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      The connectable
TANOS Euro-container
the latest innovation by TANOS.
Patented clip system for universal use: for transport
and proper storage or as Kanbanbox.
                                                        Let it clip!
The practical TANOS Euro-container are easy to
stack and can be connected with each other in
no time. The perfect solution for all industrial and
production workshops or the logistics sector.
Our clip system guarantees innovative transport
at the highest level.
Stack it, clip it - done!

                                                        Product features
                                                          Material: polypropylene
                                                          Resistant to alkali, organic acids, oils and fats
                                                          Dimensional stability under high and low
                                                          temperatures: -30 °C up to + 90 °C
                                                          Easy cleaning, dishwasher safe up to max.
                                                          90 °C
      Your advantages                                     Suitable for transport on roller conveyors

           at a glance
    1   Connectable by patented clip system    2   Stackable with other common           3    Integrated card holder for a snug
                                                   Euro boxes                                 card fit

                                                                                         4    Rounded edges for safer handling

                                                                                         5    Smooth and flat walls for
                                                                                              maximum volume and easy

                                                                                         6    Air vents for quick drying

                                                                                         7    Ergonomic hand holes for
                                                                                              perfect carrying comfort

    8   Slots for labelling or RFID cards in   9   Centre holes for automated handling   10    Perfect stacking on Euro pallets
        standard credit card size
TANOS Euro-container product range

1 TANOS Euro-container I                                  2 TANOS Euro-container II                               3 Clip                                                          4 Labelling set
Colour: silver-grey, RAL 7001                             Colour: silver-grey, RAL 7001                           Colour: black, RAL 9004                                         Consisting of 20 transparent plug-in cards
Outside dimensions: 200 x 150 x 117 mm                    Outside dimensions: 300 x 200 x 117 mm                  Dimensions: 89 x 42 x 19 mm                                     and 2 labelling sheets with 10 paper cards
Inside dimensions: 154 x 104 x 112 mm                     Inside dimensions: 254 x 154 x 112 mm                   Packing unit: 480 pcs.                                          each
Volume: 1.8 litre                                         Volume: 4.4 litre                                       Art n° 80001364                                                 Art n° 80500043
Max. load: 15 kg                                          Max. load: 15 kg
Packing unit: 480 pcs.                                    Packing unit: 240 pcs.
Art n° 80001362                                           Art n° 80001363

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Material                                                                   Customisation                                                              Labelling
On request, our TANOS Euro-container                                       On request, adaption to your corporate                                     As a special service, we have prepared different
are also available in the following                                        design by special colouring, stamping or                                   design suggestions which you can download from
material designs:                                                          printing possible.                                                         our website.



TANOS product range

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