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					   1. I would have to say the speech that was most effective was the Presidents acceptance
      speech. The reason I chose this was it was a powerful message, because it stood for
      change. Change about our country and our futures. This was a monumental ocassion
      that is forever put into history. I think the least effective would be an MTV music or video
      award. The reason being the speeches last about less than a minute or so. It really does
      not move me in anyway and it is more like a thank you speech anyway.
The first thing that came to mind when I read the question asking for the most effective speech
was also the President’s acceptance speech. Everyone knows about the speech and it is
broadcasted all over the United States. It is only of the largest and most moving speech that is
made. The President gives the people confidence that America is going to be a better place.


                       11 Dec 11 11:42 PM MST
        That is true Emmely about that speech. Cause it is such an important speech it is
        broadcast all over the US. This speech does give the people confidence in the new
        president and it gives people some hope.
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                         8 Dec 11 7:14 PM MST
  The speech I find most effective was a speech that was given at my high school graduation.
  The speaker did very well of keeping everyone's attention on her by making the speech funny
  and inspirational. I felt proud of myself to have graduated from that school that year. From
  that speech, I felt we all had a bright future in front of us. The speeches I found least effective
  were a few of the speeches from the MTV Music Award. There are some musicians that go up
  to the stage and say thank you to everyone quickly then walk away. I do not see any effort to
  make sure everyone feel appreciated. It seems like they only said thank you because everyone
  is required to give a speech that is why they got it done quick and sat down.


                          9 Dec 11 8:41 PM MST
  I believe the speeches that I find the most effective are the ones where you can tell from the
  tone of the person's voice that their truly honored and humbled that they've won. Take for
  example this video of Taylor Swift receiving her award for Entertainer of the Year at the
  Country Music Award last month. You can just tell from her excitement and high pitch voice
  that's she's truly in shock and awe that she won.

  As for the speeches that I believe are the least effective, I believe the speeches thanking God
are the least effective. I think it's just too cliche and just something someone says because
they didn't take the time to actually thank certain individuals. For example, here's a video of
Justin Bieber receiving an award at the MTV VMAs.

Comparing the two videos, Taylor Swift is very animated showing her appreciation whereas
Justin Bieber is very montone in his speech.


                       11 Dec 11 10:48 PM MST


                      10 Dec 11 1:39 AM MST
The most effective speech is the “Ultimate Gift”, it was very effective speech and I’m sure the
speech changes the mind of many people who heard that speech, and as a result of what the
speaker said a lot of people they become regular blood donators. The speaker give the real
example for how every unit of blood you donate can help save up to three lives. The speeches
not only just a nice words but should affect the audience.


                      10 Dec 11 2:28 PM MST
I find speeches that are someone humorist, and light-hearted the best. It's always the super
serious speeches on special occasions that are the worst. Look at any award show when the
winner drags on too long with their acceptance speech and then they get cut-off by the house
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                     10 Dec 11 8:22 PM MST
Well for the MTV music awards are less effective because it’s a random pick to see who wins
and they just say what is on their mind, it is not even written down. Half of the time the
winners are just saying something quick to say thank you and they are out. Now for the
Academy Awards, all the actors have a small speech ready to go if they win the Academy.
They did an inside look at what actors do to see, what they do to get ready for the award. They
write down a small speech if like they already won.

                         10 Dec 11 11:58 PM MST
  The most effective and truly inspiring speeches I've seen on television are the Nelson
  Mandela's 1994 Inaugural speech and Halle Berry's acceptance speech when she won the Best
  Actress category in the Academy Awards for her movie, Monster's Ball, last 2001. Every time
  I watch or hear an inspiring, touching, motivational, funny, moving speeches, or anything that
  tells a good story with moral lessons, I can't help but admire the speakers and their speeches.
  Speeches like these are most effective because it captures audience' emotion, connection, &
  conscience but also holds their interest, attention and touch their heart and soul.
  I think the least effective speeches for me are those speeches that have boring and
  uninteresting stories; if the topics have no impact in my life, unrehearsed,; delivered by
  speakers who are not ready or who did not take the time to prepare, showed over nervousness,
  speak fast or unclear, and also, when they fail to connect to their audience or when they
  cannot look their audience's eyes, etc.

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                       11 Dec 11 8:43 PM MST
  With award acceptance speeches, the ones that I find very effective are Academy Award
  speeches. You can tell that most of the actors winning an award are very humble and have
  prepared a speech if they did win. One that I find least effective is any MTV award show. The
  winning performers usually just give something casual or even something just made up on the
  fly. Most of them don't take it too seriously.


                          11 Dec 11 9:01 PM MST
    I agree on both accounts. Check out my post about what I said about the least effective
    speech. I had a similar response. I said some people go immediately and thank God, which I
    believe is just someone saying because they can't think of anything else to say. I believe it's
    just a cliche response.


         Topic 2 classmate post

I think that the things that improved in me was creating outlines. Better preparing myself for a
speech. And understanding the importance of being prepared. I did see my speaking improve a
little, but I know I need to work on it more. A lot of my classmates have excelled in speaking
that I have noticed. Benedict comes to mind when I think of most improved, at least to me. He is
very passoniate about each of his speeches and uses good emotion and gestures. Standing up in
front of the class was kind of nerve wreaking at first, but after I got use to it, it is not so bad. The
thing that made the difference is practice. Like the Professor said you need to practice your
speech until you feel comfortable about it. The impromtu speech trained me to be better prepared
for any topic that comes my way, and think I can use that in all aspects whether it be my school
life, or professional etc...


                    8 Dec 11 7:42 PM MST
     (I was trying to make a main post instead.)
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             11 Dec 11 12:54 AM MST
     Those were also most of my improvements. As they say, practice makes perfect. Therefore I
     practice and practice my speech as much as possible until I have to give it in class. I found it
     very helpful because I grow confidence in myself and it becomes less stressful. Benedict is
     one of the best speakers in the class; the best thing I like about his speeches is his
     introduction, because the way they always grab my attention. I also need more improvement
     as I think all of us do; there is always room for improvement.


                    11 Dec 11 8:56 PM MST
     Thank you both for your kind comments! It's good to know that the things that I've been
     working on, the gestures and my opening introductions, are paying off! Before this class, I
     didn't really pay attention to my gestures when presenting. I just spat the information. But
     now that I've taken this class, I now know the impact gestures have on a speech.


                8 Dec 11 7:35 PM MST
  The improvements I noticed about myself as a public speaker during the course of the term
  are not viewing the speeches as nerve racking anymore. I found myself stressing less about
  the speeches each week. I also projected my voice a lot louder with more confidence. The
  person I think improved a lot is Bitia. The first speech she did she read a lot from her notes.
  As she did a speech every week, she improved a lot with reading very little of her notes, met
  the time limits, gave terrific information, had more confidence in herself, and overcame her
  nervousness. In the beginning giving a speech was my worst nightmare, but now, it is not as
  bad because I got use to giving the speeches. I did not give many speeches in my previous
  classes because I tried to stay away from it as much as possible. I plan to always believe in
myself and always tell myself I can do it. Also I will try not to stress as much as I do because
the stress does not help; it only makes things more difficult.


               9 Dec 11 9:02 PM MST
I've noticed that I've become more animated than I used to be when I'm up speaking. Before, I
hardly would ever move around or use my hands. However, I still have several things to work
on, such as my rate of speaking, my stammering, and my "uhhings/ummings". As for a
classmate that I believe that had the most improvement, I believe it was Kyle Sanders. During
the first week of speeches, I could tell he was very nervous to being in front of the class. But
overtime, I noticed he started to get a little bit more relaxed, using his hands a bit more and
looking at the class. But with more practice, I believe he'll become better. I will definitely use
what I've learned in my future speeches. I would have to use it in the field of web design by
presenting mock-ups to my clients. By using the strategies that I've learned throughout the
course, I'll be able to make an effective presentation.


               10 Dec 11 2:31 PM MST
I like this course a lot, and took it on purpose knowing it would help me. Public speaking is a
skill a person uses forever, no matter what the setting. Jobs, wedding toasts, interviews,
anything. I was somewhat nervous when starting the class, but doing speeches every week has
helped calm my nerves somewhat.


               10 Dec 11 8:27 PM MST
Well from what I learned from this class was a lot, I know what to look for in my future
speeches. I know I have a something’s to work on like learn when I already closed my speech
and stop talking at that point. but most of all I learned to be ready to give a speech at any time
that it needs to be given; then I will learn to also write out a outline for all my speeches when
I can cause it will help to give the speech so I can make note cards for it.


               10 Dec 11 9:08 PM MST
I learned to inform and to try to persuade other people on my view and experience,the class
improved my fear of getting over public speaking, also learned about body language how it’s
very important. Speech class helps with social skills. It built up my confidence and helps me
deliver my thoughts in a clear and organized manner.

              11 Dec 11 12:00 AM MST
What I have noticed about my classmates and me is that we all seemed nervous before starting
our speeches. Honestly, I was really scared because of my fear when standing and speaking in
front of an audience but I had no choice but to overcome that fear. I know I was not a great or
effective speaker but I am still happy because I know I made some progress or positive
improvement and the whole nerve-wracking experience thought me a lot about myself. I
cannot say that I am more confident now but my fear in public speaking is not that big now.
Some of the improvements I have noticed about myself as a public speaker during the course
of the term is that my level of confidence grow. I am also proud of myself that I conquered
my big fear of standing and speaking in front of my classmates and my professor. I learned a
lot from this course, my speaking skills are enhanced and I learn about the use of clear and
loud voice in making speeches, in preparing speech topics and organizing them.

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              11 Dec 11 8:50 PM MST
Usually I'm not too nervous before I give a speech. However, once I'm up there, I usually start
stuttering and making some other gestures. Thankfully, reading the professor's critiques of my
speeches at least brought my errors to my attention, and I tried my best to avoid those habits.
I've noticed improvements with my fellow classmates as well. Though I can't name them all, I
noticed a few that, over time, started to speak more loudly and clearly in their speeches, as
well as speak with more confidence.
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        11 Dec 11 11:45 PM MST
I have noticed I have started to relax more and not stumble as much. I find that after taking the
class it going to help me improve on presentations for future classes and help me when
presenting ideas to a mass of people in my career.
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