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									759/63, Deccan Gymkhana,                                           ANIL KALE
 Prabhat Road, Pune 411004                             M. Com., M.B.A., D.C.A.
 Maharashtra State, INDIA                         * Translation
 Tel: ® 020-25466285                              * Transcription
      ® 020-65238286                              * Proof Reading
     (O) 020-24434025                             * Rewriting
  Mobile – 9822075702                 COMMERCIAL, LEGAL, LITERATURE
       anilckale@gmail.com                  ENGLISH, HINDI, MARATHI

Date: May 14, 2007.



   1. Translation of 13 popular English novels in Marathi, all published by Mehta
      Publishing House, Pune, and Shriram Book Agency, Pune since 1991 till now.
         a. The Nostradamus Inheritance – Raymond Leonard
         b. Trinity’s Child – William Prochnau
         c. The Fist of God – Frederick Forsythe
         d. The Last Don – Mario Puzo
         e. The Rainmaker – John Grisham
         f. Omerta – Mario Puzo (included in the Bestseller List by the
             Maharashtra Times for 2005)
         g. For Your Eyes Only - Ian Fleming
         h. Live and Let Die - Ian Fleming ( in the process of publishing)
         i. The Runaway Jury – John Grisham (in the process of publishing)
         j. Marker – Robin Cook ( in the process of publishing)
         k. Tell Me Your Dreams - Sidney Sheldon ( published – Shriram Book
             Agency, Pune)
         l. The Firm – John Grisham (writing)
         m. Best Laid Plans - Sidney Sheldon (in the process of publishing – for
             Shriram Book Agency, Pune)

   2. Translation of 3 English books on History - two on the history of India and
      one on the world History, all by Indian authors (reference books for higher
      level exams such as MPSC) in the last 2 years, for K’Sagar Publications,
      Pune. Two of these books are published, and the third one is in the process
      of publication.
   3. Translation of 95 Hindi articles on philosophy and theology in English, as
      well as some Marathi articles/letters for Transcript Services, Mumbai since
      2005 so far.
   4. Translation of a biography of 80 pages from Marathi into English.
  5. Translation of a book on Insurance (Everything About Insurance) of 240
      pages from Marathi into English.
  6. Translation of a book on management science (Management Views of
      Samarth Ramdas) of 132 pages from Marathi into English.
  7. Legal Translations – Power of Attorney, Agreements, Documents for legal
      cases, Correspondence with the Municipal Corporation of Pune – all from
      Marathi into English as well as English into Marathi.
  8. Commercial translations for various information manuals, Medical study
      information, from and into Marathi-English-Hindi for Mr. Subbanna
      Varanasi, Hyderabad, Medical study information and Informed Consent
      Documents from and into Marathi-English-Hindi for Transcript Services,
  9. Editing of an 850-page book on human traits for Manscan, Pune.
  10. Translation for a US-based customer recently completed English-Hindi. This
      was regarding three stars in the Orion Constellation, on which he claims
      ownership. He was greatly satisfied.
  11. Recently translated letters and FIR for an Australian client from Hindi to
      English, to be submitted in courts in Australia. He was greatly satisfied.
  12. Handling translation jobs regularly received from agencies from Pune,
      Mumbai, Hyderabad, Amritsar, Bangalore and Chennai.
  13. Translation of a 250-page book on Parenting “Making Best of Childhood”
      from English to Marathi for Manscan, Pune.
  14. Translation of a 135-page book on Parenting from Hindi to Marathi for
      Transcript Services, Mumbai.
  15. Recipes books (6) translated from Marathi to English for Ms. Sathe
      Prakashan, Pune. (To be published)
  16. Translation of the 325 page biography of Ma Godavari (A saintly personality
      from Maharashtra) from Marathi to English and Marathi to Hindi.
  17. Translation of the teaching manual of Windows Power Point of 170 pages for
      a client from Pune, from English to Marathi.
  18. Currently translating the teaching manual of Windows Vista of about 120
      pages for the same client, from English to Marathi.


  1. One English novel to be translated in Marathi.
  2. 3 Small books to be written for children on historical subjects in Marathi,
     then translated into English – Shivaji, Chanakya and Bajirao I.
  3. A job of over 2000 pages for translation of Spoken English Course books for
     KVR Institute, Chennai, from English to Marathi. This is a long term project
     which is going on.

English – Hindi - Marathi - From and into any of these three languages. Also, Back
Translation from/to any of these three languages. I receive back translation projects
quite regularly, about two every fortnight.


   1. History
   2. Geography
   3. Management
   4. Economics
   5. Spirituality
   6. Religion
   7. Philosophy
   8. Insurance
   9. Brochures
   10. Company Newsletters
   11. Advertisements
   12. One-act plays for children
   13. Research Study manuals and survey documents and forms
   14. Legal Documents such as First Information Reports, Agreements, etc.
   15. Examination Papers for various subjects
   16. Newspaper stories
   17. Agriculture
   18. Marriage Certificates
   19. Birth Certificates
   20. Recipes
   21. Parenting
   22. English Language Learning (grammar etc.)
   23. Factory Survey Reports
   24. Medical documents, survey reports, ICF etc. (Since I was doing medical
       transcription for clients in the USA, I have an electronic dictionary and
       medicinal dictionary, as well as a 1000-page book on human anatomy, so I
       find medical translation much easier and do it with great accuracy).

Literary Translation – Novels, Short Story Collections, Travelogues, Biographies,
One-Act Plays etc.


Negotiable, depending on the size and nature of translation to be done.

Kindly contact on the above address, e-mail address or telephones for timely and
best quality translation services.

Anil Kale

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