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					                                                         Public Speaking Rubric
Speaker________________________________________________________ Time _________________ Citations_________________

                 Future Toastmaster--5                  Team Spokesperson--4                 Fledgling Speaker--3                   Keep Trying!--2
Attention        Riveting AG grabs attention of         Attention device has audience        Audience is listening with some        Attention device boring or
Getter           audience                               watching/thinking                    attention                              indistinguishable

Speaker          Detailed info gives speaker strong     Convinces audience of credibility;   Attempts to establish credibility;     Info does not establish credibility or
Credibility &    credibility on topic; Benefits         Benefit of listener relevance link   Attempts to connect with audience in   listener relevance link missing
Listener         audience with strong listener          connects with most of audience.      listener relevance link
                 relevance link
Thesis           Thesis clearly revealed & well         Thesis stated & appropriate for      Thesis needs strength or structure     Thesis inappropriate, missing or
                 structured for speech                  speech                                                                      indistinguishable

Preview          Previews body of speech in a           Previews so audience knows           Mentions all main points in preview    Preview missing or indistinguishable
                 memorable and effective way            number of points

Main             Main points are effective & strongly   Main points are separate and         Some main points overlap or do not     Some main points are unclear or
Points           support thesis                         support thesis                       support thesis                         missing

Main Point       Main points are effectively            Main points are supported with       Main points are supported with         Support for main points is minimal or
Support          supported with stats, facts,           convincing evidence                  some evidence                          missing
                 testimonials, narratives, etc.

Transitions      Complete transitions between main      Complete transitions between         Attempts to use transitions between    Some transitions missing
                 points create effective flow           main points.                         main points

Conclusion       Three elements of conclusion are       Conclusion is effective and          Conclusion missing one or more of      Audience has no idea the conclusion
                 compelling and memorable               includes the three elements          the three elements                     is coming

Formal Outline   Requirements met: Complete             Most requirements met                Many requirements not met              Formal outline is missing = minus 10
                 sentences only; all elements shown;                                                                                points
                 no typos; correct grammar; typed

Citations        Citations lend powerful, convincing    Citations add support to thesis &    Attempts to make all required          Some citations missing
                 support to thesis & main points        main points                          citations
Eye Contact      Effectively, consistently engages        Establishes eye contact             Attempts to establish eye contact      Rarely establishes eye contact
                 audience with eye contact                throughout most of speech

Volume           Volume easily heard throughout           Volume easily heard throughout      Volume is occasionally too soft or     Volume consistently too soft or too
                 audience; adds interest, passion         audience.                           too loud                               loud

Rate             Rate is effective and clear; adds        Rate is understandable and          Rate makes words occasionally          Rate is often too fast or too slow
                 power, drama, empathy, suspense          appropriate throughout speech       garbled or is not consistently

Confidence       Speaker is relaxed, confident,           Speaker is confident and            Speaker lacking confidence and         Obviously nervous and lacks
Enthusiasm       contagiously enthusiastic                enthusiastic                        enthusiasm; nervousness apparent       confidence and enthusiasm

Conversational   Conversational style flows easily;       Mostly conversational; uses         Attempts to be conversational;         Not conversational; reads most of all
Style            engages and enthralls audience           speaking outline as only guide      reading some of speech                 of speech

Language         Language is vivid, enhances clarity;     Language is understandable w/a      Language is plain, uninteresting;      Language is offensive/marginalizing;
                 grammar/ pronunciation correct           few grammar/pronunciation errors    several grammar/pronunciation errors   many grammar/ pronunciation errors

Attire           Professional & smart attire creates      Attire is mostly professional and   Speaker attempts to present            Inappropriate attire, including jeans
                 air of credibility, believability and    appropriate for speech topic        professional attire.                   and logo shirts, detracts from
                 polish                                                                                                              credibility and distracts from speech

Preparation      Obviously well rehearsed and well        Seems prepared and rehearsed        Seems prepared; needs practice         Not prepared

Presentation     Presentation aid effective, creative,    Presentation aid supports           Presentation aid meets some            Presentation aid missing or detracts
Aid              easy to see, enhances speech             speech element and is easy to see   requirements and/or is hard to see     from speech

Speaking          Requirements met: No complete           Most requirements met               Many requirements not met              Speaking outline is a script = minus
Outline          sentences except thesis, transitions &                                                                              10 points
                 SHORT quotes; all elements shown;
                 uses notes to self

                             X5=                                     X4=                                 X3=                                     X2=

TOTAL:                             /100

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