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									                                             AJAX/PICKERING Dolphins Minor Football Club

                                            Coaches Code of Conduct

                1.        Consider the safety of all participants to be the top priority of the
                          program, followed by good sportsmanship and fair play.

                2.        Place school and family relationships above all other activities.

                3.        Set a good example for my team at all times.

                4.        Demonstrate and promote good sportsmanship in every aspect of
                          the program; use age appropriate language at all times, avoid using
                          profanity and encourage positive attitudes by using constructive

                5.        Respect my participants as individuals and I will provide all team
                          members equal opportunity to learn and experience the sport
                          regardless of their age, race, gender, disabilities, sexual orientation
                          or income status.

                6.        Remember that the program is designed for youth and not adults, as
                          a fun, rewarding, and educational experience, with emphasis placed
                          on teaching the fundamentals of the sport, not on winning at all

                7.        Not use profanity or speak to others in a non-sportsmanlike way
                          during or after any game.

                8.        Ensure that my conduct is professional on and off the field and not
                          engage in any activity or conduct that may, in the Club’s Executives
                          opinion, have a negative impact on the club’s reputation or not be in
                          keeping with the club’s expectations for professionalism. This
                          includes posting to blogs and chat rooms that the executive believe
                          to be negative and demeaning or unprofessional.

                9.        Provide positive support, care, and encouragement to my team by
                          following the Club’s Coaches Code of Ethics. If my actions as a coach
                          are not in compliance with the policies or regulations of the club, I
                          shall indemnify and hold harmless the Club, its board members,
                          volunteers, and officials from any and all liability resulting from my
                          actions, inactions or negligence.

                10.       Speak with parents about their athletes whenever it is mutually

                11.       Encourage my athletes to have a winning attitude through
                          perseverance and hard work.

                12.       Keep up-to-date on coaching strategies.

                13.       Help each athlete realize his or her full potential.
Visit us at www.dolphinsfootball.ca or contact our hotline at 905-999-7657
                                             AJAX/PICKERING Dolphins Minor Football Club

                14.       Recognize player development and performance as more important
                          than winning or losing.

                15.       Develop leadership skills with all my athletes.

                16.       Enforce the team rules in an equal manner

                17.       Abide by the club’s rules, policies, regulations, by-laws and

                18.       Accept the decisions and direction of the club as represented by its
                          Executive and its Board of Directors. This includes enforcing the
                          club’s no pay, no play policy.

                19.       Avoid the use of tobacco and refrain from being under the influence
                          of alcohol or recreational drugs during practices or games or while
                          transporting players to and from games

                20.       Respect the referees.

                21.       Provide a Criminal Background Check that is suitably clear to the

                22.       Act in an ethical and moral manner in all dealings with the club, its
                          members, its parents, its board, its executive, its partners, its
                          suppliers and any other body with which the club may deal.

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Visit us at www.dolphinsfootball.ca or contact our hotline at 905-999-7657

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