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                   Metal Forming and Fabrication Director
Setup & planning of metal workshops, factories, for any product you imagine.
Heavy Duty Automotive Design, All Type of Commercial Land Carriers Trailers and Semi-Trailers.
Automotive Armored Designer & Manufacturing (Plating Readymade Vehicles).
Steel Industries Projects management & Cost Estimator.
Flotation Bodies, Workboats, Yachts, Fluid Mechanics Designer.
Terrestrial & Marine Mechanical & Structural Designer.
Pressure Vessels Designer (ASME Code).
3D Models Maker, Simulator & Animator, with strong background in web design, development, and graphic designer.
Fixtures, Special Tools, & Jigs Designer for any prototype.
Hollow Core Slabs, Pre cast, Pre Stressed Elements, Concrete Technology, Steel/Timber Moulds Designer.
Surfaces Modular, Prefabricated Kits, nesting sheets (CNC), Classification & Stability Documentation.
Force analysis and Finite Element method Analyzer (FEA), Composite Design.
Personal Data:-
Full Name                 : Sabra, Ahmad Suhail M.                 Place/Date of Birth      : Kuwait / 21st May, 1974
Marital Status            : Single                                 Nationality              : Jordanian
Qualifications            : August 1991-1997, Kharkov State Technical University of Automobiles & Highways,(Ukraine).
                                                        M.S. Degree from Mechanical Engineering Department.
Languages                 : -Arabic, Native Language. -English, Very Good. -Russian, Expert.
Private Cell #            : UAE (+ 971 55 864 7 662), KSA (+966 5 6066 8961), Jordan (+962 79 5005 290)
Private Mail              :       OR

Work History References:-

2007-Present - Factory Manager (Concrete Technology – Precast)
CONTECH Group, Jabal Ali, Dubai, UAE                                                   

Know How In-
- Hollow Core Slabs Production (Cross Section Profiles, Loads Tables, Bearing Length, Typical connection Details, Openings, Production
Tolerances, Transport & Erection).
- Walls elements (Wall Elements, Sandwich Panels, Cladding panels, Solid Wall Panels) and Stairs.
- Boundary Walls, Special Products, and Building System.
- Pre-stressed / Pre-Cast Columns & Beams, (I-Beams, Rectangular Beams, L-Shape & inverted T- Beams, Single & Double T Slabs).
- Steel Mould and Fixtures for Pre-cast/Pre-Stressed elements Design.
- Studying the factory's capability for productions.
- Full supervision of manufacturing teams to ensure quality production in a timely manner.
- Ensure the execution of safe work practices.
- Motivate, train and develop employees.
- Manage staff requirements for production team.
- Ensure quality production practices and production costs/waste.
- Facilitate the resolution of production and/or process problems.
- Manufacturing Process development for new product programs.
- Coordinate the selection, timing, planning, implementation, and follow-up for new model & existing process systems.
- Development of processes consistent with PPAP (Production Part Approval Process).
- Specify & implement tooling, gagging, and process equipment changes.
- Prepare accurate, definitive, and cost effective specifications.
- Analyze quotations from vendors for cost effectiveness, and select qualified sources.
- Approve source designs and documentation on the basis of accuracy, completeness, and conformance to requirements.
- Enforce equipment runoff and gage capability standards.
- Coordinate start-up of plant installations.
- Evaluate & implement continuous improvements within process areas.
- Provide timely resolution to daily manufacturing problems within the area assigned responsibility.
- Contract review & cost studies for new product programs.
- Knowledge of local and international design codes standards.
2005-Present - (DGM for Technical Matters) Consultant in Mechanical Design Engineering Dept.
Al Nasir Group, Sahab, Industrial City 2, Amman, Jordan                                                        

Tasks and Responsibilities:
• Over All Responsibility of Factory Operations - including Production Planning Designing and Control, Expansion Project & Engineering,
Warehouse & Logistics, Quality assurance, Factory administration, Delivery and Dispatch, Legal and Industrial Relations.
• Training and development of an efficient manufacturing organization with evaluation and job assignment
• Establishment of company standards, business procedures, reporting procedures and corresponding tools according to international
• Establishment and operation of efficient financial and administrative functions including current reporting according to international standards
• Management for quality, costs & delivery
• Directing all manufacturing operations, maintaining control over budgets and scheduling.
• Managing utilization of equipment, facilities, and personnel to obtain maximum efficiency and meet performance objectives.
• Management of workers, track shift schedules, timings, evaluate performance
• Creating strategic proposals for productivity improvement initiatives

2005-2005 (6 months) - Automotive Design Engineer.
Bin-Jaber Group, Free Zone, Zarka, Jordan                                                                      
Jabal Ali, Free Zone, Dubai, Abu- Dhabi - Main Offices

2002-2005 - Marine Structures Designer & Production Engineer.
Jordan Boats, Free-Zone, Zarqa, Jordan. / 2003-2006.                                                           
48 Sweetgum St, Ashmore Qld 4214, Australia.                                                                   
- Know How in most Marine Structures like boats, ships, Yachts E etc. & Body Building Design.
2001-2002 - Technical Manager
HAYAKEL Steel Industries, Al-Jassar Group, Kuwait.                                                             

1997-2001 - Mechanical Design Engineer, Steel Structural Designer, & Forces Analyzer (Strength of Materials).
ELBA HOUSE Co., Amman- Jordan.                                                                    

Duties & Responsibilities
- Know How in vehicle body systems design and carrying out from "A" to "Z".
- Know How in "Buses Bodies" Design and relative calculations.
- Enormous efforts constantly dwelling to develop buses and coaches that complies with the international European
standards (EEC and ECE) , as well as the regional gulf standards (GSO) .
- Optimal Passengers Safety standards in collision and rollover accidents are carefully studied and weighted by our
engineering team implementing an accredited European Standards using the finite element analysis software
(FEA) and (CAE) tools , thus achieving the requirements that meets European standard (ECE R66)
- Know How in all type of Semi-Trailers Design.
- Know How in most Steel Structure Work & Body Building Design.
- Know How in Pressure Vessels design and shape forming , nesting parts and saving scrap and waste materials.
- Good background in piping, flanges systems according to standards codes.
- Good background for Designing Forklifts, Heavy Duties Machine, and Industrial Machines.
- Design a new prototype for any product with full details and drawings sheets for fabrication.
- Good background for Firefighter Trucks Design and relative equipment.
- Good background for Ambulances Design and relative equipment.
- Body and equipment mounting instructions on chassis "CKD".
- Quick Designing and achievement for any type of prototype.
- Preparing a very effective production line for designed products.
- Knowledge of Hydraulics Sys. And Circuits Design.
- Library of Technical Information about Steel / Aluminum work Design.
- Knowledge on balance sheet for factory.
- Preparing a full monthly report showing the total Man hour and Actual Man hour way.
- Preparing bill of materials, with minimum waste and scrap.
- Testing and calculating, with at least 6 years of experience in linear and non-linear calculation codes for most steel works.
- Experience with simulation software.
- Testing and calculating, with at least 6 years of experience in linear and non-linear calculation codes for most steel works.
- Using a full PC system to identify the project with full 3D viewing, simulation, and animation to ensure the computability between
  design and production lines.
- Modeling & Printing in 3D models, as prototypes, parts mold, using 3D- printers.
- Expert in using popular software for structural analysis and design, like Pro-Engineer, PROKON, SAB2000, STAAD 2004, 3DStudio
  Max 7, Catia 14, AutoCAD 2006, Mechanical Desk Top 2006, Solid Works 2006, Visual Nastran-4D, Rhino, MaxSurf,
  LUSAS (FEA) and many of CAM-CAD's programs .
- Using LUSAS Software (With Finite Element System (FEA), to solve all design problems.
- Studying the existing designs and any other new designs.
-Reverse engineering of any products ranges. "Any Type of Material".
- Create from existing design drawings or new designs, a complete product file ready for use and execution by different departments.
Participate in costing of projects.
- Break the products designs to assembly drawings and parts drawings.
- Draw the parts on AutoCAD and show executions steps.
- Create bill of materials for the product.
- Design and execute jigs and fixtures for the production to enable them to execute designs the right way first time.
- Research and development of any new products and ideas.
- Analyze and solve problems.
- Follow up new design and execution of prototypes.
- Strong problem solving skills including invention.

Popular Software Memberships:-
LUSAS" FEA", 1999 – Present                            PROKON, 2004 – Present                         TEKLA STRUCTURE, 2007 – Present
STAAD Pro. 2002-Present                                Solid Works, 2002-Present                      Neo Form, 2005 - Present
Rhinoceros, 2003-Present                               3D-Max 8, 1997-Present
Visual NASTRAN 4D, 2001-Present                        Catia 4, 1998-2002
Mechanical Autodesk 2008/AUTOCAD                       Primavera, 2003-Present
Maxsurf, 2005-Present                                  MSD-NASTRAN Software

12 years Professional exp. in Mechanical Design, Metal Forming & Manufacturing

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