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									                                  Job Application

I am applying for any position available that may suit my qualifications.

I am a Graduate Mechanical Engineer from the University of the West Indies, with
honors. I have three (3) years experience as a Project Engineer at the Ministry of Works
and Transport, Highways Division Head Office in Port of Spain.

During my tenure at the Ministry, I coordinated and supervised all projects being done on
the nation’s roadways by Utility Companies, e.g. WASA, TSTT. In 2008, I pioneered the
compilation of the document entitled ‘Specification for Excavation Works by Utility
Companies’, which is now widely in use.
I also performed Contract Evaluations, involving analyzing Tendered Contracts for
errors, then evaluating and recommending a contractor.

May I speak to you to convince you that I am suitable for your organization?
I may be contacted at 706 6869 or e mail at

Thank you.

Mujaahid Khan
August, 2010
82 Circular Drive, Savannah Heights,     Phone: 671 4957
Charlieville, Chaguanas,                 Mobile: 706 6869
Trinidad                                 E-mail:

Mujaahid Khan

Objective          Job Application

Experience August 2001         Caribbean Ispat Ltd.                    Point Lisas
           Millwright Contractor
            Assisted engineers in Rodmill Section
            Participated in general activities leading to and during Shutdown

                   Project Engineer
                           Investigating sites, making recommendations and preparing
                            cost estimates
                           Reporting to the Project Manager, Project Management Unit,
                           Analysis of progress reports on projects and monitoring of on-
                            site progress
                           Overall supervision of materials, quality control and adherence
                            to specifications
                           Monitoring of daily activities on projects
                           Collection of material samples for testing
                           Receiving and recording materials on site
                           Attending site visits and tours with Councilors, Members of
                            Parliament and Ministers
                           Liaising with various Utilities (W.A.S.A., T.S.T.T., T&T.E.C.,
                            N.G.C., etc.)
                           Liaising with Consultants and contractors for execution of
                            surveys as and when required
                           Verifying and quantifying payments.
                           Preparing working drawings.
Education   1993 – 2000       St. George’s College                 Barataria
             Completed CXC O Level and A Level Exams Successfully

            2000 – 2003         University of the West Indies    St. Augustine
            BSc. Mechanical Engineering
             Graduated Second Class Honors (Lower division).
             Specialized in Production Processes and Management

Interests   Running, swimming, table tennis, badminton, reading

Notes       Computer literate, proficient at Microsoft Word and Excel

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