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									                          Internet Information Services 7.0
                                        Fact Sheet
                                       February 2008

A Powerful New Platform for Hosting Web Applications and Services
Windows Server 2008 featuring Internet Information Services 7.0 (IIS7) is a powerful Web
application and services platform that delivers rich Web-based experiences. It offers
improved administration and diagnostic tools to help achieve lower infrastructure costs on a
variety of popular development platforms. With improved reliability and scalability, IT
professionals and developers can manage the most demanding Web serving environments,
from a single Web server to a large Web farm.

Manage Web Applications With Ease
The following new IIS7 scenarios for IT professionals can make Web administration fast and
   Manage whole Web farms from one place. IIS Web server configuration and Web
    application configuration can now be stored off the machine on a Universal Naming
    Convention (UNC) share, from which any IIS7 Web server in a Web farm can read its
    configuration. By centralizing Web farm configuration, IIS7 can greatly reduce or
    eliminate time spent on complicated configuration replication and synchronization
   Share management workload with site owners. The new IIS Manager user interface
    helps enable those who host or administer Web sites to delegate administrative control to
    developers or content owners, thus reducing cost of ownership and the administrative
    burden for the IT professional. Site owners can also use the IIS Manager user interface to
    manage their sites and applications remotely over HTTPS from Windows Vista, Windows
    XP, Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2003.
   Save time by automating more tasks. Multiple scripting options for IIS7 make it easy to
    automate management tasks. IIS7 offers a new command-line utility, a new managed API
    and a new Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) provider for automating
    administration tasks.
   Resolve site issues faster. IIS7 enables IT professionals to more easily troubleshoot
    errant Web sites and applications, eliminating hours of potential downtime. Capabilities
    such as automatic tracing for failing requests, in-depth data on the runtime state and
    greatly expanded error details make isolating issues dramatically simpler.

Powerful Web Hosting of Applications and Services
For developers, IIS7 is completely customizable and expands application hosting for
ASP.NET, classic Active Server Pages (ASPs), PHP Web applications and Extensible
Markup Language (XML) Web services.

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   Enjoy robust hosting for all your Web applications. Developers can count on IIS7 to
    deliver highly secure, reliable, high-performance hosting for the popular application
    scenarios, including PHP, ASP, ASP.NET and XML services. IIS7 has implemented the
    FastCGI open standard to improve support for PHP and other CGI-compliant languages.
    IIS7 also deeply integrates ASP.NET into the HTTP runtime of IIS, now allowing
    ASP.NET applications to intercept and modify HTTP requests via .NET programming
    interfaces. Furthermore, new output response caching can improve the application
    performance of all types of dynamic content, rather than exclusively ASP.NET.
   Customize the Web server for your solution. Developers can now easily extend,
    replace or add virtually any custom functionality to the Web server, using a new set of
    public APIs. These APIs are available as native Win32 APIs as well as managed .NET
    Framework APIs. Developers can also take advantage of a full range of extensibility
    options in IIS7 such as event logging, configuration and the administration tool, providing
    a smooth experience for customers using third-party extensions or building extensions of
    their own.
   Deploy applications preconfigured. IIS7 makes it easy for developers to deploy
    applications and their required configuration settings to a production server. Site
    configuration for both IIS and ASP.NET can now be stored with the application in easy-
    to-read XML configuration files. Developers can then more securely publish application
    code, content and configuration all at once to IIS7 over FTPS or WebDAV via new
    publishing modules for IIS7.

Lower Web Infrastructure Costs
IIS7 helps reduce a Web hoster’s total cost of ownership through an inexpensive, just-for-the-
Web SKU and improved site density, security features and reliability.
   Reduce costs with a SKU made for the Web. Windows Web Server 2008 is cost-
    effective for hosting workloads and now supports more Web application scenarios. For
    example, Microsoft SQL Server is allowed for local Web applications and runs under
    more favorable hardware restrictions, with as many as four processors and up to 32 GB of
    RAM on x64 servers.
   Provide highly secure, reliable hosting for thousands of Web sites. IIS7 is a shared
    hosting solution scalable enough to support nearly every hoster’s mass site deployment.
    Hosters can trust IIS7 is designed to automatically isolate new Web sites from all other
    Web applications running on the server by “sandboxing” site configuration and giving
    each new site its own process identity by default.
   Run only the components you require. IIS7 provides administrators with an
    unprecedented degree of control over their Web server. Administrators can easily
    minimize attack surface and patching requirements through fully customizable, opt-in
    installation options. Administrators can choose the Windows Server 2008 Server Core
    installation option to run IIS7 on a headless install of Windows Server, stripped down for
    optimal performance.
   Deliver media faster, using less bandwidth. With the IIS7 Media Pack, control the
    speed of downloads to the user’s desktop, saving bandwidth charges and streamlining
    network traffic. In addition, due to native 64-bit operating system support and new
    networking technologies built into Windows Server 2008, Windows Media Services 2008
    offers twice the scalability of Windows Media Services 9 on the same hardware.

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More information can be found at http://www.iis.net.


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