Suitcase Packing Checklist What to pack for vacation

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					Suitcase Packing Checklist: What to pack for a vacation?
… before the trip
  Are your passports/ travel documents valid? Did you photocopy all travel documents?
  Travel Insurance (trip cancellation travel insurance, medical and health insurance …)
  Drivers License?
  Road trip car preparation?
  Insurance cards, car insurance documents?
  Spare keys?
  Credit cards/ ATM cards, cash?
  Have all outstanding bills been paid?
  House sitter for plants/ mail?
  Pet sitter?
  Leave house keys
  Leave your itinerary and phone number
  Shut off electricity, water, heat …
  Discard trash and remove perishables from fridge
  Activate alarm system
  Secure all doors and windows

… First Aid
  Prescriptions and special medications
  Motion sickness medication
  Band aids, scissors, bandages, tweezers
  Cough or cold medication
  Medication for fever, stomach, throat, anti-diarrheal, analgesic
  First aid for sunburn
  Allergy medication
  Foot pain ointment

… And don’t forget

… Personal Items
  Toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss
  Toiletries, deodorant, shampoo
  Brush, comb
  Blow dryer (will be provided by us for your convenience)
  Shaving kit
  Cosmetics (Make-up, lip stick …), perfume, after-shave
  Creme, body lotion, sun block lotion, after sun lotion, chap stick
  Q-tips, cosmetic pads, wet wipes
  Female hygiene products
  Wash cloth
  Contact lens preparations, spare pair of glasses
  Nail brush, nail polish and polish remover

… And for Baby
  Diapers, wet wipes, crème, powder, diaper rash ointment
  Changing pad (Will be provided by us upon request)
  Bottles, sippy cups, bottle warmer, additional pacifiers, bibs
  Tea, baby food, plastic bowls and plastic flatware
  Hand blender
  Toys, stuffed animals
  Potty, potty training seat
  Stroller, baby carrier
  Sleeping bag
  Special sun block lotion for kids and babies

… and don’t forget the following

… Clothing (depending on the season)
  Blouses, shirts, T-Shirts
  Pants and shorts, skirts, dresses, suits, ties
  Cardigans, pullovers, coats
  Underwear and pajamas
  Socks, stockings, tights
  Bandana, hat, scarf, sun hat
  Shoes (Hiking boots, sneakers, winter boots, slippers, house shoes…)

… Hobby & Co.

… Miscellaneous
  Umbrella, rain coat
  Clothes brush, shoe shine kit, substitute shoe laces
  Sewing kit
  Travel detergent
  Video camera, camera and film
  Sun glasses
  Walkman, radio, cassettes
  Batteries, cell phone charger, adapter
  Writing utensils
  Universal plug adapter kit, alarm clock
  Diary, address book, important phone numbers
… Summer Vacation
  Hiking boots, hiking gear, hiking stick
  Hiking maps, backpack, first aid kit
  Water bottle
  Rain protection gear
  Altitude barometer, heart rate monitor
  Sun block lotion

… Winter Vacation
  Snow shoes, ski boots
  Ski pole, sled
  Snow suit, gloves
  First Aid kit for backpack
  Swim suits for pool (CRON 4 Indoor Pool)
  Snow chains and ice scraper
  Sun block

… Additional Notes

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