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Certificate in Customer Service Management (CCSM)
Elevating management skills in customer care and service professionalism to ensure
Customer Relationship Excellence is achieved and Customer Loyalty is strengthened
This four-day CCSM course is hosted by Asia Pacific Customer Service Consortium. The course will cover the latest and
advanced topics in Customer Service (CS) Management that enable the participants to increase their awareness and
knowledge of the latest development of CS in terms of technology as well as management concept, including CRM,
Operations, Customer Satisfaction, Loyalty and Performance In addition, participants will learn techniques on data preparation
and presentation to management for extensive CS performance reporting and equip themselves with a comprehensive
understanding of auditing techniques to ensure CS Quality Standards (CSQS) are effectively implemented.
    November 20-23 2012 (Mandarin)                                     “The market competition today is moving from product to
                                                                       service, and the competition of service industry has put
    December 4-7 2012 (English)                                        more attention to customer service excellence. More and
                                                                       more CEO’s are realizing quality customer service is the key
Featuring international facilitator:                                   to customer retention and cost saving, and it’s not a secret
                                                                       that a service without satisfied (internal or external)
Jason Chu Founding Chairman, Asia Pacific Customer                     customer will become obsolete soon. APCSC has launched
Service Consortium (APCSC)                                             the Customer Service Quality Standard (CSQS) strategically
                                                                       to the international business community to help
Judging Panel and Organizing Committee Member,                         organizations in developing a world class service
Customer Relationship Excellence Awards                                management and checklist comprehensive to follow and
                                                                       implement to quickly sharpen their service organizations.”
Testimonials from APCSC past CCSM in Asia Pacific:                                                   Jason Chu, Chairman of APCSC

“The most valuable topic to me is Customer Relationship
Management. Moreover, the pace of the course is perfect!!              Benefits of attending this training:
Overall, I think the entire session is quite valuable and has          • Develop appropriate plans to integrate Service Center within the
increased my knowledge to a great extent!”                               organization
Owais, Assistant Manager, International Liaison Middle East,           • Elevate customer care and professionalism at the Service Center
HELP International College of Technology, Malaysia                       and exceeding customer expectations through KPI Measurement
                                                                       • Share knowledge through Peer-to-Peer consulting opportunities and
“Overall framing is good, specially for new call centre                  exercises to gain more insights and visions towards CS excellence
managers. The instructor was well presented. The course is             • Improve customer loyalty and enhancing customer satisfaction by
recommended to customer service managers.”                               linking performance measures to customer satisfaction
Mohamed Azleem, Assistant Manager,                                     • Provide techniques on data preparation and presentation to
Dhiraagu, Maldives                                                       management for extensive CS performance reporting
                                                                       • Understand and Apply auditing techniques used in CS and contact
“The most valuable topic to me is Seven Critical Steps for               centers and to ensure CSQS are effectively implemented
Successful CRM Project. The instructor has very effective              • Achieve internationally endorsed and recognized Certificate in CS
                                                                         Management, bringing higher prospect to career development
delivery style and pace.”
Anand Raj, Lecturer, Hotel & Tourism School,                                                    Essential Topics
KDU College, Malaysia
                                                                       • Service Center Analysis        • Strategic Partner to Business
"The CCSM training is beneficial and apt to the job and                • Quality Assurance              • World-Class Service Excellence
division. There is lot of new learning. The most valuable topic to
me is analytical tools and the instructor is effective in sharing of   • CSQS /Site Audit               • Managing Operation Excellence
knowledge and experience."                                             • Process Improvement            • Managing CRM
Milinda Janaka Namaratne
Assistant Co-ordinator - Contact Centre Workforce Management           • Problem Solving                • Managing Customer Satisfaction
Dialog Telekom Ltd., Sri Lanka                                         • Best-in-Class CRM              • Managing Technology
“The most valuable topic in CCSM course is Customer Service               Benchmarking                  • Managing People & Performance
Quality Standard (CSQS). The Instructor provided effective
                                                                       • CS Statistics and Numbers      • Managing Finance
presentation materials and teaching materials. This is a very
useful lecture! Thank you.”                                            • Knowledge Management           • Managing Strategic Business Unit
Shirley Tang, General Manager,
Hopewell Real Estate Agency Limited, Hong Kong                         The course will be conducted in English only
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Mr. Jason Chu is the Founding Chairman of Asia Pacific Customer           Session One
Service Consortium (APCSC), the judging panel and organizing              World-Class Customer Service Center
committee of the Customer Relationship Excellence Awards (CRE
                                                                             Understand the Contribution of the Customer Service Center
                                                                             Customer Contact Matrix
Jason collaborates with industry experts and major university
researchers to consult and research on key aspects of Customer               Know how to develop a framework for creating a world-class
Satisfaction and Loyalty. Jointly with researchers in the University of
Hong Kong and the members of APCSC and HKCSC, Mr. Chu has                    Customer Service Excellence Organization
led the consortium effort in developing the Customer Service
                                                                             Learn the different customer styles and Develop effective
Quality Standard (CSQS) in setting international standards and
world class framework for service organizations. He is the pioneer           communication strategy and best practices
of innovative customer service research including eSurvey on
Internet Banking, Securities and Travel Services, Best-in-Class              Group Exercise and Practical Case Studies
(BIC) CRM Contact Center Benchmarking in Asia Pacific, Customer
Satisfaction and Aspiration Survey and other international                   Supply – Demand Ratio for Services
standards in Asia, Australia and the United States.
                                                                          Session Two
Mr. Chu is the Industry Visionary to build a Global Certification with    Customer Service Quality Standard (CSQS) and Site Audit
international bodies in the USA, Australia, China and other
countries for the Customer Service and Support Industry to develop           Understand the Customer Service Quality Standard framework
professionalism and career development for the customer service              Conducting CSQS self assessment and apply to your service
industry, recently the Certificate in Customer Service Management
(CCSM), Certificate in Service Excellence Leadership (CSEL) and              organizations
Certificate in Professional Customer Service (CPCS) approved
under the Continuous Education Fund (CEF) under Hong Kong                    Implementing and integrating the Balanced Scorecards System
SAR Government.
                                                                             to improve performance management
He received his BS and MS degrees in Industrial Engineering and              The latest Customer Relationship Excellence Best Practices
Operations Research from the University of California, Berkeley. He
is a speaker of high demand at conferences and workshops to                  when most are still learning from mistakes
senior executives on developing customer focused organizations
and building Customer Relationship Excellence and customer                   Group Exercise and Practical Case Studies
                                                                          Session Three
Jason’s clients and students include but not limited to:                  Customer Service Center Analysis
                                                                             Best use of different quality and analysis tools
   Accenture               Cathay Pacific Airways
   AIG                     Chunghwa Telecom                                  Conduct purpose & process & analysis on customer behavior
   BUPA (Asia)             CITIC Ka Wah Bank
   CIMB Bank               Dao Heng Insurance                                Different customer expectations and market competition to
   CLP Power               DHL Global Forwarding                             develop contingency matrix
   Dhiraagu                Dialog Telekom
   DHL Express             Esso Malaysia Berhad                              Perform Departmental goals & service processes analysis
   Fuji Xerox              Etiqa Insurance Berhad                            Improve Customer Experience and service processes map
   HK Electric             HSBC Insurance
   HSBC                    HELP University College                           Group Exercise and Practical Case Studies
   KDU College             Henderson Land
   Motorola                Hong Kong Broadband                            Session Four
   NOKIA                   Hong Kong CSL                                  Process Improvement & Problem Solving
   Ocean Park              ING Life Insurance
                                                                             Business processes and workflow improvement
   PCCW                    INTI University College
   Pos Malaysia            Mead Johnson Nutrition                            Monitor your service processes
   P&G                     Methodist College
   Reuters                 Octopus Cards                                     Identify barriers and opportunities to develop best practices
   Rich Products           Padiberas Nasional Berhad                         Apply various problem solving methods.
   Sime Darby              PLUS Expressways Berhad
   SIRIM                   Proton Edar Sdn Bhd                               Master effective root cause analysis and CSQS problem solving
   Smartone                Quality HealthCare Medical Services               Group Exercise and Practical Case Studies
   SONY                    Shangri-La Hotels & Resorts
   SWIFT scrl              Stamford College
   TNT Express             Standard Chartered Bank                        “I found the topic Customer Service and Quality Standard
   Time Asia               Swire Coca Cola                                (CSQS) a very useful topic. The instructor is effective in giving
   UCTI                    Taylor’s University College                    detail explanation on some areas and topics.”
   Wharf T&T               Telekom Malaysia Berhad                        Cathy Lee, Customer Contact Center Supervisor, DHL
                                                                          Express (Hong Kong) Limited
Day 2                                                          Day 3
Session Five                                                   Session Ten
Quality Assurance                                              Managing Operations
   Importance of Quality Standards                                Difference between reactive and pro-active Service Centers
   QA concepts, definitions and goals                             Management style and impact
   Learn how to conduct a successful Mystery Shopping Survey      Maximize potential in your working environment
   Understand the common problems and root cause of QA            Different company culture and how to deal with them

   Develop effective QA strategy and programs for success         Corporate culture, SLA and SLM
   Group Exercise and Practical Case Studies                      Staffing models and workforce management
                                                                  Group Exercise and Practical Case Studies
Session Six
Best-in-Class CRM Benchmarking
                                                               Session Eleven
   The BIC Benchmarking methodology                            Managing Customer Satisfaction
   Common misunderstandings of benchmarking                       Myths of customer satisfaction, retention and loyalty and the
   Formulate a benchmarking program for your company              relationship to business results
   Avoid the pitfalls of benchmarking                             Determine Satisfaction & Performance Attributes that matters

Session Seven                                                     Customer Satisfaction Improvement Initiatives
Customer Service Statistics & Numbers                             Develop effective customer service initiatives
   Various types of graphs and charts used to communicate
                                                                  New model of complaint handling to improve customer relations
   customer service center data
                                                                  Group Exercise and Practical Case Studies
   Types of customer service data that are captured for
   statistical purposes                                        Session Twelve
                                                               Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
   Various components of writing an effective reports             The Return On Investment of CRM and Loyalty
   Learn how to communicate effectively                           Concept of CRM and the challenges
   Group Exercise and Practical Case Studies                      Measure Customer Success and Performance

Session Eight                                                     Develop robust CRM Stages and customer segmentation
Knowledge Management                                              Seven critical steps for successful CRM project management
   Evolution of Knowledge Management
                                                                  Loyalty marketing programs
   Gain an appreciation of Knowledge Value
                                                                  Group Exercise and Practical Case Studies
   Categorize knowledge types
   Relationship between information and knowledge              Session Thirteen
                                                               Managing Technology
   Best practices for Developing KM and learning culture          Value proposition of CRM Technology
   Knowledge Management Measurements                              Today’s CRM and Contact Center technology
   Group Exercise and Practical Case Studies                      Develop and Use Technology/Vendor assessment form

Session Nine                                                      Different criteria in selecting and managing technologies
Planning Customer Satisfaction Research on Service Center
                                                                  Group Exercise and Practical Case Studies
“Knowledge Management is a valuable topic in this course.
The instructor is effective in time management and showing     "Customer Relationship Management is the most valuable topic
good presentation skills.”                                     to me. The instructor is knowledgeable and his experience in
Rudy Hung, Assistant Property & Facility Manager,              Customer Service is the most effective to me."
Hopewell Real Estate Agency Limited                            Safuan Idris, Senior Consultant, SIRIM Berhad, Malaysia

“CSKM is the most valuable topic to me in this course.         “I found the topic Customer Relationship Management the most
Besides, the instructor is very experienced.”                  valuable. The most effective about the instructor is letting us to
S. T. Chow, General Manager, Hopewell Property                 join the group discussion and presentation.”
Management Co., Ltd.                                           Emma Cheng, Area Manager I, Hong Yip Service Co., Ltd
Day 4                                                                   Who should attend
Session Fourteen                                                        Suitable for all levels of staff from Directors to Supervisors
Managing Security & Disaster Recovery Plan
   Managing security in a Service/ Contact Center                       involved with CRM, Customer Services, Sales and Marketing,

   Prepare a Business Contingency and Disaster Recovery Plan            Operations, Quality, HR, IT, HelpDesk. Prior knowledge of CRM

   Computer security and access reports                                 and Customer Service Center is an advantage but not essential.

   Personal data and customer privacy protection                        In-House Training Solutions
   Develop and Implement a disaster recovery plan                       If you have a number of delegates with similar training needs,
   Group Exercise and Practical Case Studies                            then you may wish to consider having an In-House Training
                                                                        solution delivered locally on-site. Course can be tailored to
Session Fifteen
Managing People                                                         specific requirements.
   Learn the best practices and behavioral analysis for Contact         For further details, please use the contact information given on
   Center recruitment                                                   the last page of this brochure.
   Develop a hiring strategy and assess the staffing needs              Program Schedule Day one to four
   Develop and train your Contact Center professionals effectively      08:30 Registration and coffee
   Group Exercise and Practical Case Studies                            09:00 Morning session commences
                                                                        10:30 Morning refreshments and networking break
Session Sixteen
Managing Performance                                                    11:00 Morning session re-commences
   Importance of performance management                                 12:45 Networking luncheon
   Different kinds of performance measurement                           14:00 Afternoon session commences
   Recognize and reward                                                 15:45 Afternoon session refreshments & networking break
   Most important key success factors for continuous staff motivation   16:15 Afternoon session re-commences
   Monitor and coach your staff                                         18:00 Course concludes
   Group Exercise and Practical Case Studies                            Pre-course questionnaire:
                                                                        To ensure that you gain maximum benefit from this event, a
Session Seventeen
Managing Finance
                                                                        detailed questionnaire will be sent to you to establish exactly

   Define the cost, value and revenue of Service/Contact Center         what your training needs are. The completed forms will be

   Quantify your Service/Contact Center costs                           analyzed by the course trainer. As a result, we ensure the course

   Maintain an accounting system                                        is delivered at an appropriate level and that relevant issues will

   Place the value on your Service/Contact Center                       be addressed. The comprehensive course material will enable

   Develop a business model to drive revenue of your services           you to digest the subject matter in your own time.

Session Eighteen
Managing a Business Unit                                                APCSC training courses are thoroughly researched and

   Competencies of a Contact Center Manager                             structured to provide intense and intimate practical training

   Good provisions for a Contact Center                                 to your organisation. Our format:

   Communicate effectively with other departments                             Combinations of educational presentations and case

   Recognise the difference between managers and leaders                      studies, productive in-session assignments and participant

   Market your Service/Contact Center                                         collaboration to provide actionable learning

   Leadership and Managing a Business Unit                                    Strictly limited numbers to allow for greater interaction

   Group Exercise and Practical Case Studies                                  and one-on-one interaction with the trainer. So register
                                                                              early to avoid disappointment!
“In the CCSM course, Manage the Business Unit is the most
valuable topic to me. The instructor is good at inspiring students’           Detailed pre-course questionnaires to allow you to tailor
thinking and mindset”                                                         the programme to address your individual concerns
Cheung Ching Yeung, Senior Area Manager,
Hong Yip Service Co., Ltd                                                     Hard copies of presentation materials and tools
Certificate in Customer Service Management (CCSM)
     November 20-23, 2012 (Mandarin)                                                                                                          Course Code: CCSM4014
     December 4-7, 2012 (English)                                                                                                             Course Code: CCSM4015
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