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									                                             COREY G. BELL
374 Quail Run                                                                                    801.673.5584 cell
Farmington, Utah 84025                                                                 

Experienced as top level executive in enterprise-wide transformational strategic planning and implementation.
       In my initial position with my current employer and in accordance with my strategic plan to prepare for
        growth, I refinanced several projects, lowering debt service approximately $500,000 annually and
        increasing cash over $2,000,000.
       As a result of my efforts, I was promoted to CFO and was a major participant in establishing a strategic
        plan that set the objectives to diversify geographically first, and then diversify into new lines of business.
       As CFO, I subsequently negotiated and closed a complex $100,000,000 transaction which tripled the size
        of the company, including arranging equity and several forms of debt, thus completing the diversification
        into 5 western states.
       After being promoted to CEO of a subsidiary to develop the new lines of business, I established 4
        subsidiaries that have grown the overall size of the company by 1/3.
       These 4 companies have more than doubled the profitability of the original mainline business net income
        and margin.
Highly skilled as the lead in development, negotiation, and successful execution of complex transactions, including
entity structure, managing new entity to maturity, cultural integration into parent company, and oversight of
counsel and documentation.

                                    PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

AVALON HEALTH CARE INC., Salt Lake City, Utah                                                     1997–Current
BRIGHTON HEALTHCARE SERVICES, Salt Lake City, Utah (Subsidiary of Avalon Health Care)
A regional holding company charged with the creation, development, and operation of healthcare related
Chief Executive Officer and President                                                             2007–Current
     Manage and operate $70,000,000 company with 4 subsidiaries
     Financial and personnel oversight for operation optimization
     Explore and develop new business opportunities
     Direct the operation of 150 unit assisted living facility
     Board Member; Bristol Hospice, Brighton Rehabilitation Services, SCP West, Bristol Hospice Foundation
     Developed and implemented business strategy for the creation of Bristol Hospice, guiding company from
        start up to mid eight figures in annual revenue in 5 years
     Developed and implemented business strategy for the creation of Brighton Rehabilitation. Negotiated
        the cancelation of existing third-party agreements and other legal entanglements to allow the creation of
        Brighton Rehabilitation, now operating with mid eight figures in annual revenue
     Created and implemented strategic plan for the development of Senior Care Pharmacy. Grossed low
        eight figures in sales in second year of operation
     Created international recruiting company to bring nurses to the US and established legal entity and
        business relationships in the Philippines
     Directed lease negotiations and $6,000,000 renovation/addition to existing facility
     Negotiated complicated management agreement of 60 bed facility
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A regional owner/operator of health care facilities and services provider in the western U.S.
Chief Financial Officer & Senior Vice President                                                 2002–2007
     Creation of Financial Reports
     Acquisition and Development
     Billing and Collections
     Compliance with federal regulations for Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement
     Manage banking and financial relationships
     Financial analysis for operations optimization

    Restructured company in preparation for acquisition and growth
          o Revamped all systems including clinical, financial, and IT infrastructure and platform
          o Directed legal restructuring to prepare for growth; concluded with 70 separate legal entities for
              better risk management, liability protection, and financing capabilities
          o Directed growth of this company from $80,000,000 in annual revenue to $300,000,000 in annual
              revenue over 3 years
          o Established IT, billing, and procurement departments in preparation for growth
    Personally conducted planning, negotiating, and closing of a transaction tripling the size of the company
      from $80,000,000 in revenue to $275,000,000 in revenue by concluding a $100,000,000 assets purchase of
      23 additional facilities. Arranged real estate debt, lease financing, short term working capital lines, and
      mezzanine financing.

Vice President, of Real Estate Finance and Development                                            1997–2002
    Acquisition, development, and financing of new business opportunities
    Ongoing portfolio oversight of 15 facilities, including the development of new real estate investment
       opportunities through acquisition, lease, management agreements, and construction
    Evaluate existing portfolio for sound business structure, legal organization, capital structure, physical
       maintenance and repairs, and risk management (liability and insurance)
    Negotiated and directed development of two new $6,000,000 facilities
    Acquired two acres from a city redevelopment agency and negotiated reciprocal easement agreements
    Conducted market analysis, negotiation, and acquisition of two facility sites
    Acquired and obtained the financing for a $3,200,000 facility
    Negotiated trade of unusable rural ground for usable ground adjacent to a company facility
    After analysis of a leased asset, engineered the acquisition of the property for $1,700,000, then placed a
       loan on the facility for $2,800,000 resulting in net cash to owners of $1,000,000
    Directed $1,000,000 addition to a facility including city approval, landlord negotiations, plans, bidding,
       financing, construction, and opening
    Negotiated a lease for a new county-owned facility with County Commissioners
    Renovated three facilities and 20,000 sq. ft. office building
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A Regional Real Estate Lender and Savings & Loan
Vice President and Division Manager of Income Property Lending                                1992–1997
     Member, Board of Directors of Uniwest Service Corporation (a loan servicing company)
     Member, Construction Loan Committee
     Supervised commercial real estate lending in Salt Lake, Las Vegas, Portland, Boise, Reno, and Denver
     Managed relationships with correspondent lenders including Aetna, Lincoln National, Nationwide, Sun
       Life, Aegon, and many others
     Responsible for foreclosure and disposition of failed loans
     Managed loan portfolio of over 500 loans with $1 billion in value
     Supervised the generation of more than $1.5 billion in new loans
     Expanded operations by opening offices in Portland and Reno
     Increased lender base from 10 to 20 lenders
     Developed lending and servicing relationship with Freddie Mac
     Increased number of loan officers from 3 to 10
     Facilitated the sale of Western Mortgage and United to Washington Mutual


                        M.B.A., University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah – Cum Laude
                       B.S. Finance, Weber State University, Ogden, Utah – Cum Laude

                                PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT

                           University of Maryland School of Assisted Living Course

                                 PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATIONS

                       American Health Care Association Finance Committee 2008-2012
                              Assisted Living Federation of America 2008-2012

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