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					                                  East Hampshire District Council

                                 Community Forum Minutes
           (Whitehill/Bordon, Liphook, Headley, Grayshott, Lindford & Greatham)

             Grayshott CE Primary School, School Road, Grayshott, GU26 6LR

                                Tuesday 17th July 2012 at 6.30pm

                                   Cllr Ferris Cowper, (Chairman)
        Cllr Angela Glass, Cllr Richard Millard, Cllr Bill Mouland, Cllr Yvonne Parker Smith
                                     and Cllr Anthony Williams.

                                         -:Also Present:-
                  Parish Cllr Jackie Poole, Bramshott & Liphook Parish Council,
                      Parish Councillor Jan Gale, Grayshott Parish Council,
                   and Parish Cllr Barry Parker Smith, Lindford Parish Council

      Developer Contributions Monitoring Officer, Community Project Worker (Development)
                             and Committee Services Co-ordinator.

                                       -:Also Present:-
                Marc Samways, Traffic Management & Road Safety Manager,
                              Hampshire County Council (HCC),
  Michelle Green, Parking & Traffic Management Team Leader, Havant Borough Council (HBC)
                        and PC Emily Robins, Hampshire Constabulary.

1.      Apologies for Absence.                       (iii)  Asked that members of the public
Apologies for absence were received from             signed the attendance sheet and used the
District Councillors Lynn Ashton, Adam               roving microphone when speaking;
Carew, Philip Drury, Zoya Faddy, Tony
Muldoon, Chris Wherrell, Parish Councillors          (iv)   The Olympic Flame had been carried
Deborah Chamberlain, Jock Trodden and                through Petersfield on Monday 16th July
Town Councillor Mark Davison.                        2012. This had been a very successful
                                                     event with 15,000 people cheering the
2.     Confirmation of Minutes.                      Torch through the town. The Inspector from
The minutes of the meeting held on the 17th          Hampshire Police and the Metropolitan
April 2012, which had been previously                convoy Police had described the event as
circulated, were confirmed and signed as a           being the most professional and well run
correct record.                                      operation that he had seen. 50 volunteer
                                                     stewards marshalled the crowd including
3.   Chairman’s Announcements.                       over 20 from the Army in Bordon; and
The Chairman announced:
                                                     (v)     He was pleased to announce that
(i)    The location of the fire exits;               Sports England had confirmed that Bohunt
                                                     School and Centre had been successful in
(ii)  Asked all present to switch off their          being awarded £76,160.65 from the Inspired
mobile phones;                                       Facilities Grants. The money would go

                                                             17 582d66c5-34f6-4d14-b961-fb105fad94dd.doc
towards the funding of the refurbishment of        Parish Council, which was attached as
the multi-sports hall.                             Appendix A to the report.
                                                   Cllr Cowper, addressed the Forum on this
4.    Declarations of Interest. There              item in his role as County Councillor for the
were no declarations of interest.                  Headley Division. He had some suggestions
                                                   on how the Parish Council could progress
5.    Public Question Time. There were             some of their projects. However, he would
no public questions.                               bring these suggestions to their Parish
                                                   Council meeting on the following Monday.
6.      Discussion on Traffic and Road
Issues in the Forum Area. The Chairman             2.    Lindford Parish Council
introduced Marc Samways, Traffic
Management & Road Safety Manager,                  There were two applications from the Parish
HCC, Michelle Green, Parking & Traffic             Council. The first application was for £8,700
Management Team Leader (HBC) and PC                from the sport and recreation developer
Emily Robins. He explained that the format         contributions as additional funding for the
of this section of the meeting would be in a       proposed play area at The Chase
question and answer format.                        development. The second application was
                                                   for £3,800 from open space and recreation
There was an extensive and wide ranging            to secure additional land for allotments on
discussion on highways issues in the Forum         The Chase development.
area, with Councillors and members of the
public raising a number of concerns. The           Councillors supported the applications.
questions and answers are attached as
Appendix 1 to these minutes.                       Following the discussion it was

In summing up the session, Cllr Cowper             RESOLVED that
said that the big issues and concerns were
speeding, obstructive parking, speed limits,       1.     the updated list of developer
Traffic Regulation Orders and the quiet            contribution spending proposals from
lanes issue.                                       Bramshott and Liphook Parish Council be
                                                   NOTED; and
Following the discussion, it was
                                                   2.     the following applications from
RESOLVED that the questions and answers            Lindford Parish Council for Developer
from the panel session as set out in               Contributions be APPROVED:
Appendix 1 be NOTED.
                                                   (i)    sports and recreation - £8,700 as
7.     Developer Contributions:                    additional funding for the proposed play
Bramshott and Liphook and Lindford.                area on The Chase development; and
The Forum considered report, PS.370/12,
which had been previously circulated.              (ii)   open space and recreation - £3,800
Alisdair Tweddle, Developer Contributions          to secure additional land for allotments on
Monitoring Officer introduced this item.           The Chase development.

1.    Bramshott and Liphook Parish                 8.    Appointments to Outside Bodies.
      Council                                      The Forum considered report, DS.04/12,
                                                   which had been previously circulated.
The Forum were asked to note the updated
list of developer contribution spending            Following the discussion, it was
proposals from Bramshott and Liphook

                                               2           17582d66c5-34f6-4d14-b961-fb105fad94dd.doc
RESOLVED that the following appointments          Phoenix Centre – Cllr Chris Wherrell;
to outside bodies for 2012-2013 be
APPROVED:                                         River Wey Trust – Cllr Angela Glass;

Bohunt Centre Management Committee –              Whitehill and Bordon Community
Cllr Angela Glass and Cllr Bill Mouland;          Association – Cllr Tony Muldoon; and

Headley Down Community Association –              Whitehill and Bordon Town Partnership –
Cllr Yvonne Parker Smith;                         Cllr Philip Drury.

Liphook Youth Club – Cllr Angela Glass;

The meeting concluded at 8.49pm

During the course of the meeting 25 members of the public and no members of the
press were present.

 Copies of this and all other agendas and minutes can be accessed via the Council’s website –
      They are also available on request in other formats including audio and large print.

                                              3          17582d66c5-34f6-4d14-b961-fb105fad94dd.doc

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