Is Social Media Marketing Necessary?

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					There’s More to Internet Network Marketing Than Social Media
Using social media to promote your network marketing business online is great, but it’s the worst way to build your foundation. Why? Because it’s not stable. For example, Back in 2007 Myspace was one of the best things to take advantage of for internet network marketers, but now everyone is using Facebook and Twitter. If your foundation was built just on Myspace, your lead generation success should be taking a nose dive right now. Also, with the way that people are using automated this and that for Twitter, who knows how long it will be a valuable tool in an internet network marketer’s arsenal. My point is there are basic internet marketing principles and certain elements that need to be utilized in order to build your foundation. After your foundation is built, that’s when you add social media to help take your business to a whole new level. Internet Marketers have been promoting all kinds of products and services online for years way before Myspace, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. became popular. Some of the strategies used back then work just as well today. For example, article marketing, list building with the use of autoresponders, participating in forums, and PPC are a few very powerful strategies that still work today. You would be surprised at the number of successful internet marketers now who don’t have much of a presence on social networking sites. The biggest test of the skills of an internet network marketer is to see how they can stay alive in the game without blogging and without Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Squidoo, etc. Those that can survive are the ones who really know their stuff and have built a strong internet marketing foundation. Those who can’t survive have built a weak foundation. Why build a weak house because it’s summer time now, when you know that the cold winter storms are coming in later months? You need to build a foundation that will last in all whether no matter how many years go by. At the same time, you still need to take advantage of current trends. Don’t just be an internet network marketer for today; make sure that your foundation is strong enough to continue your success tomorrow. Once again, Social media is great, but it’s just icing on the cake.

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Description: There is more to internet network marketing than social media. If social media marketing is your main strategy, then you are building a very weak internet marketing foundation. Here's Why...