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					                                      UNITED NATIONS ENTITY FOR GENDER EQUALITY
                                      AND THE EMPOWERMENT OF WOMEN

                                      JOB DESCRIPTION

I. Position Information
Job title:             Procurement Assistant – General Services
Level:                 SB-3 (equivalent to ICS-5)
Type of Contract:      Service Contract
Duration:              12 months with possibility of extension upon satisfactory performance
Supervisor:            Head of Procurement / HR & General Services Unit

II. Organizational Context

Under the overall guidance of the Operations Manager and direct supervision by the Head of
Procurement / HR & General Services Unit, the Procurement Assistant provides procurement
services ensuring high quality and accuracy of work. The Procurement Assistant promotes a
client, quality and results-oriented approach in the Unit.

The Procurement Assistant works in close collaboration with the operations; programme and
projects staff in the SRO, Country Offices and UN WOMEN HQs staff to exchange information
and ensure consistent service delivery.

III. Functions / Key Results Expected

Summary of Key Functions:

   Implementation of operational strategies
   Support to procurement and travel processes
   Implementation of sourcing strategy
   Support Head of Unit, in the control of SRO Assets
   Provision of travel and logistical services
   Support to knowledge building and knowledge sharing

1. Ensures implementation of operational strategies focusing on achievement of the
   following results:

   Full compliance of procurement activities with UN/UN WOMEN rules, regulations, policies
    and strategies.
   Provision of inputs to the SRO Procurement business processes mapping and elaboration of
    internal Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in Procurement and Logistics in
    consultation with the direct supervisor and office management.

2. Supports procurement and travel processes for SRO, projects and at the request of
   Country Offices focusing on achievement of the following results:

       Provision of inputs to preparation of procurement plans for the office.
       Support to organization of procurement processes including preparation of RFQs, ITBs or
        RFPs documents, receipt of quotations, bids or proposals, their preliminary evaluation.
       Organize Evaluation Committee and LAMRC meetings for review of procurement cases, act
        as secretary of these panels, presentation of case and preparation of minutes.
       Preparation of Purchase orders and contracts in and outside Atlas, preparation of Recurring
        Purchase orders for contracting of services, vendor creation in Atlas, maintenance of the
        filing system in the procurement Unit. . Buyers profile in Atlas.
       Implementation of the internal control system which ensures that Purchase orders are duly
        prepared and dispatched. Timely corrective actions on POs with budget check errors and
        other problems.
       Ensure implementation of cost saving measures through negotiation with travel service
        provider, arrangement of the most economic route and appropriate itinerary.
       Follow-up with contracted travel agent to ensure provision of high quality professional
        service and most competitive price.
       Provision of information for preparation of cost-recovery bills in Atlas for the procurement
        services provided by UN WOMEN to projects and programmes..

3. Contributes to implementation of sourcing strategy focusing on achievement of the
   following result:

       Update of the rosters of suppliers.
       Collection and analysis of market situation on travel service area. Contribute to the conduct
        of surveys/biddings of travel services.
       Contribute to the conduct of DSA survey; survey and analysis of most competitive hotel
        prices and quality of hotel services for accommodation and conference facilities.

4. Ensures proper control of SRO and project Assets focusing on achievement of the
   following result:

          Assist with the preparation of inventory and asset certification reports.

5. Ensures provision of logistical services focusing on achievement of the following results:

       Processing travel authorization and travel claims in line with travel entitlements for staff and
        consultants ensuring that the travel arrangement follow the UN rules of most direct route and
        most competitive prices.
       Hotel reservations for visiting UN/UNW officials.
       Liaising with UNDP for the processing of requests for visas for all UN/UNW travelers,
       Arrangement for airport pick-up of high-level officials and support to expediting of customs
        and immigration procedures, as necessary.
       Purchase of tickets and PO preparation; arrangement of shipments; workshop and
        conference facilities arrangements.

6. Supports knowledge building and knowledge sharing in the CO focusing on achievement
   of the following results:

       Participation in the trainings for the operations/ projects staff on Procurement.
       Sound contributions to knowledge networks and communities of practice.

IV. Impact of Results

The key results have an impact on the execution of the SRO procurement services management
in terms of quality and accuracy of work completed. Accurate data entry, presentation of
information and client-oriented approach enhances UN WOMEN capability in provision of
procurement services.

V. Competencies and Critical Success Factors

Functional Competencies:

Building Strategic Partnerships

Level 1.1: Maintaining information and databases
    Analyzes general information and selects materials in support of partnership building

Promoting Organizational Learning and Knowledge Sharing

Level 1.1: Basic research and analysis
    Researches best practices and poses new, more effective ways of doing things

Job Knowledge/Technical Expertise

Level 1.1: Fundamental knowledge of processes, methods and procedures
    Understands the main processes and methods of work regarding to the position
    Possesses basic knowledge of organizational policies and procedures relating to the
        position and applies them consistently in work tasks
    Strives to keep job knowledge up-to-date through self-directed study and other means of
    Demonstrates good knowledge of information technology and applies it in work

Promoting Organizational Change and Development

Level 1.1: Presentation of information on best practices in organizational change
    Demonstrates ability to identify problems and proposes solutions

Design and Implementation of Management Systems

Level 1.1: Data gathering and implementation of management systems
    Uses information/databases/other management systems

Client Orientation

Level 1.1: Maintains effective client relationships
    Reports to internal and external clients in a timely and appropriate fashion
    Organizes and prioritizes work schedule to meet client needs and deadlines

Promoting Accountability and Results-Based Management

Level 1.1: Gathering and disseminating information
    Gathers and disseminates information on best practice in accountability and results-
        based management systems

Core Competencies:
      Demonstrating/safeguarding ethics and integrity
      Demonstrate corporate knowledge and sound judgment
      Self-development, initiative-taking
      Acting as a team player and facilitating team work
      Facilitating and encouraging open communication in the team, communicating effectively
      Creating synergies through self-control
      Managing conflict
      Learning and sharing knowledge and encourage the learning of others. Promoting
       learning and knowledge management/sharing is the responsibility of each staff
    Informed and transparent decision making

UN WOMEN Procurement Certification programme

VI. Recruitment Qualifications

Education:                      Secondary Education with specialized training in procurement.
                                University Degree in Business or Public Administration would
                                be desirable, but it is not a requirement.

Experience:                     3 to 5 years of relevant administrative experience is required at
                                the national or international level. Experience in the usage of
                                computers and office software packages (MS Word, Excel, etc.)
                                and knowledge of automated procurement systems, experience
                                in handling of web based management systems.

Language Requirements:          Fluency in the UN and national language of the duty station.

VII. Signatures- Job Description Certification

Incumbent (if applicable)

Name                           Signature                          Date

Name                           Signature                          Date
Chief Division/Section

Name                           Signature                         Date


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