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									                                Terence Lemons
                                    Wyandotte, MI 48192


Seeking a computer information systems position where an excellent understanding of
programming and web development languages is needed.


University of Michigan – Dearborn, MI
2012 – Present

Henry Ford Community College, Dearborn, MI
Associate’s Degree in Applied Science – Computer Information Systems 2011
Transfer Courses 2012 – present
GPA: 3.492    GPA in Major: 3.519

Ross School of Technology - Dearborn, MI
Electronic Technology - Certificate 1985


Johnson Controls, Taylor, MI Production / Maintenance, 08/2003 - 01/2008
  • Repaired malfunctioning machines on assembly line
  • Preformed preventive maintenance on all assembly lines and equipment
  • Repaired and replaced PLC's

Coin Op Services, Wyandotte, MI Owner / Operator, 09/2001 - 06/2003
  • Repaired video games and vending machines
  • Repaired video monitor chassis to component level
  • Replaced Hard Drives, DVD players, and CD ROM drives
  • Repaired computer game boards to component level

Atlas Dist. Inc., Redford, MI Service Technician/Manager, 02/1998- 07/2001
  • Managed service department
  • Maintained inventory records
  • Talked customers through troubleshooting methods over phone
                           Terence Lemons


XHTML: Designed a 7 page XHTML, W3C validated website for class project and a wedding band.
See link for index page of this site at: http://webdevelopedster.com/

HTML, PHP, CSS: Designed a 6 page website that searched for cars in a certain price range
located in a database, displayed the car model and price with down payment options.

JavaScript: Designed and coded a 5 page website using JavaScript with password validation, an
online test and working order form, also validated site with the W3C.

Java: Created applications with variables, passed the value of the variables to the methods
created, then added classes to the application, and called methods from another class.

C: Wrote program for coffee orders, what cup size, cream or milk, artificial sweetener or sugar, a
no thanks option, another cup option, and the total owed.

A+ Hardware: Completely disassembled working computer removed CPU and all peripherals,
and then reassembled in working order with new CPU; also built several custom desk top
computers for friends and relatives.

SQL: Wrote queries to retrieve records from an ACCESS database.

VB.Net: Designed applications, wrote code for order forms, and Doctor Appointments forms.

Windows Server 2008: Installed WS 2008, set up 12 users and the active directory.

ADO.NET: Created application that allowed users to add or delete entries into a data base, also
add or delete new vendor’s options, modify payments. Coded save, delete and get-by-Vendor
buttons on application form.

UNIX: Wrote shell scripts using Putty. Wrote script programs and then called and sent them to
printer using UNIX.


Please visit http://webdevelopedster.com/ for my online portfolio. This is a sample of my work
that is updated regularly.

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