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High Speed Internet
Digital TV &
High Speed Internet
Available through ACN:
Verizon FiOS, Internet only
Verizon FiOS, Internet + TV

Reaches 15.8 million homes!
                    High Speed Internet

• High Speed Internet from one of
  the nation’s largest provider

• Consistently fast speeds that
  won’t slow down because your
  neighbors are online

• Access to hotspots from the
  nation’s largest Wi-Fi network*
* With High Speed Internet Enhanced plan
•   California
•   Connecticut
•   District of Columbia
•   Delaware               •   Nevada
•   Florida                •   New York
                           •   Pennsylvania
•   Massachusetts
                           •   Rhode Island
•   Maryland               •   Texas
•   New Jersey             •   Virginia
Target Customers
• Currently on Verizon traditional service
• Currently receives High Speed Internet
  or TV service from cable or other local
• Looking for extreme High Speed Internet
  speeds and the benefits of a bundle
• Interested in multimedia content
Target Customers
• Current Verizon customers that are not FiOS
• Current Verizon FiOS customers can sign up for an
  additional service through ACN - however, IBOs will
  only get credit for the new service added
• Previous Verizon FiOS customers must not have been
  an active customer in the last 30 days
• If you are a current Verizon basic DSL customer you
  can upgrade to Verizon FiOS through ACN
                                Why Choose FiOS?
Digital TV                        High Speed Internet
•   Advanced fiber technology     •   Ultra-fast Internet on 100% fiber
    – 100% digital
                                  •   Speeds up to 50 Mbps
•   HD TV – rated #1 in HD
    picture quality               •   Access to Verizon
                                      Wi-Fi network
•   Access your service from
    your TV, computer, and        •   Use with ACN’s Digital Phone
    compatible smartphone             Service
                               High Speed Internet
No Throttling
Some high speed Internet service
providers will resort to
"throttling," or slowing down
your Internet connection if they
decide your usage is too heavy
Verizon doesn't. FiOS is
consistently, blazingly fast
                           High Speed Internet
Connect when you
need it
Connect to the Internet with
Wi-Fi hotspots in airports,
hotels, and more with your
                             High Speed Internet
  Use with ACN Digital Phone
  • Requires high speed Internet
  • ACN Digital Phone Service can
    provide customers with the complete
    communications package                High Speed Internet

Verizon FiOS High Speed Internet +TV +
            ACN Digital Phone Service
                          Digital TV
America’s Most Advanced
Network and dependable HD
picture quality
The advanced fiber optic technology
means enjoying HDTV with fewer
disruptions, pixilation or weather
                               Digital TV
So many channels.
So many options.
• Pick a plan from any of Verizon’s
  great FiOS TV plans
• Get up to 540 all-digital TV channels,
  130 HD channels, and 46 commercial-
  free digital music channels
• More than 30,000 On Demand titles to
  choose from each
                             Digital TV
FiOS Multi-Room DVR
• Record shows on your favorite
  HDTV, then watch on other TV sets
  throughout the house with your
  FiOS receiver
• Watch one program while
  simultaneously recording up to two
• Schedule recordings and set
  parental controls from your PC or
  compatible smartphone
                           Digital TV
Sports Packages &
Premium Packages
• Seasonal sports packages
• Latest Hollywood
  blockbusters, award-
  winning original series and
• Foreign language channels
                              Digital TV

• Appearing on a device
  near you
• Over 4,000 Verizon Flex
  View titles
• All your entertainment in
  one place
                          Internet Packages

Packages              Fast               Faster      Fastest
Internet            15/5 Mbps          25/25 Mbps   35/35 Mbps

Internet only plan pricing starts at
$54.99 with a contract term of 12
                              FiOS TV + Internet Packages

Packages             TV & Internet      TV & Internet   TV & Internet
                      Prime HD          Extreme HD      Ultimate HD
Fios TV              195+ channels      285+ Channels   350+ Channels

Internet               15/5 Mbps         25/25 Mbps      35/35 Mbps

 Internet + TV plan pricing starts at
 $79.99 with no contract term
                     Contract Terms and
                     How to Order

  Product       Contract Term     Order Method
Internet only     12 month          Online Only

Internet + TV    No contract    Online and Call Center
Installation Process & Support
• A professional Verizon technician will
  install their Verizon FiOS equipment

• 24/7 technical support
Stand Alone
High Speed Internet
• Speeds up to 15 Mbps
• Use with ACN’s Digital Phone
• Packages - $39.99/mo
             Standalone High Speed Internet
Why Choose Verizon Standalone High Speed
•   Verizon FiOS not yet available
•   Easy self-installation
•   9 unique email accounts
•   Wireless router at no extra cost
•   Personalized home page
•   Free access to Verizon’s Wi-Fi network
•   Exclusive games and events on
                    Standalone High Speed Internet
Contract Terms and How to Order
          Product           Contract Term                Order Method
Verizon Standalone High      No contract                  Online Only
Speed Internet

                                            We are in the IBO Launch period –
Installation Process                        Access the online portal via your
                                            IBO Back Office – under the
Self-installation Kit                       Products Tab/High Speed Internet
                                            drop down menu
         High Speed Internet

Key Reminders
Use with ACN Digital
Phone Service
• Requires high speed
• ACN Digital Phone Service
  can provide customers with
  the complete
  communications package            High Speed Internet

   Verizon High Speed Internet +
     ACN Digital Phone Service =
                The Perfect Pair!
If a customer currently has Verizon DSL,
can they upgrade with me to Verizon
FiOS package through ACN?
Yes, the customer can upgrade their
traditional Verizon DSL plan with an ACN
IBO and the IBO will receive credit for that
• All pricing and plan details available
  at order portal
• Order placed
• Confirmation email sent to customer
 Questions or changes after          Questions or changes after
 placing order?                      installation?
 Call # on Confirmation Email        Call number on invoice
Very Important!
If a customer calls the number
in the confirmation email after
ordering, Verizon may attempt
to up-sell the customer to their
phone service

Your customer can order ACN
Digital Phone Service from you!
Very Important
Customers should get their
order right on the initial order

Customers should not make
any changes to the account in
the 1st 90 days or the ACN IBO
may lose credit for sale
Missing Customers?
Call ACN Field Support
 How to Order
 Integrated into your ACN Direct Online Store

• Your ACN
  Direct Online

• Choose State
 How to Order

• Television

• High Speed
 How to Order

• Television
How to Order

               • Customer enters their
                 address and zip code
               • Business ID auto
               • Click:
                 Find the Best Deals

               Note: clicking on logos
                will link to product
Shop by Service

                  • View the
                    that are
View Package Details

                       • Click on
                         Details to
                         view more
                         about a plan
                       • Add to Cart
My Cart

          • View your
            Cart details
            at top
          • Continue
Check Out Process
                    • Step-by-step check out process
                    • Allows customer to check-out
                      on one page
                    • Only separate information
                      required is payment information
                      (each provider has different
                      payment requirements)
                    • Schedule installation here
IBO Back Office

   BANNER for
   Product and IBO
High Speed Internet

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