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					                              Christopher A. Myers
(281) 881 1111 /                                                 Katy, TX

    Results-driven Management, Operations, Marketing and Home Building Executive
 Track  Record of Successes in all phases and stages of commercial building and
    residential home construction ranging from production to luxury and custom
    homebuilding up to multiple millions in cash value

 Extensive   successes fostering the growth of new and existing planned communities

 Committed to excellence in every aspect of the profession including assuring
    maximum customer satisfaction and quality, achieving highest ratings throughout

 Known    for adaptability to change and delivering commitments on time, every time

 Provided  leadership towards company’s Builder of the Year designation for two
    consecutive years

   Division Management | Construction | Marketing | Startups | Quality Assurance &
Control | Budgeting | Purchasing | Cost Control | Client and Government Negotiations |
 Continuous Process Improvement | Contract Negotiations | Value Engineering | Land
Acquisition | Due Diligence | Project Development and Administration | Critical Thinking
   | Technical Writing | HR | Scheduling | Mentoring | Networking | Comp and Market
                  Analysis | Land Planning | Relationship Management

Overview of Experience and Leadership

–   Started as entry-level carpenter and rose steadily in career, culminating as Division
    President running an organization comprised of hundreds of staff members of varying levels

–   Expertly manage all aspects and stages of home building, from market research and
    acquisition of land, to hiring subcontractors and managing sales teams

–   Built houses from the ground up and developed exceptional familiarity with all phases of
    homebuilding and how to effectively navigate through the industry’s standards and methods
    to maximize return

–   Repeatedly started up successful new communities in the Las Vegas and Houston
    markets, through conducting market research, purchasing land, soliciting bids, and dealing
    effectively with the architects on product design, as well as recruiting, building and
    managing the organization
–   Achieved and maintained a steady 95% average homeowner referral, i.e., customer
    satisfaction rate, for diversified communities throughout career

–   Built the company brand within the market to ensure selection as the first choice for
    referrals through forging close relationships with realtors

–   Provide dynamic leadership and mentoring qualities that spur teams on to enhance
    development, cohesion, growth, and overall success

–   Played a key promotional role as company rep in the successful startup of a new
    Reno division for Toll Brothers, speaking at numerous market and promotional events

–   Work with internal and external architects to introduce innovation in design and product

–   Consistently drive down construction costs with continuous implementation of value
    engineering principles and methods

–   Developed relationships with city officials for smooth approval processes for large
    development projects

Career Milestones

 In the aftermath of the economic downturn and housing bubble throughout the country,
    chosen to open a new division in Houston, Texas, for a national, publicly traded luxury
    home builder and achieved profitability within 18 months

 Chosen to represent a consortium of 7 Las Vegas area builders to lead the negotiation
    process in successfully working out a development agreement with the city for a very large
    master planned community, comprising hundreds of acres of un-entitled desert land for a
    estimated planned 3,500 homes. Within 18 months, finalized the agreement at about $1
    million below the initial budget

 Managed the creation of a more comprehensive Project Administration manual to replace
    an original, outdated version to fully reflect the business practices unique to the local
    market. The company later adopted several versions of the new manual to target different
    markets across the country

 Mentored and groomed an entry-level construction laborer who grew to become an integral
    part of the company’s long-term growth as a fully trained senior project manager

 Charged with responsibility of managing up to 25 employees at the age of 19, straight out
    of school

(281) 881 1111                       Christopher Myers          
Further Select Accomplishments
 Coordinated  and completed construction of a $1.8M, 4-story, 10,500 square foot replica of
   a Georgian Colonial residence for a reputed neurosurgeon in Las Vegas, ensuring the
   highest quality of materials and workmanship by acquiring only high-end materials and
   finishes sourced from around the U.S. and Italy

Managed    the complete construction of the “New American Home” which became the
   national show home of the NAHB convention in Las Vegas

Managed     the building and delivery of over 350 homes a year ranging in value from
   $300,000 to over $1 million and created land plans for master plan communities and
   individual subdivisions varying from 35 to 300+ homes and facilities

Coordinated  with trade partners to drive down material and construction costs 3–20% on
   average through careful analysis of construction practices and materials

Resolved   litigation issues with attorneys and arbitrators through familiarity with general
   court procedures in the home building industry

Responsible  for giving the final seal of approval on all text-based advertisements,
   promotions, mass mailers and all related marketing materials

Launched   and established a new successful Houston division of Toll Brothers which
   achieved profitability within 18 months, due to intensive market analysis, conducting
   numerous mystery shopping excursions, tours of model homes for sale in the market, and
   extensive subcontractor negotiations

Successfully   negotiated lot purchases for three communities within a very large master plan
   in Houston, limiting the execution of purchase to 3 or 4 lots per quarter to minimize
   overhead. Successfully launched 5 more communities within 18 months

Career History
Toll Brothers Inc., Las Vegas and Houston                                            1997- 2011
National, publicly traded, luxury homebuilder operating in 19 states across the United States.
Division President 2006 - 2011
Division Vice President 2004 - 2006
Assistant Vice President 2000 - 2004
Senior Project Manager 1997 - 2000

Coleman Homes, Las Vegas                                                             1994 – 1997
A private homebuilder with operations in California and Nevada, acquired by Toll Brothers in 1997.
Vice President, Construction/Construction Manager 1995 - 1997
General Superintendent 1994 - 1995

Christopher Homes, Las Vegas                                                         1987 - 1994
Custom home/small production builder in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Senior Project Manager

(281) 881 1111                          Christopher Myers             

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