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									How to Increase Your Network Marketing Income Without Harassing Your Friends and Family
Many new network marketers think that their network marketing income will be lucrative and they can quit their job. After a few months in the business they find themselves struggling with their businesses and they have lost more money than they have gained. These marketers have tried everything that their company has told them to do to increase their network marketing income but nothing seems to work. Most network marketers jump around joining different opportunities - Once they fail at one, they join another, then another, then another...trying to find the right company that offers the best products and compensation plan. What many people do not realize is that it's not the company, nor the products, nor the compensation plan because there is a market for everything and there are people making money from all different kinds of comp plans. You can be successful with any network marketing opportunity if you know how to market it. Most network marketing companies teach the same tired old school ways of marketing: • • • • • • • • Make a list of family and friends (your warm market) and invite them to business opportunity meetings The 3 foot rule (talk to every who comes within 3 feet of you) Send prospects to business opportunity conference calls Host home parties Hand out fliers, business cards, sizzle cards, DVDs, etc. 3 way calls with your upline Send people to your replicated company website Purchase MLM leads and call and email them

These above tactics do not work for most people, because if they did, there would be more network marketing success stories instead of failures. The problem with the above tactics are two fold: #1 people do not like to be sold to; in other words, no one wants to be convinced to do something.

#2 You are promoting the company instead of promoting yourself as a professional business owner. Yes the above methods work, but it only works for the company. In these days and times, people do their homework before they make buying decisions. Everyone researching companies, products, and services online before they even think of buying something. Knowing that, what reason would a prospect have to sign up under you? You have already shown people how great your business opportunity is, so now when they go online and find out more about the company, they will come across another distributor with their own website who is branding themselves as a leader. You haven't branded yourself as anything - all you did was promote the company and its website. Well guess what? Thousands of other independent reps for your MLM company are doing the same thing that you're doing (promoting the MLM company) which doesn't set you apart in any way. So the best way to market your business and increase your network marketing income is to break away from the company and promote yourself, and use the company's products, service, and business opportunity as a solution to other people's problems.

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