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									A New School Improvement Model
   Jan Vesely, Ed.D, Vice President, School Achievement Services,
Walt Gibson, General Manager, School Achievement Services, Pearson
    Building SIM – What the research says about school

   Turning a school around requires a comprehensive approach
    (MassInsight Turnaround Report, Calkins et al., 2007; Bryk et al.2010)

   Turnaround requires an external Lead Partner who deeply embeds
    support within the school (MassInsight Report, Calkins et al., 2007)
   One size does NOT fit all! – Strategies must be comprehensive,
    flexible, adaptable, and sustainable (Brookings Institute, 2002; Century,
    2009; Center on Education Policy, 2009)

   Turnaround requires dramatic academic and non academic change
    (MassInsight Turnaround Report, Calkins et al., 2007)
   Fidelity of Implementation matters (Borman et al., 2003)
   Districts must support the change with system-wide commitment,
    effective professional development, and a plan for sustainability.
    (Supovitz, 2007)
Model (SIM)

    Comprehensive
    Flexible
    Evidence-based
    Affordable
    Sustainable
    SIMply results
   Prepare your students to be college and career
   Help your students achieve the Common Core
   Provide high quality instruction for all students
   Reach every student, every subject, every year
   Implement a data-driven approach
   Provide academic support beyond the school day
In literacy, the Common Core State
   Dramatically increase text complexity at every grade level –
    “The ability to read and comprehend complex text is the
    best predictor of college success.”
   Emphasize informational text at ever-increasing levels
    across the grades
   Require increasingly complex academic vocabulary
   Are measured by students’ ability to reason and justify an
   Will assess students’ literacy in both science and social
   Are aligned to the expectations for entering college or the
    workforce without remediation
    In math, the Common Core State
    Are organized, K to 12, around key topics in mathematics
    Emphasize focus and coherence
•    Focus on key topics at each grade level.
•    Define coherent progressions across grade levels.
    Balance concepts and skills
    Require both conceptual understanding and procedural
    Foster reasoning and sense-making in mathematics.
    Are aligned to the expectations for entering college or the
     workforce without remediation
Schoolwide Improvement Model (SIM)
Why will it work in Hawaii?

The Pearson Schoolwide Improvement Model:
 • Can stand on its own as an effective and comprehensive
 • Is custom-designed for each grade span
 • Can bring a schoolwide focus to disparate programs and
 • Can serve as a single school model — does not depend on a
 • Does not depend on having coaches
 • Is repeatable so it can be researched
 • Is not dependent on on-site professional development

SIM may be flexed in two ways:
 • Through optional additions, such as math and literacy
 • By varying the intensity of support for implementation
Schoolwide Instructional Focus
Professional Development for all teachers
Emphasis on
      Academic Language
      Reasoning and Justification
      Collaboration
      Independent Learning

Content Area Concentrations
 English language arts
  Implementation Elements

 Highly focused Leadership Team with distributed
 Leadership Team responsible for:
    Driving implementation process, including workgroup
      facilitation; building tight linkages among settings
    Assuring school organization and support for
      implementation goals
    Systematic monitoring of implementation and adjusting
      plans and strategies to address improvement needs
Component 3: Data-Driven Culture

    Implementation Elements

   Ties Standards-Aligned Curriculum, Instruction, and
    Assessment together with High Performance Leadership,
    Management, and Organization
   Systematic development of foundations for establishing
    school as data-driven culture, linking leadership,
    departments, classrooms, counseling & guidance
        •   Student achievement data
        •   Non-academic student data
        •   Schoolwide systems data
        •   Classroom observation data
Component 4: High Achievement and Engagement

    Implementation Elements

   Ties Aligned Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment together with High
    Performance Leadership, Management, and Organization
   Focus on:
     •   Engaging community in supporting high expectations
     •   Connecting classroom culture of engagement to school culture of
         high expectations and support for achievement
     •   Instituting early warning system connected to tiered supports for
         students’ social and emotional development
        Student Services staff (including deans, counselors, social workers)
         form High Achievement and Engagement Workgroup for maintain
         continuing focus
    Component 5: Building Capacity for Sustainability

     Implementation Elements

   Coherent school-wide approach to curriculum, instruction and
   Development of instructional leadership and distributed leadership
    with tight linkages to Aligned Instruction
   Systems development
     •   Data-driven culture
     •   Early warning system with guidance on connected tiered supports
   Connected system of Professional Development and Technical
    Assistance with support from Learning Teams
   Monitoring and feedback protocols and resources coupled with
    systematic processes for monitoring and adjusting plans
   School drives implementation from the beginning with:
        Scaffolded support provided by the design of the Model
        On site technical assistance by Pearson Field Specialists
Pearson Schoolwide Improvement Model
Deliverables for Hawaii

    Experienced, Embedded Local Team

   60 days of on-site leadership, literacy, and mathematics
    assistance from highly-qualified and certified Pearson field
   10 days of Common Core professional development focused
   Tier 1 instructional practices (Schoolwide Instructional Focus)
   Leadership training,
   Learning Teams training, and
   CCSS curriculum alignment
   Ongoing implementation support from Pearson’s National
    College for professional development and research
Pearson Schoolwide Improvement Model
Deliverables for Hawaii

    Robust tools for teachers, students, and parents

    Galileo K-12 Online Comprehensive Assessment
    Teacher Compass and Principal Compass
    Cloud based teacher and principal enlightenment tools delivered
     via web or iPad
    Developed at Johns Hopkins University to collect and aggregate
     observation data, track schoolwide trends, and support self
     assessment and professional learning
    Built in feedback systems, social collaboration platform, and
     extensive library of 3,000+ professional development videos
    At-Risk/Drop-out Prevention online monitoring tool
    SmartThinking 24/7 online tutoring for students
    Optional Digital and print tools available for student
Pearson Schoolwide Improvement Model
Deliverables for Hawaii
    A Solid Research-Based Model

   Aligns curriculum, instruction, and assessment
   Prepares teachers and students for transition to the common core
   Provides an instructional focus emphasizing academic language and
    independent learner competencies
   Promotes Tier 1 instruction in every classroom through
   Systematic teacher development,
   Skilled technical assistance, and
   Coaching from embedded Pearson staff
   Expands classroom engagement to a culture of high expectations
   Incorporates Learning Teams to establish regular settings for
    process-driven instructional collaboration and a data-driven
    approach to improvement
   Includes SIOP support for ELL’s and additional support for special
    education students
    Headlines of the SIM

                                                          Complementary focus
     Quality first instruction   instructional focus on
                                                          on students’ social &
              for all               college & career
                                                           emotional readiness

                                 Tight linkages between
     Practical strategies for
                                  development settings
     aligning curriculum &                                 Capacity building for
                                      — leadership,
         instruction to                                   sustainability from Day
          standards &                                              One
                                 classrooms, counseling
                                       & guidance

                                 Onsite support from
         professional                                     Model can be flexed to
                                    certified Field
       development with                                    meet school needs
                                 Specialists as needed
        online support

        Customer Engagement Process
      CustomerEngagement Process
     Pre-Contract                                         SIM
     Engagement                                      Implementation

                Requirements        Planning              Launch                Continuing
                 Conference        Conference            Institute            Implementation

                                                           •Pearson General Manager,
                                                           •Pearson General Manager, West
                                       Sales                             West
                                         GM                     •Assigned Project Manager
                                  Field Designee
                                  Field Designee            •Assigned Project Manager
                     Sales        Field Specialist            •Content Area Field Specialists
                     Sales        Field Specialist       •Content Area Field Specialists
   Sales              GM              Principal                    •National Training Staff
   Sales              GM              Principal
                Field Designee         Assoc.                  •National Training Staff
                Field Designee   Assoc. Principals              • Principal. AP’s and Deans
                                       Deans                • Principal. AP’s and Deans
                                   & small group                  •School Leadership Team
                                  & small group               •School Leadership Team
                                   including the                 •Key Content Area leaders
                                   including the
                                  scheduler and              •Key Content Area leaders
                                  scheduler and
                                     counselor                      •School Support Staff
                                     counselor                  •School Support Staff
     SIMply results.
SIMply results.
          Pearson’s Schoolwide Improvement Model (SIM)
              is an innovative standards-based system
              of comprehensive school improvement.

                   Forged in collaborative partnerships
                   with more than a thousand schools,
        SIM represents the culmination of two decades worth
 of verifiable third-party research, experience and…simply…results.

                 Flexible and affordable, SIM meets
   the unique needs of any individual school or group of schools,
   helping you help all students become college and career ready.

 Through a data-driven, technology-supported, customizable process,
    SIM helps you turn the complexities of school improvement
                      into sustainable results.


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