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TOP Picking Line TWI


									TOP Picking Line
TOP - Semi-Automatic Picking System

>   Maximum process flexibility      >   Picking magazines and             >   Open stacks or different boxes
                                         newspapers without any change         or totes can be used at the TOP
>   Optimal packing quality                                                    picking line
                                     >   Fast ROI
>   Outstanding productivity                                               >   Also used for other products
                                     >   Permanent availability, no down       as tobacco, lottery, photo and
>   Best ergonomics for your staff       time                                  drugstore articles

Satisfied customers

                                     Graeme Underhill,                     significantly while maintaining effi-
                                     News Operations Director              cient distribution costs.
                                     WH Smith, UK:                         TWI has been an excellent business
                                                                           partner to us and we have complete
                                     „We have been operating TWI           confidence in their ability to deliver
                                     TOP packing and HIT tracking          world class systems - so much
                                     systems throughout our estate of      so that we have been developing
                                     52 distribution centres since 1998.   further systems with them to handle
                                     These systems have enabled us         magazine unsolds and newspaper
                                     to improve customer service levels    packing.”

Advantages to convince you

Today TOP is the best packing             > The entire system has a modular        next indicator light appears and the
strategy world-wide. The system           and sturdy construction. ‘Plug in’       counting continues without time
represents high-technology for            subassemblies provide a high re-         losses.
the distribution of magazines and         dundancy. The transport method is
newspapers.                               quiet and very economic.                 > The delivery note is printed on-line
                                                                                   at the end of the picking process. This
Optimised transport techniques and                                                 guarantees that the content of the
visualisation (pick and place to light)                                            note is exactly correct. As an option
are integrated into one system.                                                    the note is added automatically to
                                                                                   the bundle by means of a pressured
The following features make TOP the                                                air driven delivery note dispenser.
fastest picking line world-wide and
provide the best packing quality:                                                  > An intelligent scales system may
                                                                                   be integrated for quality assurance.
> Open stacks of press ware
move on a buffered picking line,                                                   > The actual use of the picking
which combines the advantages                                                      line varies. Packing magazines, the
of a conveyor belt and a buffered                                                  whole line is used; bundles moving
roller conveyor. TOP stands for                                                    along all displays towards one end
transportation without transport tool     > Bundles are generated in the           into a high speed strapping machine.
(German: Transport ohne Palette).         packing zone where their first title     Packing newspapers, the picking
This enables the essential ‘birth of      is to be picked. Hence, the picking      line is driven in two directions. Then
new packages’ at any point along the      line’s transport load is relieved of     strapping machines are used at both
picking line. This particular transport   unused empty bundles. Those are          ends.
technique is the reason for our           usually necessary in conveyor belt
overwhelming productivity.                systems to constitute the proper         > The recording of tote bar codes
                                          route sequence.                          during the picking provides data
> Drives free of collisions and jerks                                              for an associated track and trace
are moving the open stacks quickly        > Intelligent position control with      system.
and ergonomically well arranged to        target indicators show the picking
the picking person. Bundles never         person where to place a respective       > Further automation provided by
collide and stop exactly where copies     amount of copies. When the action        TWI will save staff and improve the
must be added.                            is acknowledged, immediately the         total shipping quality.


                                          bundle on the transport. There the       with our new „blue light strategy“ in
                                          picked material must be added.           the upper shelf. Independent picking
                                          When the acknowledge button is hit,      avoids waiting time and accelerates
                                          immediately the content of the next      the picking process itself.
The picking procedure is controlled       bundle appears on the LEDs and           To add customer specific information,
by an electronic display. The display     the person starts picking for the next   like returns calls, invoices etc.
is situated directly in front of the      retailer bundle.                         we developed a special display
title. Large LED figures indicate         Picking and adding products to           to indicate clearly a full customer
how many copies are to be picked.         bundles which are still positioned in    number when the bundle passes in
Green LEDs point to the respective        the upstream picking zone is possible    front of the picker.

Best ergonomics, friendly maintenance, fast installation

The picking line’s basic height         The anti glare illumination of the        conception is the intelligent man-
meets ergonomic demands. Arms           entire machine is a further contri-       machine interaction. It combines
remain relaxed and backs straight,      bution to ergonomics.                     the computers strategic and com-
when stacks are placed onto the                                                   putational capacities with the irre-
picking line. This improved design is   At convenient working speed, the          placeable manual capabilities of
combined with an additional second      system achieves optimal picking           man.
floor which is convenient to reach.     rates. An essential feature of the
                                                                                  TOP allows packing titles of any size
                                                                                  simultaneously, from paperbacks to
                                                                                  the biggest newspapers. The TOP
                                                                                  may run 24 hours a day and achieves
                                                                                  really high productivity.

                                                                                  Picking lines should never break
                                                                                  down for long. In case this happens
                                                                                  any module can be easily replaced
                                                                                  without tools in 5 minutes maximum
                                                                                  by semiskilled workers. We deliver
                                                                                  the system with an adequate set of
                                                                                  spare parts. Designed in aluminium
                                                                                  the whole system is based on a
                                                                                  sturdy frame especially for the tough
                                                                                  warehouse use.

                                                                                  The TOP-system is assembled out of
                                                                                  2 meter long sections, tested at TWI
                                                                                  and installed to a whole commission
                                                                                  line at the final place. The installation
                                                                                  just takes a few hours and if you wish
                                                                                  we can do it during the weekend. So
                                                                                  your usual working processes are
                                                                                  not interrupted.

The transport mechanism

On a roller conveyor, the bundles       are variable and do not depend on
move at a speed of 0,4 m/s. The         mechanical components.
bundle’s weight is carried by many      Intelligent sensors guarantee fast
small rollers, while the in-between     motion, avoid collision and buffer the
toothed conveyor belt rises and         stacks, which are smoothly accele-
lowers on computer command.             rated, in order not to risk tipping.
This movement is controlled by a        If a stack does tip, the respective
great number of sensors. Every          transport stops automatically. When       The US-patented TOP transport mechanism is

controllable segment has a length       the stack is reorganised, the transport   based upon a central toothed conveyor belt which is

of 0,25 m. Actual counting zones        will be restarted.                        controlled in sectors each 250 mm long.

Why is TOP so fast? – „Birth of new packages“



                             A special feature of the transport         the first product is collected. E.g. if
                             allows generating new bundles at any       a bundle gets only titles which are
                             position of the picking line. Therefore,   positioned in the last picking zone,
                             the picking line can be started with       the bundle will be generated at
                             few bundles at the far end. Spacing        the end of the conveyor. Between
                             for future bundles or delivery notes       two existing stacks an open space
                             are not required between the first         emerges, marked by the two green
                             packages. This increases the pro-          lights. This is possible due to the
                             ductivity dramatically.                    sophisticated conveyor control. At
                                                                        this open place a new bundle of
                             TOP with „birth of new packages“:          newspapers or magazines is put
                             With our TOP system a bundle is            down on the transportation belt.
                             generated in the picking zone where

First class parcels – Satisfied retailers

                                                                                                                          any customer defined layout as
                                                                                                                          far as text, price information etc. is
                                                                                                                          concerned. We realise your specific
                                                                                                                          layout wishes. As printing technology
                                                                                                                          we use the standard and convenient
                                                                                                                          matrix printers or laser technology
                                                                                                                          from Tally or Kyocera. For both types
                                                                                                                          we offer automatic delivery note
                                                                                                                          dispensers with a vacuum cup.

                                                                                                                          In case you use totes we integrate
                                                                                                                          a tote labelling system at the end
                                                                                                                          of our tie-line. We realised gluing
                                                                                                                          labels that are fixed on the bundles
                                                                                                                          or paper labels that are slipped into a
                                                                                                                          little window at the rim of the tote.

Sample delivery note with a controlled output for special situations like credit data, redeliveries etc. It‘s the first
delivery note of a consignment of 3 parcels.

As soon as a bundle has received                             directly added to the right bundle,
its last title, the delivery notes are                       automatically by a dispenser.
printed on-line by two high-speed
printers integrated at the end of the                        Delivery notes will automatically be
picking line if you wish. The up-to-                         corrected to reflect missing titles.
date delivery note is printed and                            Delivery notes may be printed with                           Delivery note dispenser

HIT – Interfaces to track & trace and returns processing

It is understood that the TOP system                         which may be needed during the                               returns processing machine can
sends all data back to the host. This                        track & trace process. The HIT                               immediately identify the retailer using
is why we integrated a sophisticated                         track & trace computer retrieves via                         the bar code on that tote. A safe and
up-load interface into our data                              a docking station its information.                           fast customer change is realised with
base. During the picking process                             The docking process may be done                              our approach. You don’t need returns
all changes are carefully monitored.                         through a LAN from a remote                                  slips any more and you can realise
On-line or after the production result                       satellite hub station.                                       optimal service for your retailers.
files are up-loaded to keep the
accountant in line with the delivery                         We also connect that data base to                            The transport manager can see
process.                                                     the returns processing machines.                             at any time which customer is in
Internally we rely on ORACLE®                                So when a tote filled with returns                           possession of which tote. This is
database. That database also stores                          is collected and is opened in the                            a perfect integrated tote assets
those data from the picking process                          returns department, the TWI 200                              management.

Software highlights

                                                                                 of copies to be picked. You can use
                                                                                 the drag&drop system to realise
                                                                                 your allocation strategy much more
                                                                                 faster and easier.

                                                                                 Picking areas are variable and inde-
                                                                                 pendent of the mechanical set up.
                                                                                 Picking areas can be wide or small
                                                                                 depending on the amount of copies
                                                                                 to be picked.

                                                                                 In addition to the maximum height
                                                                                 and weight and the tolerances, it is
                                                                                 also possible to set up a minimum
                                                                                 weight and height to suppress very
                                                                                 small final parcels to customers who
                                                                                 get more than one parcel.

Route planning                                                                   Planning the routes:
                                                                                 The graphics of the “route planning”
                                                                                 give you at once the accurate over-
TWI implements a customer specific     Title management:                         view of the utilisation of all routes.
connection to the data centre which    The flexible title management en-
enables a simple management of all     ables that all titles, independent of     A graphical overview over all the
picking procedures.                    which kind of data source they come       route data shows the amount of
                                       from, can be disposed in different        bundles, the distance and duration
No matter if the picking will start    dispatches.                               of the different routes to help you to
immediately, is already going on or                                              reschedule and optimise all routes
is finished and the data has been      Also titles can be sorted into an extra   more efficiently.
sent back to the data processing       dispatch for small drawn titles, late
centre.                                coming titles or redeliveries.            Additionally with this instrument all
                                                                                 the data of the retailers who are on
The interface to the data centre can   Which titles are picked at which time,    vacation right now or who are clos-
be managed on-line or off-line, also   during the day or during the night,       ing their shops can be controlled and
input and output of data can be man-   may be decided at the time the titles     modified.
aged differently.                      arrive.
                                                                                 Naturally it is possible to manage all
When working on-line all available     Before, during or after the dispatch      the goods of these retailers: Which
orders will be imported automati-      exotic or late titles can be picked by    titles have to be kept, which titles
cally, therefore all orders will be    our HIT-Handy or can be picked as         have to be delivered for example to
handled immediately. In that case      a separate dispatch or can be trans-      retailers in the neighbourhood.
also the output of data is connected   ferred to a future dispatch.
“on-line”, all already done orders                                               Statistics:
will be reported to the data centre    Title allocation:                         All sorts of data interpretation is pos-
at once.                               A graphical display will show the         sible and all analysis can be trans-
                                       most efficient allocation of titles to    mitted into most common available
                                       displays according to the amount          MS-products like Excel etc.

TOP options

                                                       New picking strategies

                                                       Our “HIT-Handy”, a small hand-           During day time inside the
                                                       held computer, features a bar code       warehouse the same HIT-Handy will
                                                       reader, a GPS Navigation system,         do a lot of additional jobs: It is used
                                                       one control button and a speaker         e.g. for the picking of small drawn
                                                       able to talk in many languages. All      titles in advance of the main picking
                                                       included in a tiny housing with a        process.
                                                       rechargeable battery.
                                                                                                In connection with TOP the HIT-
                                                       During distribution at night it leads    Handy shows its potential: more
                                                       the drivers to each retailer and         titles than displays in one dispatch.
HIT-Handy with GPS - track & trace, scanner,           controls all their activities with the   It can be used during the main de-
speaker and interface button in its docking station.   HIT software.                            livery to pick full bundles or rede-
Additional functions of the HIT-Handy are explained                                             liveries to speed up the picking line.
in the HIT brochure.

Stabilising goods with “add-ons”

Magazines containing add-ons or                        Flexbox transports the stack as
gadgets are difficult to manage on                     far as the strapping machine and
the picking line because of slippery                   uncoils itself automatically from the
plastic foil and uneven surfaces.                      stack just before the strapping.

Our answer to this issue is called                     The empty Flexbox is returned
Flexbox, a lightweight loading tray                    automatically to the picker to be
to stabilise slippery stacks from all                  used again.
four sides moving on the TOP line.                                                              Flexbox on the TOP picking line

                                                                                                HIT-Rolli or Display-Shelf
                                                                                                behind the TOP picker
                                                                                                - more titles than displays

                                                                                                Small drawn titles can be stored
                                                                                                behind the back of the TOP pickers
                                                                                                in a mobile shelf.
                                                                                                Instead of setting up small drawn
                                                                                                titles on the picking line a person
                                                                                                collects those titles with the HIT
                                                                                                Handy or from the shelf with the
                                                                                                displays and then add the „part
                                                                                                bundle” while the high drawn titles
Display-Shelf                                          HIT-Rolli                                are picked on the TOP line.

The useful accessories for your system

                                                                                            but increase the quality of the

                                                                                            Our software does not need any
                                                                                            reference values for the objects
                                                                                            weights and therefore it works with-
                                                                                            out any preparation efforts!
                                                                                            All bundle weights are stored auto-
                                                                                            matically during production itself.
                                                                                            The software evaluates all data
                                                                                            after the end of the production.

                                                                                            After a few minutes the reference
                                                                                            weights of all titles are recalculated.
                                                                                            The wrong bundles are marked in a
                                                                                            list and a forecast for the presumably
Carriages for high volume titles                                                            wrong titles is generated. The wrong
View at the replenish side of a TOP picking line                                            bundles can easily be corrected
                                                                                            with minimum effort.
To store the stacks securely and                   moved around freely. They are a
have them available immediately                    very efficient buffer system.            > Private scales system per picker
when you need them, we suggest                                                              To increase the picking quality
to put the copies on carriages and                 All these is meant to do part of the     especially for untrained pickers
mobile storages.                                   refilling “off-line”, in order to need   we developed the “private scales
                                                   less people to do that job while the     system”. A movable tablet works
Basically the TOP picking line                     real picking is done.                    as a scales with full screen display.
comes with a one meter deep                                                                 In case of discrepancies, a forecast
aluminium rack. Some of our                        > Quality check                          is calculated and the title that
customers prefer conventional                      As quality assurance mechanism           presumably is wrong is highlighted.
roller storage up to 2 m depth per                 some wholesalers control the             This helps to correct the mistake
channel. We recommend to use an                    magazine bundles which are ready         directly. If the picker hits the touch
elaborated type of rack:                           for delivery with a scales system.       screen, the list of all order lines is
                                                   This gives a reduction of picking        displayed.
> “Carriages” are fixed movable                    errors, checks the own pickers and
in a rail mounted at the rear of the               decreases wrong claims, because
lower floor of the 1 m deep roller                 all customers know that there is a
storage. This rolling prolongation                 scales for checking. In this way the
of stock is just hooked in. The width              quality of the delivery is increased.
of such a “Carriage” corresponds to                However, you must weigh all the
the width of a stock channel.                      titles before the actual production
> A “Mobile Storage” is installed
in front of TOP, where the picking                 > Final inspection scales system
persons are posted to supply the                   The TOP-intelligent scales solves
high-edited titles directly. They are              the problems in another way. The
basically designed like “Carriages”,               aim is to get rid off the mentioned
just on four wheels and can be                     disadvantage of weighing all titles,     Private scales display

General highlights

> All press-goods from paperbacks        > Customer texts provide special         tries to minimise the work and the
to daily newspapers can be packed        informations for separate retailers      overall transport. That means the
at the same time.                        or groups of customers or both.          computer calculates bundles, which
                                                                                  are packed in a minimum of zones.
> You can print a final delivery note    > You can print all full bundle          So you get a high degree of parallel
at the end of the picking line and       information at the same time on the      work, highest efficiency of packing
have it pushed automatically onto        delivery note and a full bundle list     and the best use of the transport
the bundle.                              grouped by routes.                       buffer mechanism.

> Outstanding quality of the cus-        > For the late deliveries you can        > Adjustment to actual demand:
tomer’s bundles and outstanding          print pack–lists and delivery notes,     rearrange routes and drop se-
productivity from the pickers.           which are packed by the driver or        quences; deal one urgent route
                                         in the warehouse. Alternatively          first; pack special customers im-
> Minimal bundle transport length        you can transmit the data for these      mediately.
by “birth of new packages” at its        copies to the computer centre or
first place to be used is saving         add them to the next production.         > Status control indicates infor-
space and time. Variable position to                                              mation about each parcel, retailer
generate new bundles at any place        > All direct deliveries can be           or route. Percentage of workload
of the picking line will prevent early   printed on special lists, grouped        still to produce is also available
blocking of the pickers.                 for different routes and for further     and the estimated finish time. A
                                         processing.                              journal shows a time stamp of each
> Missing titles are directly re-                                                 important milestone (start, bundle
gistered and marked in the print-        > Production in two opposite di-         ready, reset, missing amounts, etc.).
outs; the retailer knows why and         rections allows to process urgent
how many titles are missing. The         routes first. Sharing titles or routes   > TOP writes the process produc-
wholesaler’s accounts department         allows parallel production. Several      tion data into an internal database,
knows just after the end of the          pickers may pack the same title.         where access is allowed for many
production which customers got           This results in really high output       different evaluations.
which titles.                            quantities for the picking line.
                                                                                  > From the hardware side the
> As reaction to the shortages           > The automatic mapping assistant        double amount of sensors and
you can decide between “credited”        of the TOP-system allocates the          actors are installed to have a
(price not taken into consideration),    titles automatically to the desired      maximised   assurance    against
“later delivery”, “compensation”,        number of picking zones. Knowing         breakdowns.
“separate delivery” or else.             the exact amount of copies per
                                         titles, based on different methods       > All segments of the electronic
> If you get too few or too many         they are allocated close to the          LED displays are permanently
copies of a title you can adapt the      final stopping point or upstream         supervised, failures that cause
supply of each customer. There are       in a zone. Also the frequency of         wrong delivery numbers are
special algorithms to deploy the         contacts is considered. The zones        impossible.
reductions fair (percentage, a fix       are averaged equally with respect
amount from each pack, manual            to workload.                             > The most important thing is
adaptation).                                                                      the “five-minutes-rule”. Here, you
                                         > The internal pack separation           have the guarantee, that you can
> Objects not available can be           algorithm uses the final allocation      fix every failure in a short time by
deleted and undeleted in the pro-        of objects on the TOP-system to          yourself and your delivery never is
duction all the time.                    generate handy parcels. Further it       endangered.

Typical Data of a magazine dispatch as a list
     Date       Copies       Bundles       Title       Persons   Manhours       Contacts   Cp/Pick   Bun/m    Productivity       % over TOP-Warranty
      11/1/04    68023          1921        167              4        23.7         20591      3.30      5.4           2866              56.2
      11/2/04    78834          1657          50             2        14.6         15085      5.23      3.8           5399              136.7
      11/2/04    93764          1976          68             3        19.7         19905      4.71      5.0           4770              120.7
      11/3/04    59867          1902          49             2        11.1         12340      4.85      5.7           5378              145.1
      11/4/04    60276          2293          61             2        14.7         11966      5.04      5.2           4102              83.4
      11/4/04    44482          1794          70             2        10.7         10147      4.38      5.6           4150              99.0
      11/5/04    67161          1473          28             3        11.4          9499      7.07      6.5           5917              118.4
      11/7/04    22826          1122          24             2         6.5          5666      4.03      5.7           3490              74.2
      11/8/04    50875          1351        164              4        19.8         17601      2.89      4.6           2572              47.9
      11/9/04    97810          2169          67             3        22.4         18082      5.41      4.8           4364              87.8
      11/9/04   119848          2455          76             3        24.6         23393      5.12      5.0           4862              115.4
     11/10/04   100052          2563          72             3        20.9         16964      5.90      6.1           4787              96.4
     11/11/04    51218          1610          82             3        12.7         11113      4.61      6.3           4040              89.0
     11/12/04    52079          1318          24             2         6.5          5870      8.87      6.8           8052              157.5
December                 :             :           :         :           :             :         :        :                  :            :
January                  :             :           :         :           :             :         :        :                  :            :
February                 :             :           :         :           :             :         :        :                  :            :
      3/18/05    36467          1135          26             2         5.4          6291      5.80      7.0           6727              178.7
      3/20/05    39594          1609          33             2         7.3          9007      4.40      7.4           5449              160.9
      3/21/05    82062          1905          65             3        16.7         16906      4.85      5.7           4915              123.9
      3/22/05    74514          1621          75             3        15.8         15736      4.74      5.1           4710              117.4
      3/22/05    88067          2280          69             3        18.6         19080      4.62      6.1           4722              120.7
      3/23/05    56087          2053          52             2        11.5         11152      5.03      5.9           4866              117.7
      3/23/05    44491          1700          61             2         8.4          9223      4.82      6.7           5269              140.8
      3/24/05    49197          1188        140              4        17.3         16892      2.91      4.6           2837              62.7
      3/25/05    54182          1387          52             3         9.6          9297      5.83      7.2           5655              133.6
      3/29/05    96597          1912          65             3        19.7         19338      5.00      4.8           4899              120.0
      3/29/05    78550          2021          66             3        16.1         14313      5.49      6.3           4866              107.8
      3/30/05    65563          1693          94             3        13.6         13749      4.77      6.2           4823              121.8
      3/31/05    68150          2335        115              3         20          18084      3.77      5.8           3409              75.5
Average          64,501         1,769         71                                  13,821      4.67                   4,377              103.5

Typical Data of a night (newspaper) dispatch as a list
     Date       Copies       Bundles       Title       Persons   Manhours       Contacts   Cp/Pick   Bun/m    Productivity       % over TOP-Warranty
       5/2/00    45202           947          59             4         7.2          5111      8.80      8.8           6278              101.0
       5/3/00    41900           883          61             5         7.6          5025      8.30      9.7           5513              83.6
       5/4/00    51985          1158          66             6        11.1          6249      8.30     10.0           4683              56.2
       5/5/00    41594           928          61             4         5.6          4181      9.90     11.0           7375              118.0
       5/8/00    41920           883          50             5         6.4          4359      9.60     11.0           6499              96.9
       5/9/00    41404           870          56             5         7.0          4313      9.60     10.0           5873              78.2
      5/10/00    40594           870          57             5         7.8          4633      8.80      9.3           5204              67.8
      5/11/00    51338          1148          66             6        11.8          6110      8.40      9.7           4343              43.9
      5/12/00    41581           912          58             5         7.4          4795      8.70     10.0           5619              82.4
      5/13/00    45481          1133          48             4         7.2          4148     11.00     10.0           6317              74.8
      5/15/00    42516           890          50             4         7.2          4523      9.40      8.2           5905              81.7
      5/16/00    41711           869          58             4         9.0          4294      9.70      6.5           4655              40.1
            :            :             :           :         :              :          :         :        :                  :            :
      5/16/01    45762          1081          45             5         7.3          5117      8.90     12.0           6269              99.4
      6/18/01    41076           866          48             5         5.7          4041     10.00     13.0           7270              112.0
      6/19/01    39313           832          54             5         5.7          3792     10.00     12.0           6958              100.0
      6/20/01    40441           850          54             5         6.1          4526      8.90     12.0           6630              111.0
      6/21/01    45549           971          59             5         7.1          4841      9.40     11.0           6415              97.3
      6/22/01    40165           898          52             4         4.8          4492      8.90     12.0           8299              164.0
      6/23/01    45825          1098          45             5         7.0          5182      8.80     13.0           6500              108.0
      6/25/01    40418           864          49             5         5.8          3991     10.00     12.0           6969              104.0
      6/26/01    40219           842          52             5         6.0          4092      9.80     12.0           6759              102.0
      6/27/01    41219           875          55             5         7.1          4658      8.80     10.0           5765              84.6
      6/28/01    45578           963          59             5         7.4          4878      9.30     11.0           6201              91.6
Average                                                                                       9.40                   6,097              87.3

                                     Typical data of a magazine dispatch as a diagram

                                     Increase of productivity
                                     Customers data of the year 2001 compared to the data of the                                                   results from
                                     year 2005 show an increase of productivity from 4022 copies per                                               average 4022 / 5,2

                                     man-hour to 4377 copies per man-hour although the copies per
                                     pick decreased from 5,2 to 4,67 copies/pick.                                                                     twi warranty

                                     productivity in
                                                                                                                                                 Diagram of the year 2001
Produktivität (Exemplare/Mannstd.)

                                     4500                                                              results from customer
                                     4000                                                              average 4377 / 4,67
                                     2000                                                                  twi warranty
                                        0                                                                                                        Diagram of the year 2005
                                            0        1        2         3         4      5       6         7      8       9     10 copies/pick

                                                                             Dichte (Exemplare/Kontakte)

                                     Typical data of a night (newspaper) dispatch as a diagram
                                     productivity in

                                                       results from customer
                                                       average 6097 / 9,4

                                                                                                                              twi warranty


                                     Please note: Each dot represents one dispatch.


Since 1993 we implemented over 110 TOP-Systems to over 40 satisfied wholesalers.

58   Systems in      37 houses in Germany
25   Systems in      23 houses in the United Kingdom
28   Systems in      12 houses in Denmark, France, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Australia, Russia and in the USA

Worldwide working

All our TOP-Systems, 2000 metres
long overall, produced up to now
customer bundles with more than copies and a load
of over 3,1 millions tons.

The average productivity of all cus-
tomers is 2.660 Copies / Man hour
with 3,5 Copies / Pick.
Within 580 years of use not one dis-                                          red    = TOP
tribution had been cancelled.                                                 green = TWI 200 / TWI 300
                                                                              yellow = TOP + TWI or HIT

This superb availability results from
extreme design redundancy of all
important components and our
maintenance concept called “5-

Layouts of some TOP-systems

                              The organisation of a TOP machine is very flexible:

                              Best seller:
                              18 metres, 136 displays, laser- and label printer, roller
                              rack 1 metre in depth, carriages, tote picking and data
                              up-load to HIT – Track & Trace and SAP host.

                              Best flexibility for larger customers:
                              twice 20 metres,
                              printer in the forward and backwards direction.
                              Back to Back – arrangement for optimal use of space.

                              A small machine for special uses:
                              For extra distributions like trading cards etc. where
                              conventional systems cause major problems
                              TOP shows best efficiency and high productivity.

                              Our largest machine:
                              Ready for more than 200 titles in one distribution.
                              If convenient, split the system into two distributions,
                              one in the forward and one in the backwards direction.
                              Roller racks up to 3,3 metres in depth.

                              Our fastest machine:
                              24 metres in length, printers and delivery note pushers
                              on both sides. Carriages and mobile storages are
                              available on both sides of the track.
                              Result: Magazine distributions with more than 4300
                              copies / man hour.

                              Basic system without printing functionality:
                              Delivery notes printed elsewhere are just added at the
                              end of the machine. Fast picking and superb transport
                              features are available.
                              Further the famous “birth of new packages” results in
                              highest overall transport speed.

                        Fast and error-free picking with TOP packing line
                        Semi-automatic picking line with high flexibility, great packing quality, outstand-
                        ing productivity. For magazines and newspaper, but also for tobacco - the solu-
                        tion for all packing jobs.

                        HIT – Highly integrated transport for your logistic system
                        The bridge between distribution, logistic and returns department. Track and
                        Trace of your parcels and trucks with GPS technology. TWI holds an European
                        and US patent for the tracking of press articles. No lack of time for the driver, no
                        installation at the retailers, all data ready from day No.1!

twi Industrieberatung   The TWI 200 express - returns processing
GmbH & Co. KG           TWI 200 express - crediting and sorting of returns with the highest quality.
Industriestraße 6       Manual bar code returns system with automatic sorting outlets - high productiv-
76189 Karlsruhe         ity and a secure process. Productivity of 2000+ copies/hour excelled in reality!
                        Tobacco packing - outstanding achievements in quality and productivity
T (+49)(0)721 950770    Control over the whole consignment: from the goods in to the retailer or the vend-
F (+49)(0)721 574832    ing machine. The slow-moving items are picked using a secure, audio-based     hand-held computer, our HIT-Handy. The fast-moving items are picked on the    display-based TOP system with an automatic transport of the parcels.

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