1. What did Mirad think of his Grandfather before the

     2. How does the war change his point of view?

     3. a) Explain what happened to Mirad’s Grandfather’s
     b) How do you feel about Mirad’s Grandmother?

     Scene Ten

     1. Who is the father of Verica’s baby?

     2. How does she feel about it?

    3. ‘ ..my belly gave room to a tumour’
            Why is this image effective?
Scene Eleven

  1. How much training does it take before Morad can join the

  2. Mirad thinks 14 is young but Arkan thinks he should know
  more about how to fight. Find a quote which shows us this.

  Scene Twelve

  1. What do you think Verica means when she says ‘ from
     that day on time was a trap’?

  2. Why is ‘like the ruins’ an effective way to describe the
     way Verica lived after her return to Foca?

  Scene Thirteen

  1. How does the writer show us soldiers are ordinary men?

  2. What did Mirad realise after he had killed the four men?

  3. How did this make him feel?

Scene Fourteen

  1. What happened when Verica saw her baby boy?

  2. Why is this surprising?
Scene Fifteen

  1. Why did Mirad doubt this woman was his mother?

  2. Why did Verica think it could not possibly be Mirad?

  3. What do you think made them finally realise?


  1. What tells us that Mirad and his mother have hope the
     war will end?

  2. What does Mirad’s mother tell him to do?

  3. Why does she think this is important?

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