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An Individual Project by Brody Loewen
   Feminism is the belief in the equality of men and
women in everything, from political to social to
economical equality.

   Some believe Feminism appeared in three waves:
¤ The First Wave (nineteenth and early twentieth
¤ The Second Wave (the 1960s and 1970s)
¤ The Third Wave (1990s to the present)
          Example of Feminism
• In the nineteenth century, a wave of feminism appeared
  to bring up the right for women to vote. This wave
  appeared in the United Kingdom and the United States.
  It began in order to promote equal contract and property
  rights for women. It was also to point out the negativity of
  the ownership of wives and children by the husbands
  and fathers. The wave turned to center on getting
  political rights for women instead, particularly the right to
           Important People
      Elizabeth Cady Stanton was one of the leaders in
the feminist movement in the United States. Her
Declaration of Sentiments is often credited with being the
first organized woman’s rights movement in the United
      Susan Brownell Anthony was an American civil
rights leader. She played a “pivotal role” in the
nineteenth century woman’s rights movement. She
traveled throughout the U.S. and Europe and gave
seventy-five to one hundred speeches per year for fort-
five years (that totals to between 3375 and 4500
 The Biblical Perspective, Take 1
Pastor Mark Janzen:
There are two views when it comes to the gender debate; Complimentarian [males and
females were created for different roles], and Egalitarian [we are all the same and that
there is no difference between the two]. I am personally a Complimentatian… and I believe
the Bible teaches this… I believe that many Christian men have interpreted the Bible poorly
and “ruled” over their wives and women harshly… this is also not what God intended… we
are told to “submit to each other”. Wives are to submit to their husbands and husbands are
to love their wives as Christ loved the church. We both have a huge responsibility to each
other. Feminism… has helped the status of women in our time to be able to vote, work,
etcetera, and that is a positive thing. Even Jesus treated women better that the
surrounding culture. He had female followers… changed their lives… A problem with
feminism is that we have blurred the lines between our roles as men and women…
Galatians 3:26-29 says that all people are equal, but we are equal when it comes to
salvation, it is not talking about our roles and ministry in the church. Egalitarians try to say
that the words ‘overseer’ and ‘deacon’ both mean the same thing but scripture clearly
shows us that they are not (1 Tim 3:1-13)… Only men can be overseers/Elders, while both
men and women can be deacons. The roles of men and women are different… But when
it comes to leadership in the church there is a clear distinction between the roles.

If you push Egalitarianism to its furthest then gender doesn’t matter.
If gender doesn’t matter then we open up a whole new can of worms.
The Biblical Perspective, Take 2
Pastor Mark Loewen:
• Feminism is a sin. It is an overreaction to the Biblical Principles outlining the role of
   men and women.
• Woman Rights (which isn’t bad) is different from Feminism. Woman Rights is the
   staring and foundation of Feminism.
• Ephesians 5 is ignored and overlooked by feminists.
• Genesis 3 [the fall of man]
• Feminism deters from the true intention of God’s Word… and it prevents us from
   raising families and children the way God intended.
• Feminism leads to the misunderstanding of Church Doctrine, which will eventually
   allow the false doctrines to be introduced.
The Biblical Perspective, Take 3
Pastor Daryl Kroeker:
Feminism is the human response to the consequence of the fall of man outlined in
   Genesis 3… As a result of their sin, God pronounced [a] curse on the earth and
   outlined the consequences of their sin… In the last part of [Genesis 3:16] God said to
   the woman: “Your desire shall be for your husband, and he shall rule over you.” In
   other words, as a consequence for your sin, there will be tension and strife in the
   relationship between men and women… And so down through time, the relationship
   between men and women has born the terrible consequence of sin… Modern
   feminism is an attempt by women to correct the wrongs and fix the problem. The
   weakness with this movement is that instead of seeing sin as the problem, it sees
   men as the problem. The proponents of feminism don’t see their own selfish sinful
   attitudes and action as the problem, but it is men who are the problem. While it has
   helped to correct and address some of the abuses that have been wrongly heaped on
   women by sinful men, it as a movement has become sinful in that it attempts to do
   exactly what God said in His curse. The women want to take the God-ordained
   leadership role away from the men and take it upon themselves…
In the words of Pastor Mark Janzen:
“I would like to say that this is a contentious issue to deal with it
    with grace and love.”

In the words of Pastor Daryl Kroeker:
The man is to provide sacrificial love to his wife just like Christ did
    for the church when He went to the cross. The women is to
    follow the man’s loving leadership just like the church is to
    follow the leadership of Christ.
                        Call to Action
As stated in the last slide, we can only truly come at this topic with love and
We can do our best to live the way God intended: Guys, have sacrificial love
   towards your wives. Girls, follow the leadership of your husband.
(not sure how we can do this at the current moment, since we aren’t all

The best we can do right now is the first part: look upon this controversial topic
   with love and grace. That is probably the best way to deal with Feminism,
   whenever it comes up.
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