Does Online Network Marketing Work?

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					Does Online Network Marketing Work?
When people ask me if online network marketing works, I ask them when was the last time that they were on the internet. Usually the answer ranges from a few minutes ago to just the other day. The point is everyone uses the internet these days, and as a network marketer you need to get yourself in front of people. Why invite someone to a hotel meeting when you can just meet them where they already are…and that place is online. Offline you have business cards… Online you have a website. Offline you use direct mail…Online you use autoresponders. Offline you have home parties or hotel meetings…Online you have social networking sites. Offline you have conference calls…Online you have webinars. Offline you have newspapers…Online you have PPC Ads, article directories, and online classifieds. The fact of the matter is, marketing is marketing and the only way you make it work is knowing basic marketing principles that can be used no matter if you are promoting your business offline or on the internet. The only difference is the tools you use in your business. If you don’t know basic marketing principles, then it will be hard for you to create a foundation that you can build a successful business on, whether you’re using the internet or not. That is why it is important for you to join a network marketing business opportunity under someone who can teach you these principles and know what internet marketing tools to use to make it work. If you have a job mentality or get rich quick mentality, then online network marketing won’t work…But network marketing will not work offline either with the wrong type of thinking. It takes time and dedication to make network marketing work no matter how you promote your business. Everyone that you hear of making thousands of dollars using the internet in their network marketing business are people who know what it’s like to fail before they had success. They know what doesn’t work from years of trial and error; they didn’t just become overnight success stories. They put in hard work, they lost thousands, they been through the trenches and “earned their stripes” so to speak. These are the people that you need to seek out to lead you to online network marketing success. These coaches and mentors will make sure that you don’t have to go through what they went through in order to be successful. Just make sure that you are careful about the coach you choose, because there are many deceiving people online. I know because back in 2003 I came across them. I’ve been burned, I’ve lost thousands, and I failed miserably for a long time; However, I never gave up. It took me 5 years to figure it all out, but fortunately I did. With the right coach, I know you will figure it all out too.

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