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									                                                                                                             October 2000
                                                                                                              July 2000
                              News for employees in the technical field

                              The Circuit
                                                                                                           Federal Aviation

                                                  A Publication by the Technical Women's Organization

                                                         FY 2000 OKC Conference -
                                                        A Great Way to Start the Millenium!

                                  Thanks to everyone that made
                                                                                                     Each day was filled with
                                  this year's conference one of
                                                                                                     learning opportunities for
                                  the best. As you know, each
                                                                                                     everyone. Day one activities
                                  conference is put together by
                                                                                                     included such timely
                                  a group of volunteers
                                                                                                     discussions as"FAA of the 21st
                                  dedicated to making a
                                                                                                     Century", presented by
                                  difference, and promoting
                                                                                                     Normal Bowles, AML-1,
                                  excellence in the way we do
                                                                                                     "Network Securities as Applied
Inside this issue:                our work. From simple
                                                                                                     to NAS", presented by Ray
                                  logistics to intensive training,
                                                                                                     Long, AIS-1, and "Free Flight,
OKC '00 Conference       1        thanks to the folks that go the
                                                                                                     Phase I", presented by
                                  extra mile.
Conference Photos        3                                              Conference Chairperson,      Maureen Knopes, AOZ-500.
                                  The opening ceremony of this            Nina Agrawal, ASW
President's Message      5                                                                            Alice Wong, ARN-1 was the
                                  year's conference consisted of
                                                                                                     Keynote Luncheon Speaker.
Training                7         a presentation of colors
                                                                     Cathy Hedglen, President of     What a terrific way to start off
                                  followed by an inspiring
                                                                     the Technical Women's           the conference. She spoke on
                                  rendition of the national
                                                                     Organization (TWO) then         the topic of "Accepting
                                  anthem, sung by FAA's
                                                                     introduced the Presidents of    Challenges and Seizing
                                  talented I’Leta Young,
                                                                     the organizations joining us    Opportunities" - a timely
                                                                     this year at the conference:    subject, considering the
Special Points of Interest:                                          NBCFAE, GLOBE, NCFAED,          likelihood of a 22% workforce
                                  Nina Agrawal, this year's
                                                                     and PWC. Cathy                  retirement over the next 5
    Scholarship Forms 9          Conference Chairperson,
                                                                     commended the                   years.
                                  introduced Lindy Ritz,
    Event Calendar      11       Director, Mike Monroney            organizations for stepping
                                                                     forward to combine our          Ms. Wong stated that
                                  Aeronautical Center, who gave
    2001 Conference 12                                              training efforts to reach       retirement presents hiring and
                                  a very timely welcoming
                                                                     more participants.              promotion opportunities.
    150 Project         12

    GLOBE               13
                                  She challenged the                 enhance skills at local
    Regional News       14       participants to be ready to        universities, CMD and other
                                  accept the challenges and          sources of FAA training.
    MMS                 15       seize the opportunities. "Be
                                  committed to doing the best        She prompted the audience
    Mentoring          17        you can wherever you can,          further by stating "Not only
                                  including projects, details,       should you consider having a    "Top companies stay
                                  and challenging                    mentor, but consider being a    on top because they
                                  assignments. "                     mentor to others.
                                                                                                     are diverse….."
                                  "By being creative and             "Pulling others up while you
                                  innovative, you can find           are advancing, benefits all."
                                  your opportunities." She
                                  encourages all to
                                                                                                               Page      2

FY 00 TWO Conference Summary, Continued from Page 1

                                          The Academy, AMA-2, and Ray Long,
The first day's afternoon session was     Director of the Information Security     Scott Freeman , AMC-8, "Analytical
just as informative, with learning        Office, AIS-1.                           Thinking"; Sally Sheridan, AML-100,
opportunities led by Mike Upton,                                                   "Identifying and Dealing with Risk";
AMZ-1, and Toni Haught, AMZ-600,          The Panel discussed the status of the    Suzzane Bond, CMD/FAMDA,
CMD Instructor Suzanne Bond, and          Operational Control Centers (OCCs),      "Mediating Conflict"; Phyllis Mitchell,
Ron Gappa, AMH-100. Upton/Haught          the 24-hour desk at the National         AMA-300C, "On-The-Job Training";
provided a fiscal overview, Bond          Operational Control Center (NOCC)        and Tyree McAfee, Kankakee AFSS,
reaffirmed effective questioning tools,   and it's ability to track and solve      "Opening the Door to Understanding
and Gappa completed the day with a        problems. Also discussed was the         GLOBE".
timely session on "Stress, Humor,         information Security Office focus on
and the Importance of Boundaries."        NAS Operations, and the distance         Marcos Costilla's session discussed
                                          learning programs currently in effect.   the meaning of Leadership, pointing
Day two of the conference started                                                  out that a person did not need the
with an informative and impressive        Robert Igo encouraged attendees to       title of Supervisor or Manager to be a
panel of NAS-OPS subject-matter           check out the extended list of courses   leader. Interested in ways to
experts.                                  offered over the internet. Funding of    advance?
                                          this program is based upon how
Take a look at these credentials:         many participate in it.                  Some of his suggestions included:
Thomas Gassert, Program Director of                                                volunteering to take on more and
NAS Operations, AOP-1, Thomas             The afternoon program was filled         new tasks; developing sound
Accardi, Program Director of Aviation     with more training and instruction.      relationships with
System Standards, AVN-1, Jim              Classes were led by: Marcos Costilla,    supervisor/manager; keeping the
Prichard, Division Manager of             ASW-400, "Building Supervisory           latter informed of career interests
Operational Support, AOS-200,             Skills"; Maureen Woods, AAT-2, "Air      through IDPs and at evaluation time;
Robert Igo, Deputy Superintendent of      Traffic: 21st Century";,                 networking with people in your area
                                                                                   as well as others as you encounter

                                          The third and final day of the           "Top companies stay on top, because
them; taking on agency sponsored          conference was just as rewarding as      they are diverse".
training and education courses. He        the previous days. Once again, the
also suggested that a mentor can be       lineup of instructors was impressive:    Each event was informative and
of great assistance to keep you           Eaulene Neuschaefer, AMA-300,            helpful to further our understanding
motivated and help to keep you            "PowerPoint Presentation Skills";        of the agency, the jobs we perform,
apprised of career opportunities. He      Becky Pritchett, AMP-300, "Workplace     and each other. We wish to sincerely
urged participants to prepare strong      Accessibility"; Dr. Linda Ibrahim,       thank each volunteer that invested
applications for promotion                AIO -200, "Overview of the FAA           their time to contribute so much to
opportunities and to be prepared to       Integrated Capability Maturity           the conference participants. Your
excel at the interview.                   Model(ICMM)"; Mary Golia, AOP-100,       contribution will reap rewards for
                                          and Ed Rigo, AOP-30, "NOCC/OCC";         years to come.
Mr. Costilla pointed out the main         and Harnetta Williams, ACR-5,
characteristics highly valued by the      "Alternative Dispute Resolution".        If you missed this year's conference,
agency. He also emphasized knowing                                                 your next opportunity is April 23-26,
where you want to go and following        The banquet Keynote Speaker was          2001 in Memphis, Tennessee. We
steps leading to that goal.               John Sepulveda, Deputy Director,         will be holding a joint conference with
                                          OPM. Sepulveda spoke on the virtues      the Professional Women Controller's
He feels as a minority he received        of diversity, with a focus on the        (PWC) Organization. The TWO
much encouragement as he advanced         Hispanic community. "Hispanics are       Conference Chairperson for the 2001
throughout the agency and that this       the most under-represented and           event is Charlene Campbell, MEM
required commitment and flexibility       largest growing minority group in the    SMO. Look for future
on his part. He recommended a             United States." The agency's goal is     announcements
calculated balance between personal       to mirror the diversity of our great
and work interests.                       nation. As Sepulveda points out,
                                                                                                 Page       3

                                   June, 2000
                                Conference Photos

                          Ron Gappa
   Lindy Ritz                                           Alice Wong                     John Sepulveda
Director, AMC-1                                   Program Director, ARN-1            Deputy Director, OPM

                  GLOBE                                                     NBCFAE

                               Technical Women's Organization
                                                                                                    Page   4

                                                June, 2000
                                             Conference Photos

     Alan Jones                       Ray Long              Mike Upton                     Barbara Silva
Regional OKC Director,             Director, AIS-1        Manager, AMZ-1                      AML-2

                    Fiscal Overview
 Instructors Toni Jordan - Haught, Manager, AMZ-600
                                                                   Training Breakout Work
             Mike Upton, Manager, AMZ-1

                     I'Leta Young
            (Singing the National Anthem)                                Mamie Mallory
                                                                       President, NBCFAE
                                                                                                                 Page      5

   Message                                         This summer, TWO shared a National Training Conference with two other
                                                   Employee Associations: the National Conference of Federal Aviation
   From                                            Employees with Disabilities (NCFAED) and Gay, Lesbian and Other Bisexual
                                                   Employees (GLOBE). These two groups are still too small to sponsor a
   the                                             National Training Conference on their own. The National Black Coalition of
   President                                       Federal Aviation Employees (NBCFAE) and Professional Women Controllers
                                                   (PWC) also joined us by having their Executive Board meetings at our
                                                   Conference. The result was terrific! We look forward to sharing our
       October '00                                 Conference again next year.

On 9/5 Debbie Cervantes, the new          AHR is developing a new system to             the childcare center. ANS-300 is
TWO Vice President and I went to          replace the Basic Electronic Screening        looking into the situation.
Washington DC to attend a series of       Tool (BEST) for hiring. No word on
meetings as part of the Employee          its progress. The BEST Test was               The National Oceanic & Atmospheric
Forum. The Employee Forum is              found to have adverse impact on               Admin (NOAA) has done aeronautical
made up of Presidents of the 9            women and minorities.                         charting in the past. This function,
recognized Employee Associations,                                                       together with of all its 350 employees
AHR-1, ACR-1 and the Special              In 2001 additional funding is                 is moving to the FAA. They will
Emphasis Program Managers. It was         expected. Priority will be given to           remain located in Silver Springs, MD
a chance to introduce and orient          rebuild the infrastructure (buildings).       under AVN.
Debbie, as she will be representing       Another topic discussed was STARS.
TWO at some future meetings.              30 new STARS locations are coming.            On 9/6 we met with ACR-1 & AHR-1.
                                          9 are scheduled in 2001. This will be         About a year ago the Administrator
On 9/5 we met with AAF-1. Mr. Alan        a tremendous installation and training        challenged the Employee Associations
Moore reported that a 45-day              effort.                                       to develop a paper on under-
reorganization plan would bring ATS                                                     representation. The “Business Case
& ANI as related to operations under      A topic brought up by TWO to AF was           on Under-Representation in the FAA”
one Chief Operations Officer. Also AF     FAA childcare center maintenance              was the result of that effort. Contact
is in a hiring freeze; there will be no   and funding. Sites that contain               your TWO Regional Representatives
Sept hiring this year. It is hoped that   childcare centers have not been given         for a paper or CD copy. We also met
there will be backfill hiring after       additional funding for childcare center       with AHR on childcare center
10/01/01. This year AF will allow         maintenance for the last 5 years.             oversight. We discussed issues
direct hiring authority for the 26 CTI    Without this funding, Environmental           regarding percentage of FAA related
graduates. Mr. Moore said the 6100        Support Units have been giving                users vs. public users, cost,
ATSS’ from the PASS contract is a         priority to NAS and only doing safety-        maintenance funding, sick childcare,
floor amount.                             related maintenance at                        and hours of operation for shift

workers. Another issue from the           determined. Fortunately we have a             program contract to
TWO membership was Eldercare.             TWO SES advisor on the Executive              encourage selection of the under-
                                          Workforce Planning Board who will             represented into the program.
When that was brought up we found         guide us through the changes                  Currently Air Traffic hires nearly
out that there is no plan to address                                                    100% of Minneapolis Community &
this need in the foreseeable future. I    The Accountability Board has been             Technical College (MARC) graduates.
greatly appreciate all the input you,     expanded to handle all hostile and
the members, sent in on this subject.     model work environment issues.                AT hiring demographics were given
Both TWO and PWC are spearheading         TWO has 2 short tapes on the                  out. AT is expected to hire
the effort to help our childcare          Accountability Board expansion, see           approximately 430 ATC 2152’s (not
centers meet their original intent.       your TWO Regional Representative to           including the AFSS option) this year,
We also received a briefing by Jim        view them.                                    for a total of approximately 15,000.
Washington, ARS-1 on Executive
Workforce planning. Details will be       On 9/7 we met with Maureen (MO)               We were scheduled to meet with the
made available as soon as the             Woods AAT-2. We discussed                     Administrator, but she was called
Management Board has been briefed.        distribution of AT vacancy                    away. We met with the Management
                                          announcements. We also discussed              Board instead. They discussed their
How these changes will effect the         changing the wording of the MARC              opinions on the Business Case.
TWO SES program has not yet been
                                                                                        (Continued on Page 6)
                                                                                                                           Page       6

Message from the TWO President
Continued from 5

TWO asked Irish Cahill Flynn about Childcare facilities and security. He stated that childcare centers are not security risks. This
was a concern of the TWO membership since the bombing of the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City.

On 9/8 we met with Steve Zaidman, ARA-1. He gave practical feedback on the Business Case and advice on how to get managers
to meet our goals. Also discussed were his successes using the Alternative Dispute Resolution Early Resolution Program and the
use of ARA Management Team (ARAMT) to review all selections.

ARA will use on-the-spot hiring authority to hire outstanding scholars from Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) &
Hispanic Association of Colleges & Universities (HACU), 26 CTI graduates and up to 400 people with disabilities. He also said
retention bonuses might be offered for critical positions.

The next scheduled Washington, DC trip will be December 6 & 7th to meet with AAF-1 and AAT-1. Send your Model Work
Environment issues to TWO via your Regional Representatives.

Membership Directories will be coming out soon. We would like it to be accurate. You will be receiving a Membership Tracker in the
mail shortly. Please review your data, and send in any changes/corrections to your National Secretary, Mary Thomas.

Message from the TWO Secretary - Mary M. Thomas

The 12th Annual Training Conference           Matching Funds is a pot of money we             People often avoid doing things
was a success! Thanks to ALL who              set aside to help members (who are              because they can't make up their
assisted, prepared, typed, printed,           not funded by the Agency) get to the            minds. Set a deadline for making
called, participated, listened, spoke,        conference. We try to reimburse up              your decisions, and to stick to it. Tell
asked, answered, set up, took down,           to half of the expenses of those                someone else if you have to. They
displayed, watched, donated, bid,             members who request help.                       might help you meet your deadline.
moved, worked, paid, stapled,
networked, mentored, took notes,              To apply for Matching Funds, a
presented, and learned. Thanks to             member must fill out a travel voucher           Important Tasks
all of you.                                   with per diem rate and travel costs.
                                                                                              Forget about getting it all done; Just
                                              The member should include copies of
                                                                                              concentrate on getting the important
As the Auction Chair (yes, I made up          receipts of hotel and airfare.
                                                                                              things done. If you try to finish every
my own title), I would like to thank                                                          task that's on your plate, you'll
some great ladies who assisted with           The voucher and receipts should be
                                                                                              wind up stressed out and broken
the auction in every way they could!          sent to the TWO Treasurer at P.O.
                                              Box 8000-124, Midvale, Utah 84047-
Thanks to Melissa Graffigna, Emily            8000.
Godinet, Gloria Quigg, and all of
those folks who donated items! With           Thanks for all of your support!!                Prioritize
your great generosity we were able                                                            Make a list of three to five things
to raise over $1100 for Matching                                                              that are most important to achieving
Funds this year!! What are those,             Mary M Thomas                                   your goals. Make sure those top
you ask?                                                                                      tasks get first priority. Don't even
                                                                                              think about doing something else
                                                                                              until those must-do's are completed.
                                                                                                                       Page     7

October is the month for training Opportunities

                                     October is a month filled with training           The second opportunity for training is
                                     opportunities, and we hope you take               sponsored by the PWC/TWO Joint
                                     advantage of them.                                Regional Training Conference Central,
                                                                                       Northwest-Mountain, Southwest and
                                     First on the list is the 2000 Southern            Western-Pacific Regions. "Joining
                                     Region Training Conference, to be                 Forces to Win" is a two-day
                                     held on October 18th and 19th at the              conference to be held at the
                                     Center for Management                             Doubletree Club Hotel, Las Vegas,
                                     Development. (CMD) Training is                    Nevada, October 26-27th.
                                     open to members and nonmembers,
                                     and sixteen hours of Administrative               The conference fee for two days is
                                     Time has been approved for this                   $20.00 for PWC/TWO members,
                                     activity. The courses are free, and               $25.00 for nonmembers. The fee for
                                     CMD guestrooms will cost $55 per                  one days is $10.00/$15.00 Fee
                                     night, meals extra.                               includes lunch the first day and all
                                     The agenda for the CMD training is
                                     listed below.                                     The agenda for the Nevada training is
                                                                                       listed on the next page.

For further information regarding the CMD event,
please contact one of the following:                                                          You must register
                                                                                              by 10/11 for the
Carol Raiford, PWC SO Region Director, 305-234-5702; email:
Plezia Sapp, FWP SO Region Manager, 904-879-6920; email:                        CMD Training
Robertha Walley, TWO SO Region Rep, 904-631-6271; email:

October 18, 2000                                                          Send registration with check payable to FAA-CMD
                                                                          (No credit cards accepted) to:
0730-1700    Technical Displays Open
                                                                          Carol Raiford
0800-1200 CMD Course: Labor Management Relations:                         11536 SW 126 Terrace
Understanding the Answers (01229)                                         Miami, FL 33176

1200-1300    Optional lunch at CMD                                        Please print clearly:
1300-1430 Hot Topics - invited: Carolyn Blum, Dennis Koehler,             Address:
and Bill Lindsey                                                          Phone and e-mail:
1445-1700    LMR Interaction - NAATS, NATCA, NAGE, PASS
                                                                          Please circle:
                                                                          I will be attending Wednesday Oct.18th
                                                                          I will be attending Thursday, Oct. 19th
October 19, 2000                                                          I will be staying at CMD guest rooms Oct 17th
                                                                          I will be staying at CMD guest rooms Oct 18th
0730-1700    Technical Displays Open                                      I will be staying at CMD guest rooms _________
                                                                          (Number of additional nights)
0800-1200    CMD Course: Implications Charting: Analyzing
Systemic Problems (01245)
                                                                          Smoking_____       Non-Smoking_____
1200-1300    Optional lunch at CMD
                                                                          I will not be staying at CMD ________
1300-1700    CMD Course: Dynamic Inquiring Skills (01197)
                                                                          FWP Member        TWO Member       PWC Member
                                                                                                                                                              Page           8

October Training Opportunities

Nevada October 26 - 27

October 26, 2000
8:00-8:15      Welcome

8:15-10:15     What Kind of Hand Will be Dealt - FAA Today, Tomorrow and the Future

*A FAA Management Panel consisting of Ruth Leverenz, (Asst. Administrator for Regions and Center Operations) ARC-1; Southwest Regional Administrator ASW-1; a
Civil Rights Manager; Herman Lyons, Central Region Air Traffic Manager, ACE-500; Nina Adams, WP Human Resource Manager AWP-10; and Alan Hanson, WP
Airway Facilities Div.; will discuss what is happening in the FAA today, tomorrow and in the future from their division perspective. Discussions will focus on: impact
on personnel - what is the FAA doing to correct the under-representation of minorities, women, and people with disabilities - what is the FAA doing regarding hiring
in the future - what impact will there be on resources - what are you visions for the future - what impact will the future hold regarding air safety - how will the flying
public feel about these changes

question and answer session will follow.

10:15-10:30     Break

10:30-12:00     Who Wins? EEO Mediation and the Accountability Board

*A Civil Rights Manager will discuss EEO mediation process and the procedures for requesting EEO mediation for informal and formal complaints. Ms. Barbara J.
Smith will discuss the Accountability Board and what it does to oversee management's response to allegations/incidents of harassment, or other misconduct that
creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive work environment. A question and answer session will follow.

12:00-1:00     Lunch

1:00-3:00      Numbers Game - Budget, Pay and Career Progression

*Mr. Steve Springman, ATS-6, Special Asst. for Operations Resources will discuss the budget with the main focus on Air Traffic and Airway Facilities. Mr. Asher
Cohen, Jr., ASW-14E, will discuss the core compensation pay. Mr. Wally Pike, NATTS President, and a representative from NATCA will discuss their respective
unions, new contracts, new pay structures, and the future of all three options (in the union's perspective). A question and answer session will follow.

3:00-3:15      Break

3:15-4:45       A continuation of Numbers Game with emphasis on Career Progression.

*Ms. Lindy Ritz, Director, MMAC, will discuss succession planning and how management jobs will be filled in the future. A Human Resource Manager will discuss
present hiring in the FAA. A discussion will also be conducted on how to move up the career ladder in the FAA with budget restrictions and the new pay system.
There will also be a discussion on the ATNSP and what is involved in that process. A question and answer session will follow.

4:45-5:00     Closing remarks.

October 27, 2000
8:15-10:00     Don't Gamble with your Future - Helping Yourself to Success

*Ms. Joann Kansier, Director, Requirements Development AT System Requirement Service, will discuss managing your career, the benefits of having a career coach,
and personal development. Have your career development questions answered.

10:00-10:15    Break

10:15-11:00    Know the Players - Air Transport Assoc.

*Mr. Richard Cox, Director, WP Safety and Operations, Air Transport Association, will discuss what the ATA does to improve safety, efficiency, and reliability in the
National Airspace System (NAS) and ATA's role with the FAA.

11:00-12:00    Lunch

12:00-2:00     Managing Yourself Through Change

*Ms. Barbara Jean Smith will provide basic background information and critical tools for supporting individuals in their own change effort. She will present lecture
and lead discussions on the change process and provide tools to cope with changes in the workplace.

2:00-2:15     Break

2:15-4:15     Communications: Gender Differences

*Most are aware of the fact that men and women communicate on different levels. Understanding and examining these sometimes opposing communication styles
assists both parties in the interaction process. This workshop focuses on some of the misunderstandings and addresses ways to overcome the differences.

4:15-5:00     Closing Remarks - Conference Critique
                                                                                                                Page     9

  2001 TWO Scholarship Application Information

  Our dedicated Scholarship Committee would like to ensure members have every opportunity to send their
  applications forward for consideration. It's never too early to consider advancing your knowledge and skills.
  Please take note of the following information and application. Mark March 1st on your calendar.

WHAT?            Four Scholarships -- up to $500 each for TWO Members.
                 One Scholarship -- up to $500, will be open to non-FAA; TWO sponsorship required.

WHEN?            Application postmarked no later than March 1, 2001.

FOR?             Studies or courses that will advance and/or enhance an individuals’ career in a technical field.

HOW?             Submit Application form and signed Training contract, as well as,
                        -- Two letters of recommendation from:
                                  1. A present or former supervisor,
                                  2. An acquaintance who has known you for more than one year and is not a relative, or
                                  3. A TWO member (required for non-FAA)
                        -- Biography and goals of candidate -- maximum one page.
                        -- List formal training for past 5 years (college, technical, agency,
                           or directive studies- transcripts optional).
                        -- Resume, SF-171, or 612 with job history for the last 5 years.

                                             Send you submissions to:

                                         Emily Godinet, Chairperson
                                     TWO Education and Career Committee
                                           10104 Thompson Ave.
                                             Yukon, OK 73099

                        (Winners will need to provide a photo for TWO’s newsletter, The Circuit.)

                  All applications MUST be mailed; TWO members cannot take applications.
                                        WE MUST HAVE A POSTMARK.

                                     TWO SCHOLARSHIP TRAINING CONTRACT

    My signature signifies that all information, on my application and contained in my supporting documents, is true and
accurate. I will utilize this scholarship no later than May 31, 2002. Upon completion of training, I will provide a certificate
or record of completed training, along with original paid receipt(s) to the TWO Education Committee Chairperson. At that
                                  time I will receive reimbursement for training up to $500.00.

                                                                                  Page   10

                           TECHNICAL WOMEN’S ORGANIZATION
                       2001 SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION

NAME (last)___________________________ (first)_____________________ (m)________

HOME ADDRESS___________________________________________________________

HOME PHONE__________________________WORK PHONE_______________________

WORK ADDRESS___________________________________________________________

JOB TITLE/GRADE (if applicable)______________________________________________

SUPERVISOR’S NAME________________________________PHONE________________

HOW LONG IN CURRENT POSITION?__________________________________________


COURSE # AND TITLE_______________________________________________________

TRAINING PROVIDER OR SCHOOL____________________________________________

ITEMIZED COURSE COSTS (OR ATTACH)_______________________________________

CURRENT EDUCATIONAL LEVEL_____________________________________________

DEGREE(S) NOW HELD_____________________________________________________

MEMBER OF TWO? Y_________ N_________


                                                                                                    Page   11

                                                        TWO Events Calendar

  October - 2000
5           E-Board Telecon 1:00 PM EDT (817) 222-4871 X2224
6           "The Circuit" Newsletter published
18 - 19     TWO/PWC/FWP Training Conference - CMD, Palm Coast, Florida
26 - 27     PWC/TWO Training Conference "Joining Forces to Win", Las Vegas, Nevada

    November - 2000
2            E-Board Telecon 1:00 PM EDT (817) 222-4871 X2224

  December - 2000
7          E-Board Telecon 1:00 PM EDT (817) 222-4871 X2224
15         Submissions due for "The Circuit"

    January - 2001
4             E-Board Telecon 1:00 PM EDT (817) 222-4871 X2224
5             "The Circuit" Newsletter is Published, to include scholarship application
*             TWO Scholarship Application Processes begins. Mail out forms to general membership

    February - 2001
1             E-Board Telecon 1:00 PM EDT (817) 222-4871 X2224
*             No scheduled activities at this time.

     March - 2001
*             TWO Officer Elections - Request for Nominations mailed (1st week of March)
1             Scholarship Applications must be postmarked no later than March 1, 2001
1             E-Board Telecon 1:00 PM EDT (817) 222-4871 X2224
15            Submission due for "The Circuit"

  April - 2001
*            TWO Officer Elections - Deadline for Nominations (1st week of April)
*            TWO Officer Elections - Ballots and/or bylaws changes mailed out (3rd week of April)
5            E-Board Telecon 1:00 PM EDT (817) 222-4871 X2224
5            "The Circuit" Newsletter is published
23 - 26      PWC/TWO Joint Annual Training Conference - Memphis
23 - 26      TWO scholarship winners announced at Joint Annual Training Conference - Memphis

    May - 2001
*            TWO Officer Elections - Ballots and/or bylaw changes due in (2nd week of May)
*            TWO Officer Elections - New Officers advised of results (3rd week of May - June 1st)
3            E-Board Telecon 1:00 PM EDT (817) 222-4871 X2224
                                                                                                                 Page       12

  2001 Joint PWC/TWO Conference - Memphis

       Have you blocked out April 22-26, 2001 on
  your calendar? That's the date for next year's
  joint PWC/TWO Training Conference. Tentative
  events for this opportunity reflect the rich history
  and culture of Memphis, Tennessee. Plans
  include tours of Graceland, St. Jude Hospital and
  Federal Express, a discussion on "Does the Glass
  Ceiling Really Exist?", and a 50's attire Sock Hop.
  So get those poodle skirts out, put on your socks,
  and get moving. Reservations can be made by
  calling the Radisson Hotel, located in the heart of
  downtown Memphis at (907)-528-1800, or 800-
  333-3333. Be sure to mention PWC when making
  your arrangements. Our TWO Conference
  Chairperson for this event is Charlene Campbell,                              April 21 - 26, 2001
                                                                               Memphis, Tennessee

150 Project - The Story Behind the Story

Once upon a time the FAA was all
white and male. Women were the               Bill Traylor, FAA Academy               can get more information about the
secretaries. When other government          Superintendent, and a 150 graduate,      next reunion by contacting
agencies began to recruit minorities        hosted the affair.              His landline is
and women the FAA was                                                                (615) 781-5456.
conspicuously behind the times.              Fifty former 150 students and their
                                            spouses joined former instructors and
Air Traffic and Airway Facilities were      retired FAA dignitaries at the Mike
each asked to reserve 75 positions          Monroney Aeronautical Center to
specifically for minorities. Brief          honor those who put the program
training outlines were drawn up.            together and made it work.
Regular academy instructors were
loaned to the program, hastily named        A tour of the Academy brought back
“Project 150.” The first classes            memories of the “old times” while
convened in 1970.                           showing the progress, which
                                            transpired during the careers of those
On July 20, 2000 the inaugural class        in attendance.
of Project 150 students from Airway
Facilities held its first ever reunion at   Several 150 graduates were unable to
the Westin Hotel in Oklahoma City.          attend the reunion due to operational
                                            commitments or because their
They invited all the graduates of all       whereabouts were unknown.
150 classes and the successor
program, ET Qual, to join their             If you are one of them or if you know
celebration.                                of someone who went through the
                                            150/ET Qual training regimen, you
                                                                                                                    Page      13

 Nancy Wigal

I attended the annual Technical            For the first time ever, TWO was              similar. You prepare yourself. You
Women’s Organization Training              holding a combined training                   know that your attitude and the
Conference in OKC with excitement          conference with FAA GLOBE and                 manner in which you communicate
and some trepidation. There aren’t         NCFAED, and I am the national                 your coming out determines in large
very many AF gay or lesbians who           chairperson for FAA GLOBE.                    part how the other party reacts. So, if
are out. As a matter of fact, I am                                                       you’re calm and matter of fact, that
sure there are plenty of AF gay or         It’s easy to hide if you’re gay. It’s not     increases your chances of the other
lesbian folks I don’t know about.          like being a racial or cultural minority.     individual reacting in kind. But since
                                           If I choose, I could pass for straight.       you can’t control the other person,
I’m always excited to go to the            However, I choose to live my life             you control yourself.
training conference because I get to       truthfully, not as a lie. That’s difficult.
re-connect with old friends and            Every time I “come out,” as it’s              I knew logically that others attending
acquaintances. Since I’m no longer in      called, I have to face my fears of            the conference had concerns about
the field, this contact becomes even       rejection and anger from the other            gays and lesbians. I knew that fear
more important. My position in             person all over again. With time and          on both sides had be faced, and
AOP-300 requires that I understand         lots of coming out experiences, it            alleviated. What if people who have
the field perspective in order to revise   gets easier, but it’s never a piece of        known me for years, suddenly don’t
maintenance handbooks and create           cake. It must be like sky diving: it's a      like me because I’m gay? What if
policy for operations and                  leap of faith.                                they yell at me, run away, act
maintenance. Plus, there are just                                                        horrified? What would I do? How
some darn nice, fun folks I don’t          You’re hoping you’ve got all the              would I react to their behavior? What
otherwise get to see all year.             equipment set up right, and the               sort of disillusionment awaited me?
                                           support you need. After that, you just
I felt some apprehension and fear,         have to let go. The coming out                I figured there would be folks at the
because I wasn’t attending this year’s     experience for gays and lesbians is           conference that hadn’t ever
conference as just a TWO member.

knowingly talked to gays and               of a wonderful training conference.           We look forward to another opportunity
lesbians. I hoped that any dialogue                                                      to not only participate, but to help
that resulted would be thoughtful,         FAA GLOBE would like to thank                 sponsor future training conferences.
mature and respectful. Part of             TWO for including us in the annual
GLOBE’s mission is showing other           training conference.
FAAers that we’re just human beings.
We worry about money, our houses,
and our children, relatives, crime and
drugs, just like anybody else. Would
the other attendees understand that?

Well, the conference turned out just
fine for the other GLOBE members
and me. The feedback I received
from people indicated that the
inclusion was not a problem. We felt
just as welcome as anyone else. The
support was tremendous.

As usual, the TWO Conference
Committee worked extremely hard,
and the effort showed in the form
                                                                                                             Page     14

Southern Region News - Robertha Walley

Southern Region's TWO Representative Robertha Walley shares this info with you:

Congratulations to the following people:

Bridgit Gandy - TWO Scholarship Recipient
Mary Allison - Detail to the NOCC
Clara Harden - Selected as Chairperson for the North Florida Equal Employment
Opportunity Council (EEOC), and Secretary of the Jacksonville Center Equal
Employment Opportunity Advisory Council (EEOAC).

Special Thanks to my SMO Representatives: Leyshun Bandy, Charlene Campbell, Clara
Harden and Debra Rowe for helping Southern Region win the TWO Recruitment Award
for most new members in 2000.

I want to remind everyone to forecast leave for the National PWC/TWO Training
Conference to be held in Memphis, TN, April 22-26, 2001.

Western Pacific Region News - Susy Peasley

Susy Peasley, AWP Regional Representative, shares the good news regarding Laura Helms,
who was promoted to a 13 Tech Eval Position in the Western Pacific Region. Laura was kind
enough to share her experiences:

" I'm really excited about my new job. I've had several details to AWP-473, and I've been out
on quite a few technical evaluations. I really enjoy getting out to the different SSCs and
meeting the technicians working there. It's interesting to visit all of the different facilities too.
I'm looking forward to all of the traveling I have ahead, and working with the other members of
the technical evaluation team in the Nav/Comm section, and also in the Radar and
Environmental sections. I hope we can make a really positive contribution to the facilities that
we visit."                                                                                              Submissions to the
                                                                                                        next issue of
"I've been a technician with the FAA since 1987, first at LAX, then at Santa Barbara. I've had          "The Circuit" are
other details/assignments to both the SMO training section (a fantastic 3 month assignment to           due by December
Hawaii SMO as a Program Support Specialist) and to the regional training section in AWP-420.            15th.
A few years ago I even got to go on detail to Denver to assist the technicians in maintaining
Stapleton while they prepared to switch over to the new Denver International Airport. It was a          You may send
great experience to work in another region and meet so many new people. The skiing was fun              them to either:
too! "
                                                                                                        Merry Creamer
"I've been attending college for the past few years, completing my Associate degree in                  Mary M. Thomas
Electronics, and I have just a couple classes to go to complete my Bachelor degree in Business
Management. I want to thank TWO once again for the scholarship I received. Being selected               Or
for a scholarship means so much more than the $500.00 (although the financial help is greatly
appreciated). It is just so encouraging to have other people think that you have a worthy goal,         Internet email:
and they are willing to help you reach it. It's a great feeling."                             

Congratulations on your promotion, Laura! Best Wishes from TWO on your new endeavors.
                                                                                                                  Page      15

 Maintenance Monitoring System (MMS)
 This is the second in a series of education articles on the MMS Program, written by Kelly Dodge, ANM-472

The Maintenance Management                 MMS provides numerous subsystems             (FSE) Subsystem reside the FFA,
System (MMS) database                      and screens used to input or retrieve        FEQ, and FMO screens that directly
standardization effort continues.          information from the database.               impact the specialist’s ability to
                                                                                        complete accurate and consistent log
The Facility Equipment Database            The two MMS subsystems the                   entries.
Standardization work group (FEDS),         specialists need to be aware of are
sponsored by AOP 200, is working to        the Facility/Service/Equipment (FSE)         The FFA, FEQ and FMO records
standardize the structure and naming       and Logging Activity (LOG)                   within the FSE Subsystem describe a
conventions within MMS.                    Subsystems.                                  facility. Under the MMS Logging
                                                                                        Activities (LOG) Subsystem reside
Though database standardization            The User’s Manual for MMS,                   LIR, LAD, LPM, LEM, LST and LCM log
efforts are underway in many areas         TI6030.1G, describes each                    entry screen types along with many
of ATS, the focus on valid and             Subsystem and associated screens in          others.
consistent reporting conventions           detail. The current Order 6000.48,
remains a shared vision.                   General Maintenance Handbook for             It is critical to note that MMS is a
                                           Automated Logging, describes which           relational database as it relies purely
Any piece of information entered into      event requires which log entry type.         on information contained within each
MMS becomes a part of the MMS                                                           subsystem.
database. The collection of MMS            Order 6040.C, National Airspace
data entered on one MMS screen is          Performance Reporting System                 Log entries are dependent upon the
called an MMS record. Records              (NAPRS) specifically provides                population of specific fields within a
containing the same type of                guidance for logging and reporting           subsystem. For example, you cannot
information are grouped into files.        facility interruptions (LIR).                complete a corrective maintenance
                                                                                        activity (LCM) log entry without first
These files make up the MMS                Located under the                            populating the FFA and FEQ screens
Subsystems.                                Facility/Service/Equipment                   for that facility.

The FFA, or FSEP Facility, is the          Most information necessary to                Unit (LRU) of a facility. For example,
location of the primary record for all     complete a FFA record can be found           a transmitter (TX) would be a FEQ
equipment and services within Airway       in a document entitled “The Desk             record to a RCAG facility. If a RCAG
Facilities scope of responsibility. All    Guide” or through the MMS help               had multiple transmitters, which is
log entries and other MMS files are        screens (F2).                                typically the case, then each
built from the FFA record.                                                              transmitter would have a unique FEQ
                                            However, a FFA record is ‘keyed’ by         record.
Fields within the FFA record indicate      only two fields; Facility Type and
the percentage of contract                 Ident. The Facility Type is the              The unique aspect of an FEQ record
maintenance, the number of trips and       descriptor given an equipment or             for a multiple item, such as a
the amount of travel time expected         service. Ident is the location of the        transmitter, would be defined by the
for specialists to perform                 facility.                                    EQUIP ID field.
maintenance, commissioning status,
and a restoration code for the              For instance; a FFA record for a            Each transmitter FEQ would be
specified facility.                        Remote Center Air/Ground                     defined as follows:
                                           Communications facility in Lakeview,
There are numerous other fields            Oregon would be RCAG LKV.                       FAC TYPE         RCAG
within the FFA record, all of which                                                        IDENT            LKV
impact staffing, budget, and logistics     The FEQ, or FFA Equipment, screen               SHORT NAME       TX
in some manner.                            describes each facility subsystem,              EQUIP ID         MCH43U
                                           major component or Line Replaceable
                                                                                        Continued on Page 16
                                                                                                                        Page     16

Maintenance Monitoring System (MMS)
This is the second in a series of education articles on the MMS Program, written by Kelly Dodge, ANM-472
Continued from Page 15

 In this example the EQUIP ID field            Each of these fields, when populated            Thus, the specialist does not have to
 indicates this specific transmitter is       will aid specialists in consistency of           explain which part was replaced on
 the Main, UHF transmitter for channel        reporting. If a specialist has replaced          which transmitter or channel in the
 43. Another FEQ for the Standby,             the crystal on a RCAG transmitter,               comment section of the log entry.
 UHF transmitter may have SCH43U as           and the FEQ and FMO records have
 the EQUIP ID.                                been populated, the keystrokes to                The necessary and required
                                              complete a log entry are significantly           information is supplied by the
 The FMO, or FFA Module, screen               reduced and simplified.                          specialists’ use of the predefined FEQ
 further defines a facility subsystem.                                                         and FMO records.
                                              The specialist would call up the
 For example, a FMO to the FEQ for a          LCM log screen and add the first                 The population of FEQ and FMO
 TX may be the crystal (XTAL).                four fields; FAC TYPE, LOC                       records also affects the Simplified
                                              IDENT, SHORT NAME, and EQUIP                     Automated Logging (SAL) user. SAL
 As such, a FMO record would be
 comprised of:                                                                                 provides the specialist with a means
                                                                                               to enter five MMS log entry types in a
     FAC TYPE      RCAG                       In our previous example the
                                                                                               disconnected mode from MMS.
     IDENT         LKV                        corrective maintenance log entry
     SHORT NAME    TX                         would be:
                                                                                               SAL relies upon the accurate
     EQUIP ID      MCH43U                                                                      population of the MMS database,
     MODULE ID     XTAL                            RCAG LKV TX MCH43U
                                                                                               however, in our corrective
                                                                                               maintenance scenario described
 The FEQ and FMO records also                 The FA/CA number and other                       above, the appropriate SHORT
 contain several additional fields such       information would automatically be               NAME/EQUIP ID combination would
 as FA/CA number, serial number,              added to the log entry (SF4).                    be found in SAL by selecting the EQ
 location, and description.                                                                    icon.

 Thus, standard population and                Organizing Projects
 naming conventions within the FEQ
 and FMO records provides a                   Do you have difficult time setting up a directory structure for the management of
 consistent and valid reporting               your projects? Does your filing system keep changing all the time? Try using a
 convention regardless of which               standard set of folders for each of your projects. It will not only provide an excellent
 logging tool is used to complete a log       system for managing everything you need to control but it will also keep you
 entry, SAL or MMS.                           focused on the areas you should be concentrating on within your project.

 A goal of the FEDS workgroup is to           The base to start from is a set of 10 folders:
 provide guidance and specific naming
 conventions for equipment, services,         01   Project Planning - PIDs, plans and archived plans etc
 and SHORT NAMES to assist the Field          02   Project Organization - Staffing, resources, roles & responsibilities, org charts
 offices in populating MMS records            03   Project Reporting - Operational, management, weekly, monthly, Ad-Hoc
                                              04   Meetings & Minutes - Agendas, minutes
 A description of how periodic                05   Risk, Issue and Change Management - Risk & issue logs, change notices
 maintenance is scheduled utilizing the       06   Quality Management - Quality documents, QA reviews
 PM Scheduler function within MMS             07   Document Control - Specifications, archiving, templates, procedures & processes
 (and displayed in SAL) will be               08   Cost Management - Costs, budgets and other financial information.
 provided in the next iteration.              09   Communication Management - Internal & external
                                              10   Base Information - Anything that doesn't really fit into the above folders
                                                                                                        Page     17

TWO Mentoring Program - Headquarters Report

The Headquarters Technical Women's       She provided financial support for the   Their many activities included several
Organization (TWO) has successfully      Dr. Glenn Pfau "Projecting A             guest speakers with topics ranging
completed its second year of the         Professional Image" workshops            from "Triumph over Failure to "Why
TWO Mentor Program. Although this        conducted for the Mentor Program         Should I Hire You".
nine-month program is designed to        sessions held during 1998-99 and
promote career development among         1999-2000.                               There were also panel discussions
women, it is open to the entire                                                   with panelists representing all levels
Headquarters workforce.                  The 1999-2000 program year had a         of the organization. The closing
                                         total of 18 mentees, mentors,            testimonials included words of praise,
In 1997, TWO Headquarters                supervisor triads with representation    thanks, and gratitude for the
Representative Carmela Vaccarella,       at all pay levels across various lines   challenges and growth the program
met with Acting Administrator Barry      of businesses - Research and             provided. Many of the participants
Valentine to present our                 Acquisitions, Air Traffic Services,      expressed their desire to continue
organization's desire to conduct a       Regulation and Certification, Human      working with a future mentor
mentor program for the Headquarters      Resource Management, and Civil           program, which is always a true
lines of business. Mr. Valentine fully   Aviation Security.                       indicator of success.
supported this idea and upon the
arrival of the new Administrator, he     The program provided an opportunity      One of the mentee's concluded her
and Ms. Vaccarella met with              for Headquarters employees to            final report this way: "I am elated
Administrator Garvey.                    network and interact with others         that by joining this program, it has
                                         outside their own organizations, learn   given me the opportunity to
Ms. Garvey embraced the concept          more about themselves, plan career       accomplish goals I probably wouldn't
and promoted it among her                strategies and goals, and examine        have accomplished, if I hadn't joined.
management team.                         methods to enhance their knowledge,      The most important thing that I've
                                         skills, and abilities.                   always heard and now can relate to

is 'Knowledge is Power' and 'a mind is   Marcia Corey, Lynn Strazzini, and        Mentee/Mentor Pairings will be the
a terrible thing to waste', use it       Karen Geranis of the Airway Facilities   week of December 11, and the
wisely!                                  Headquarters Administrative Services     program kickoff will be the week of
                                         Division.                                January 8th.
I have attended various seminars and
am learning everything I can. It feels   Also key is the support of the           The format will be revised to a 6-
great! I can now say that my heart is    Headquarters TWO President Carmela       month format, instead of the previous
open to accept all of this information   Vaccarella, Research and Acquisitions    9-month program.
and take it to heart.                    Project Team Lead for Secondary
                                         Surveillance.                            Got at questions? Call Lynn
No matter what ups and downs have                                                 Strazzini or Marcia Corey, AFZ-
occurred or will occur in my life, I'm   Plans are underway to begin the third    600, at 202-267-8399.
not a failure. I was proud to serve as   session of the Headquarters TWO
a mentee with the Technical              Mentor Program during the first
Women's Organization Mentor              quarter of FY 2001.
Program. Thanks for having me."
                                         Mentoring Program Announcements
This program could not have been         will go out in October, with the
successful without the hard work and     deadline for applications being
dedication of the program managers       November 15th.
                                                                                                                    Page     18

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